Amazing Facts,Interesting Facts,Historical Facts,Fun fact about the Places

Amazing Facts,Interesting Facts,Historical Facts,Fun fact about the Places

If you are a traveler then you have come to the right place.We will provide you interesting information about your travel destination.After reading these article, you will be more excited.We have tried to cover almost all the Famous Country and Destination.
Here you can read interesting facts about them, along with that you will also find some general information about them,such as the total population,highest mountain, biggest lake, area of country, biggest cities, history, some interesting law,the best places Visit etc.If you are planning a travel trip to go anywhere, then all what comes first in your mind? How is that place?How do you go there? Who is there to roam around? etc.With this, you want information about place.We are bringing you the Interesting Fun Facts and Amazing Facts, History about the Places.After reading them, you will be more excited about your trip. With the facts, we have also told about some general information, history and culture of the places.If you are planning a trip with family, we also written some interesting tips for kids.After reading those your children will feel excitement about the trips.
Holly Melody is a platform where you can get complete information on the travel.If you are passionate about travel around, then you must know the interesting facts about travel.

Facts About Travel

  • Do not be afraid to travel by flight, because the plane is the safest medium for travel according to statistics.
  • Traveling is very important for a person suffering from depression. This improves their condition.Stress also decreases by 89 percent when traveling for a day or two.
  • Do you know that Monaco is the second smallest country and Vatican City smallest country in the world . Monaco is smaller than New York’s Central Park.
  • More than 850 languages are spoken in the country of New Guinea.
  • If you like to drive high speed then should go to Germany. There is no speed limit for freeway and highway driving.
  • Traveling reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Traveling makes the person intelligent and happy. Scientists have confirmed this.
  • America relates to every eighth to travel job.there are 600 airlines in the US.
  • Las Vegas has the world’s largest hotel rooms.
  • France is the most popular country among tourists.
  • Every year nearly 2 million tourists visit Greece.
  • There are 3000000 lakes in Canada. Their number is more than the world’s lakes.
  • 99 percent of Libya is desert.
  • The world’s largest prisoner is in the US. Izmailovo Hotel is the world’s largest hotel. 7,500 people can live here together.
  • France covers most time zones
  • San Marino has more cars than people.
  • Russia’s size is larger than Pluto’s Planet.

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