Offutt AFB City : Interesting Facts, History & Information

Offutt AFB City : Interesting Facts, History & Information

Offutt Air Force Base (AFB) is located in Bellevue, Nebraska, just south of Omaha. It is the home of the U.S. Strategic Command, the 55th Wing, the U.S. Air Force Weather Agency, and the Global Operations Command Center. Built in 1918 as a balloon station, Offutt was the only permanent flying mission in the area until the establishment of nearby Omaha Municipal Airport in 1928. The air base was a major training center for bomber crews during World War II and continued as an active military air installation until the 1990s, when the U.S. Strategic Command became the primary tenant. Offutt AFB also hosts the largest air show in the Midwest, with demonstrations of modern aircraft and military hardware. The base also houses a number of military museums and numerous aircraft displays.

Interesting Facts About Offutt AFB City

1. Offutt AFB is the home of the 55th Wing and headquarters of US Strategic Command, which are responsible for providing strategic deterrence, global strike, and operating the military satellite system. 2. Offutt Air Force Base has been featured in a number of television shows and movies such as Strategic Air Command, Buck Rogers in the 25th Century, and The Long Kiss Goodnight. 3. Offutt Air Force Base was one of the first bases in the Air Force to integrate women into its ranks in the late 1950s. 4. Offutt AFB is located just south of Omaha, Nebraska and the base happens to be the birthplace of Kool-Aid. 5. Offutt AFB often hosts events such as concerts, airshows, and even has its own golf course and marina for servicemembers and their families. 6. Offutt Air Force Base is home to an official community of selfless service and outstanding achievements, and the base's exceptional service has been recognized with numerous awards and commendations.

What is Offutt AFB known & Famous for

Offutt Air Force Base (AFB) is known as the "Home of the Strategic Command" and is famous for being the headquarters of the United States Strategic Command (USSTRATCOM), which controls strategic nuclear forces movement around the globe, as well as providing command and control for global military operations. Offutt AFB is also home to the 55th Wing and various other tenant units from different branches of the US Armed Forces.

What Is It Like To Visit In Offutt AFB City?

Visiting Offutt AFB, NE City is a wonderful experience. The city is home to Offutt Air Force Base, the host of the Strategic Air Command. There is plenty to see and do in the area, from the Flagship Museum at the base to the nearby Boys Town. The base offers several amenities such as a commissary, several movie theaters, and a BX for shopping. Additionally, there are numerous activities and attractions in and around the city of Offutt, such as the Cornhusker State Games and the nearby Lake Cunningham Recreation Area. No matter what type of traveler you are, visiting Offutt AFB and its surrounding area promises to be a great experience.

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