What is Newnan, GA known for | What is Newnan famous for

What is Newnan, GA known for | What is Newnan famous for

25th May 2023 0 By Aparna Patel

Newnan, Georgia is a vibrant and welcoming city with a deep sense of history. Located in central Georgia, it is a hub of entertainment, shopping, and dining. From the renowned Sope Creek Trail to the quaint shops and restaurants lining the historic Main Street, there is something for everyone in the city of Newnan.

With its signature architecture, a plethora of parks, and historic sites, Newnan is known for its Southern charm, hospitality, and small-town atmosphere.

The town is home to a variety of unique attractions such as the Georgia State Fairgrounds and the Newnan Coweta Historical Society Museum. Whether you’re looking for outdoor activities, historical sites, shopping, or dining, you’ll find something to enjoy in Newnan, Georgia.

In this post, we will explore the things that make Newnan famous and what the city is known for, along with some interesting facts about the area. Whether you’re a local resident or planning a visit to Newnan, this post will give you an overview of what to expect from this vibrant and fascinating city.

Interesting Unique Facts About Newnan, GA

1. Newnan was founded in 1828 and is the county seat of Coweta County. It played a major role in the Civil War and many of the original buildings are still standing.

2. Newnan is home to one of the most well-known historic districts in the state of Georgia. The 28-block Downtown Historic District is home to 120 structures of historical significance, many of which are listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

3. Newnan was once the headquarters for the state of Georgia’s liquor business and this is often referred to as the “Whiskey Capital of the World.

4. A unique feature of the town is its Duck Calling Festival, which is held every June and is the longest-running event of its kind in the country.

5. One of the most famous celebrities to come from Newnan is NFL star wide receiver Calvin Johnson, better known as “Megatron.”

6. There are two major universities in Newnan: the University of West Georgia and Truett-McConnell College, a Christian college.

7. Newnan contains the world’s largest enclosed railroad roundhouse, built by the Boylston Rail Road in 1895.

8. Newnan is the birthplace of Grammy-winning musician Lecrae, as well as Cole Hauser and country music star, Billy Currington.

9. The local economy is largely supported by the manufacturing and technology industries, while other businesses in the area include healthcare, education, hospitality, and retail.

Top 10 Best Things Newnan, GA is Famous For

1. Downtown Newnan – Historic downtown Newnan is the heart of the town and is full of numerous one-of-a-kind shops, restaurants, and galleries.

2. Coweta County Courthouse – The Coweta County Courthouse is one of the most iconic and historic places in Newnan.

3. Piedmont Newnan Hospital – One of the most popular and well-known hospitals in the area.

4. Senoia Raceway – Racing fans from all over the state come the Senoia Raceway for NASCAR and dirt track racing events.

5. Local Attractions – With everything from historical sites to outdoor attractions, there’s something for everyone in Newnan.

6. School System – Newnan is served by the Coweta County School System, which is consistently ranked as one of the best in the state.

7. Music Scene – Newnan’s music scene has grown significantly in recent years, and the town is now home to numerous live music venues.

8. Newnan Theatre Company – The Newnan Theatre Company is one of the most popular performing arts venues in the area, providing high-quality entertainment for all ages.

9. Thomas Crossroads – Thomas Crossroads is the largest unincorporated community in Coweta County and has become a hub for locals and tourists alike.

10. Ashley Park – The popular Ashley Park shopping center has something for nearly everyone, with its variety of stores, restaurants, and entertainment venues.

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History & Information of Newnan, GA

Newnan is a city located in southwestern Coweta County, Georgia, United States, approximately 40 miles southwest of Atlanta. As of the 2010 census, the city had a population of 33,039. It is the county seat of Coweta County.
Newnan was established as county seat of Coweta County.

It was named for North Carolinian General Daniel Newnan, who fought in the American Revolution, and was named president of the Federal convention of Georgia in 1789.

The city was known as “Newnan’s Crossroads“, as it is located at the intersection of two roads from Chattanooga and from Charleston, and is not known to have been connected with a train line, except for isolated events.

The city first prospered as the trading center for local cotton farmers, subsequently opening a cotton mill and other related industries in the late 19th century. It was also home to a major medical center. Today, Newnan is known for its revitalized downtown area, educational institutions, businesses, and historic homes.

It is also home to The Heritage Park Historic District, a historic district encompassing the city center and a few blocks of the surrounding area. The district contains 22 structures, including Newnan High School, the Coweta County Courthouse, and several other historical landmarks.

Newnan hosts a variety of events each year, including the Newnan Downtown Christmas Parade, Fireworks at the Fairgrounds, and the Coweta County Fair. It is also home to Newnan Country Radio, WLJA 103.3 FM, which is the oldest continuously-operating broadcaster in Coweta County.