What is Atlanta, GA known for | What is Atlanta famous for

What is Atlanta, GA known for | What is Atlanta famous for

Atlanta, GA is a city that has become synonymous with southern charm, hospitality, and a rich history. As the capital and largest city in the state of Georgia, Atlanta has a unique blend of old-world charm and modern innovation. From its iconic landmarks to its world-renowned cuisine, Atlanta has a lot to offer both residents and visitors.

In this blog post, we’ll explore what Atlanta is known for and what makes it famous. We’ll also delve into some interesting facts about the city, so sit back, relax, and join us on a journey through one of the South’s most vibrant and dynamic cities.

Top 20 Best Things Atlanta, GA is Famous For

Atlanta, Georgia is known for many things, including its rich history, diverse culture, and vibrant entertainment scene. Here are the top 20 best things Atlanta is famous for:

1.Civil Rights Movement:

Atlanta played a significant role in the Civil Rights Movement, with famous leaders like Martin Luther King Jr. and Congressman John Lewis.


The iconic soda brand Coca-Cola was invented in Atlanta in 1886, and the city is home to the World of Coca-Cola Museum.


Atlanta is home to the headquarters of CNN, the first 24-hour news channel.

4.Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport:

The world’s busiest airport, handling more than 100 million passengers annually, is located in Atlanta.

5.Centennial Olympic Park:

The park was built for the 1996 Summer Olympics and is now a popular destination for concerts, festivals, and outdoor events.

6.Georgia Aquarium:

One of the largest aquariums in the world, the Georgia Aquarium features thousands of marine animals and several immersive exhibits.

The Georgia Aquarium is a popular tourist attraction located in downtown Atlanta, Georgia. It is one of the largest aquariums in the world and houses thousands of marine animals from more than 700 species.

The aquarium is home to several notable exhibits, including the Ocean Voyager exhibit, which features a massive 6.3 million-gallon tank with whale sharks, manta rays, and other large fish. The aquarium also has a Tropical Diver exhibit, which showcases vibrant coral reefs and colorful fish, as well as a Cold Water Quest exhibit that highlights animals from the polar regions.

One of the most popular experiences at the Georgia Aquarium is the Dolphin Celebration, which features trained dolphins performing acrobatic feats and interacting with trainers. Visitors can also participate in several interactive exhibits, such as the touch tank, where they can touch and interact with sea creatures like stingrays and sea stars.

The Georgia Aquarium is committed to conservation and animal welfare and is involved in several research and conservation initiatives around the world. It also participates in several animal rescue and rehabilitation programs.

The aquarium is open daily, and tickets can be purchased in advance online. It is a must-see destination for visitors to Atlanta, particularly those interested in marine life and conservation.

7.Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site:

This site honors the life and legacy of Martin Luther King Jr., including his childhood home and the church where he preached.

8.Delta Air Lines:

Delta Air Lines, one of the world’s largest airlines, is headquartered in Atlanta.

9.Piedmont Park:

This 189-acre park is located in the heart of Atlanta and features walking trails, sports fields, and beautiful views of the city skyline.

10.The Varsity:

A classic Atlanta restaurant, The Varsity has been serving up hot dogs, burgers, and fries since 1928.

11.High Museum of Art:

The High Museum is one of the leading art museums in the Southeast, with a diverse collection of art from around the world.

12.Fox Theatre:

A stunning venue built in 1929, the Fox Theatre hosts concerts, Broadway shows, and other live events.

13.Atlanta Braves:

The Atlanta Braves baseball team has been a beloved fixture of the city since 1966.

14.Stone Mountain Park:

This massive park features a giant granite carving of Confederate leaders and offers hiking, biking, and other outdoor activities.


The city of Atlanta is known for its incredible craft c**ktail scene, with Martinis being a favorite local spot.

16.Sweet Auburn District:

This historic district is home to many important sites in African American history, including the birthplace of Martin Luther King Jr.

17.College Football Hall of Fame:

Fans of college football will love the interactive exhibits at the College Football Hall of Fame.

18.Atlanta Botanical Garden:

This beautiful garden features a wide variety of plants and flowers, as well as stunning art installations.

The Atlanta Botanical Garden is a beautiful oasis in the heart of the city of Atlanta, Georgia. It is located adjacent to Piedmont Park and covers an area of 30 acres.Atlanta Botanical Garden

The garden features several themed gardens, including the Fuqua Orchid Center, the Japanese Garden, and the Edible Garden. The Fuqua Orchid Center is home to one of the largest collections of orchids in the United States, while the Japanese Garden features a traditional Japanese garden with a pond, waterfall, and bonsai trees. The Edible Garden showcases a variety of herbs, fruits, and vegetables that visitors can learn about and even taste.

One of the most popular attractions at the Atlanta Botanical Garden is the Canopy Walk, a 600-foot-long walkway that extends 40 feet above the ground and offers stunning views of the garden’s treetops. The garden also has a 10,000-square-foot conservatory that features tropical and desert plants, as well as a children’s garden with interactive exhibits and a splash pad.

Throughout the year, the Atlanta Botanical Garden hosts several events and exhibitions, including the Garden Lights, Holiday Nights display during the holiday season and the Orchid Daze exhibition in the spring.

The Atlanta Botanical Garden is open daily and tickets can be purchased online or at the gate. It is a must-see destination for visitors to Atlanta, particularly those interested in horticulture, gardening, and outdoor beauty.

19.The BeltLine:

This former railway corridor has been transformed into a popular pedestrian trail that connects many of Atlanta’s neighborhoods.

20.Ponce City Market:

A former Sears, Roebuck & Co. building turned trendy marketplace, Ponce City Market offers shopping, dining, and entertainment in a unique urban setting.

Interesting Facts & Unique Things About Atlanta, GA

Here are 20 unique and Interesting things about Atlanta, GA:

  1. Atlanta has more than 71 streets with “Peachtree” in their name.
  2. The Big Chicken, a 56-foot-tall KFC restaurant, is one of the most recognizable landmarks in Atlanta.
  3. Atlanta is home to the world’s largest drive-in restaurant, The Varsity, which can serve up to 30,000 people per day.
  4. The city was originally called Terminus because it was the end of the Western & Atlantic Railroad line.
  5. The Clermont Lounge, a dive bar in Atlanta, is famous for its burlesque shows featuring older, larger women.
  6. In the 1800s, Atlanta was known as the “Gate City” because it was a hub for transportation and commerce.
  7. The Atlanta Symphony Orchestra’s recording of the Olympic Fanfare and Theme was played during the opening ceremonies of the 1996 Summer Olympics.
  8. The Oakland Cemetery is the final resting place for many of Atlanta’s most prominent citizens, including Margaret Mitchell, author of Gone with the Wind.
  9. The Margaret Mitchell House is now a museum dedicated to the author and the history of the book and movie.
  10. The Atlanta Beltline was originally a railway corridor that has now been transformed into a 22-mile multi-use trail.
  11. The city has a tree that is over 100 years old and has its own Twitter account: @ATLBigOak.
  12. The Atlanta Braves once had a live mascot, Chief Noc-A-Homa, who lived in a teepee in the outfield.
  13. The Goat Farm Arts Center is a former cotton gin that has been converted into a creative community space.
  14. The city is home to the World’s Largest Dinosaurs exhibit at the Fernbank Museum of Natural History.
  15. The Atlanta Cyclorama & Civil War Museum is home to the world’s largest oil painting and a diorama of the Battle of Atlanta.
  16. The Starlight Six Drive-In is one of the few remaining drive-in movie theaters in the country.
  17. The Peachtree Road Race is a 10K race held every 4th of July in Atlanta, attracting thousands of runners from around the world.
  18. The city has a unique sculpture called “The Phoenix Flies” that consists of recycled car hoods.
  19. The Ponce City Market is a shopping mall that was once a Sears, Roebuck & Co. building.
  20. Atlanta has a streetcar that runs through the downtown area and connects several popular destinations, including the Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site and the Georgia Aquarium.

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What animal is Atlanta known for

Atlanta, Georgia is commonly associated with several animals, but one particular animal that the city is often identified with is the Eastern Gray Squirrel. These small, furry creatures are abundant throughout the city and can often be seen scampering about in parks, trees, and other green spaces.

In fact, the Eastern Gray Squirrel is so prevalent in Atlanta that it has been referred to as the city’s unofficial mascot. The squirrel is also known to be quite bold and unafraid of humans, which can make for some entertaining interactions with visitors to the city.

Additionally, Atlanta is home to the Georgia Aquarium, which houses a wide variety of marine animals, including whale sharks, beluga whales, and sea otters.

What fruit is Atlanta known for

Atlanta is not particularly known for any specific fruit as it is not a major producer of fruit crops. However, Georgia, the state in which Atlanta is located, is well-known for its production of peaches, and has been referred to as the “Peach State.” While peach production is not centered in Atlanta itself, there are several peach orchards located throughout Georgia, particularly in the middle and southern parts of the state.

The state produces a variety of peaches, including clingstone and freestone peaches, which are available from May through September.

Visitors to Atlanta can often find fresh Georgia peaches at farmers’ markets and roadside stands during the summer months, and the city also hosts an annual Georgia Peach Festival in nearby Peach County.

What industry is Atlanta known for

Atlanta, Georgia is known for a diverse range of industries, but some of the most prominent ones include:

  • Film and Television: Atlanta has become a major hub for film and television production, with numerous studios and production companies located in the area. Georgia offers generous tax incentives for film production, and this has attracted a lot of major film and TV productions to the city in recent years.
  • Transportation: Atlanta is home to one of the busiest airports in the world, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, which is a major hub for Delta Air Lines. The city is also a major transportation hub, with several major highways intersecting in the area.
  • Technology: Atlanta is home to a growing technology industry, with a number of startups and established tech companies located in the area. Some of the major players in the Atlanta tech scene include NCR, a global leader in point-of-sale technology, and the payment processing company Global Payments.
  • Logistics: With its strategic location and transportation infrastructure, Atlanta is a major hub for logistics and distribution. The city is home to several major logistics companies, including UPS, which has its global headquarters in the Atlanta area.
  • Healthcare: Atlanta is also known for its healthcare industry, with several major hospitals and healthcare systems located in the area. Some of the major healthcare companies based in Atlanta include Piedmont Healthcare and Emory Healthcare.

What is Atlanta known for music

Atlanta has a rich music history and has contributed significantly to various genres of music over the years. Some of the most notable contributions and influences of Atlanta in the music industry include:

  • Hip-hop: Atlanta has become one of the most significant centers for hip-hop music in recent years. Many of the biggest names in the genre have roots in the city, including Outkast, Ludacris, and T.I. The city’s hip-hop scene continues to thrive, with newer artists like Lil Baby and 21 Savage gaining mainstream popularity.
  • R&B and soul: Atlanta has also played an important role in the development of R&B and soul music. The city has produced several notable acts, including TLC, Usher, and Ciara. The music scene in Atlanta continues to evolve, with newer R&B and soul artists like Janelle Monáe and Summer Walker gaining critical acclaim.
  • Gospel: Atlanta has a long history of gospel music, with the city’s church community playing an important role in its development. Several prominent gospel artists have emerged from the city, including Kirk Franklin and CeCe Winans.
  • Country: While not as well-known for its country music scene as Nashville, Atlanta has contributed to the development of the genre. Country music icons like Alan Jackson and Travis Tritt hail from the Atlanta area.
  • Alternative and indie: Atlanta has also been a breeding ground for alternative and indie music, with bands like R.E.M. and the Black Crowes gaining national attention in the 1980s and 1990s. The city continues to produce new and innovative indie acts like Deerhunter and Algiers.

History & Information of Atlanta, GA

Atlanta, Georgia is the capital and most populous city in the state. It began as a transportation hub in the 1800s when the Western and Atlantic Railroad was built to connect the city with Chattanooga, Tennessee, 319 miles away.

Several universities and colleges, the world’s busiest airport, and a thriving business economy have contributed to the growth of the city, making it a major economic engine for the Southeast.

The city experienced a significant population boom during the late 19th and early 20th centuries, due partly to New South industrialization and partly to white migration from the rural areas of Georgia and the Carollinas. From the 1950s to the 1970s, as part of a period known as “The Atlanta Miracle,” the city experienced its most rapid growth. This was fueled largely by the growth of the metropolitan region, with numerous local, regional, and national businesses relocating to or expanding in the city.

As the capital of Georgia, Atlanta is the site of the state capitol building and numerous notable monuments, including the Atlanta History Centre and Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site.

The city also hosts an array of cultural attractions, including the acclaimed High Museum of Art. Atlanta is well known for its unique cuisine and vibrant nightlife, and its hip-hop and R&B music scene is often considered to be among the best in the country.

The city has become an important national and international hub in recent years, hosting Super Bowl LIII in 2019 and the highly anticipated 2021 World Baseball Classic. It is considered by many to be one of the nation’s most vibrant and livable cities.

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