How Many Years To Become Australian Citizen

How Many Years Does It Take to Become an Australian Citizen?

Becoming an Australian citizen is an important step for individuals who have chosen to call this beautiful country their home. The journey to citizenship can be an exciting and fulfilling one, but it also requires time and dedication. In this blog post, we will explore the process of becoming an Australian citizen and answer some frequently asked questions along the way.

The Process of Becoming an Australian Citizen

To become an Australian citizen, you need to meet certain eligibility criteria and go through a process known as naturalization. The steps involved in this process are as follows:

  1. Eligibility: Before applying for citizenship, you must meet specific requirements, including residing in Australia for a certain period of time, possessing good character, and having a basic knowledge of English.
  2. Permanent Residency: To become an Australian citizen, you generally need to be a permanent resident first. This means holding a valid Australian permanent visa.
  3. Residence Requirement: You must have lived in Australia as a permanent resident for at least four years before applying for citizenship.
  4. Citizenship Application: Once you meet the eligibility criteria and have fulfilled the residence requirement, you can submit an application for Australian citizenship. This involves completing the necessary forms and providing supporting documentation.
  5. Citizenship Test: After submitting your application, you will be invited to attend a citizenship test. The test assesses your knowledge of Australia, its history, culture, and values.
  6. Citizenship Ceremony: If you pass the citizenship test, you will be invited to attend a citizenship ceremony. At the ceremony, you will make a pledge of commitment as a new Australian citizen and receive your Certificate of Australian Citizenship.

How Long Does It Take?

The length of time it takes to become an Australian citizen can vary depending on individual circumstances and processing times. On average, it may take around 12 months from the date of application to the ceremony. However, processing times can change, so it's important to check the current estimates when you apply.


Q: Can I apply for Australian citizenship if I am married to an Australian citizen?

A: Being married to an Australian citizen does not guarantee automatic citizenship. However, you may be eligible for a streamlined pathway to citizenship. It's important to review the specific requirements and consult with the Department of Home Affairs for guidance.

Q: Do I need to give up my current citizenship to become an Australian citizen?

A: Australia allows dual citizenship, which means you can become an Australian citizen without renouncing your existing citizenship. However, some countries may have different rules regarding dual citizenship, so it's advisable to research and understand your current country's laws before applying for Australian citizenship.

Q: Can I include my children in my citizenship application?

A: If you are a parent of a child under the age of 16, they can be included as dependents in your citizenship application. Children aged 16 or 17 must apply separately and meet specific requirements.

Q: What happens if my citizenship application is refused?

A: If your citizenship application is refused, you have the right to appeal the decision within a certain timeframe. It's recommended to seek professional advice and understand the reasons for refusal before proceeding with an appeal.

Becoming an Australian citizen is an important milestone that offers numerous benefits. It provides individuals with a sense of belonging, the ability to participate fully in society, and the opportunity to contribute to the development of the country. By understanding the process and requirements, you can embark on your journey towards Australian citizenship with confidence.

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