Top #10 Most Beautiful Cities in Algeria | Best Towns to Visit in Algeria

Top #10 Most Beautiful Cities in Algeria | Best Towns to Visit in Algeria

If you are planning to visit Algeria and you want to know about the List of famous  best cities in Algeria to visit then you have come to the right place. we have listed top 10 major cities in Algeria to visit.

The main question for anyone traveling to Algeria is, ‘Where should I go?’ There are many attractions in Algeria where you can go. Algeria is just a short distance from Europe, the largest country on the continent of Africa.

Algeria has a different landscape, and a lot to offer tourists for travelers. Most Algerians welcome tourists warmly. Moreover, Algerians are happy to share their way of life with any guest in their country. Any trip to this beautiful country must be, well researched to ensure that all travel rules are, followed.


One of the largest countries in the mainland of Africa is a grand place Algeria has many mysterious and beautiful cities that will capture your hearts. There are many things for its explorers to travel to Algeria. Algeria has many fascinating cities, with winding roads and stunning architecture or culture, the Mediterranean coast, history, and lush green landscape that make the trip to Algeria even more spectacular.

Travel from Europe is, short but the difference between the two foremost regions is instantly recognizable and brings a thrill and interest to the tourists. To the north, along with snow-capped mountains and stunning beaches, is home to urbane and charismatic cities such as Algiers and Constantine.

Some of the largest Roman sites exist, including Timgarh and Jemila, both enormous entirely preserved Roman cities. Algeria La Blanche is the least known capital of the Mediterranean, while Constantine “City of Bridges” Amaz with its early rock faces.

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The main attraction in the country is the Saharan region where you will get to enjoy the beautiful blue waters of the sea, which is in a very desert-like country. The never-ending sand and mysterious vibrant city are enough to satisfy even the most experienced traveler’s imagination.

Mountains in Algeria that offer excellent hiking during the summer and skiing in the snow during the winter. Algeria is one of the socially developed countries throughout Africa with 7 World Heritage Sites.

Algeria is spread over a very vast location, with specialist Algeria plans, executed, designed, and tours to all these destinations, from long weekends in the Mediterranean Algiers to camel treks in the remote expanse of the Sahara.


If you are looking for a destination with a difference, Algeria may be just the kind of place you have in mind but, it is not safe to travel despite advising about the country and the borders of some areas, are closed. Barely another tourist to see. Check out the Algerian destinations below that you can see here with your friends and family.

  • Best Time to Visit Algeria: March | April | October | November
  • High Tourist Season: Summer
  • Low Season: February

 Famous Cities in Algeria to Visit

1. Algiers

Algiers is the capital of Algeria, with approximately 3 million inhabitants. The political and cultural center of the country, full of unusual architecture, history, and stunning landscapes, Algeria has a lot to offer the average tourist. The city was, founded by the Ottomans and its, beautiful architecture, the ancient town is a winding urban labyrinth, much like the streets that flow through the old city.


Combining the two, most beautiful mosques in the country this list has to be, made and not only that, there is Dar Hassan Pach to discover what was once the city’s most prominent mansion.

The interior of the house has been under renovation since 2005 and unfortunately for the public Is closed. Algiers is a modern and metropolitan city, the city of Algiers offers tourists a spectacular and beautiful contrast and a fascinating glimpse into Algeria’s past, present, and future.

Elaborate French-built boulevards and elegant villas with enchanting towns along with traditional French and historic Islamic localities serve to emphasize the city’s beauty, and never fail to make an impression with its unique beauty and almost sinister architectural contrasts it happens. Yet one of the picturesque features of Algiers is the modernity that surrounds it.

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It is the bustling architecture that makes this place worth visiting, a charming blend of French grandeur and neo-Moorish weakness faded by a magnificent casbah.

Established on the Mediterranean Sea in the central region of the country, “Algeria La Blanche” or “Algiers the White” is named because bright white buildings can be seen, sloping from the sea. Algiers is one of the most fascinating cities for a holiday, where you can explore this fascinating North African country with your friends.

  • Algiers Famous for: Mosques | Churches | Architecture | History | Landscapes
  • Places To Visit: Jardin d’Essai du Hamma | Martyrs’ Memorial, Algiers | Notre-Dame d’Afrique | Bardo National Museum of Prehistory and Ethnography
  • Best time to visit: March| April | October | November

2. Oran

Oran, Algeria’s fast-growing and most idyllic city, known as Annaba, is proud of its Spanish heritage. Oran is the old second city of Algeria, a vibrant port city with heaps of character and beauty, boasting a rich history and animated pace of life.


It is a charming city with heaps of attitude and excellence that is seen by thousands of people every year. Every genus of beautiful architecture present in the incredible city of Oran is the best of any city in Algeria. Oran is famous for its unique contribution to listening to energetic Rai music in the city of North Africa, apart from it, Oran itself has a lot of historical buildings including beautiful mosques, Caissaba, and le theater.

Kasbah in Oran is an incredible location for Algerian food tasting and scuba diving, originating in the city. The culture and theme of Oran are grand, full of history and beautiful landscapes, Algeria has much to offer the average tourist.

The city filled the novelist ‘Albert Camus’ with such awe that he based his novel The Plague here; in addition to seeing you here, the scope of excellent engineering is understandable which is, the best of any city in Algeria. Oran is an attraction in its prerogative and is verifiable by the structures run for investigation.

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Despite the many positive motivations for traveling to the city, there are many signs of the nation’s political inconveniences during the 90s to travel in Oran.

Welcoming Oran, Oran’s sites include Bey’s Palace, the 14th-century Marinid Sultan Abu Hasan, and some of the best colonial architecture. The open bay city streets have much to offer a pleasant and serene tourist, the streets provide information about the city’s French past.

The modern Oran is, divided into one that boasts a fresh waterfall, each section with its unique attraction and architectural landmarks. If you are looking for a destination with a difference, Algeria may be just the kind of place you have in mind, Rye, home to Yves Saint Laurent Tea, and a strong Spanish population.

  • Oran Famous for: having contributed in particular to North Africa’s liveliest musical movement raj.
  • Places To Visit: Santa Cruz chapel | Hassan Pasha Mosque | Abdellah Ben Salem Mosque | Foret de Canastel
  • Best time to visit: March to June | September to November

3. Constantine

Algeria, coastline


Constantine, Algeria’s third-largest city, which passes through a valley, Constantine is a natural marvel that has turned into a stunning place for tourists over the years. From the political to the cultural and economic era, this city has it all, an extraordinary symbol of pride for the Constantine North.

The city was the capital of Numidia, Constantine has an attractive atmosphere and is still rife with a sense of imagination despite its cosmopolitan and modern movements. It gives the city a sense of fantasy that has been, intact since Roman times, the people living here feel an air of imagination and joy in this incredible city.

Constantine, a dramatic city of early cliffs and deep valleys, set for Algeria’s most labyrinths, is a place of great modern civic sense and is beautiful in its unique ways.

Constantine boasts of a thriving Arab-Andalusian music scene, which is yet another way that enchants and captivates those people, which was shielded by a deep gorge around a deep rock in Constantine that had a Formed a natural fort.

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Constantine has an excellent museum and Ahmed Bee’s delightful palace and a handful of unseen mosques, which illustrate how to entice and attract visitors.

Constantine has a fascinating climate that is yet flowing with a sense of imagination despite its metropolitan and present-day developments. Despite the unique way the city views, and despite its astonishing history, there is so much to see in terms of beauty, a city that stays consistent with its origins.

  • Constantine Famous for: Beautiful Adornments | Fountains | Sports Venues
  • Places To Visit: Sidi M’Cid Bridge | Emir Abdelkader Mosque | Ahmed Bey Palace | Sidi Rached Viaduct
  • Best time to visit: April – October

4. Annaba

Algeria, Annaba


There were many geographical reasons for the Phoenicians to, meet Annaba which is nevertheless evident today and the reason for the relative prosperity of the cities, the imposing architecture, and a welcome for both freshwater and fertile farmland.

Annaba is famous for the presence of the many ruins of villages and temples that existed in the medieval, refreshingly contiguity to the city, Annaba is certainly one of the most beautiful cities in Algeria. The city has a natural harbor that handles many of the country’s exports and is considered a natural harbor.

For travelers, the city’s history and culture, especially the dramatic Cap de Garde and Hippo Regius, are the main attractions. The ruins of Hippo Regius are surrounded by olive trees on one side and the sea on the other.

Bronze trophies, mosaics in ruins and villas, are included. Beauty aside, Annaba is a notably significant city, Annaba, it was the city in which St. Augustine lived in final years, and the area now has a reputation for being a serene beach with its delightful ocean views and White is much more influential than tropical sand.

Annaba is a beautiful architectural city, fortunately, this peaceful city was kept away from a significant part of the enormity of the 1990s. The attractions of the seaside town of Annaba village range from its colonial architecture (including the Courts de la Revolution) to its town.

  • Annaba Famous for: Beautiful Beaches | Hotels | Nightlife
  • Places To Visit:  Saint Augustin Basilica | Ain Achir Beach | Mausolée de Sidi Brahim | Musée des Ruines d’Hyppone
  • Best time to visit:  April –  July | August

5. Tlemcen

The “City of Cherry” Tlemcen is one of the best cities in Algeria, at one time one of the most influential cities in the Maghreb.


The only option where you can see the stunning Moorish buildings in Algeria is ‘Tlemcen.’ Tlemcen boasts of rich history and diverse culture and is now an amalgam for various musical and artistic styles. Not only can buildings compete beautifully with the people of southern Spain or Morocco.

Tlemcen is currently in the process of building the country’s largest university campus. The future has firmly established its sights and is one of the oldest and best-preserved Alcorvid buildings in the entire country.

These scenic spots in Algeria are beautiful examples of the textiles and handicrafts barbarians and Arab-Andalusian heritage. Tlemcen is delightful, made up of majestic mountains, and besides rooted in artisan charm.

Not only this but the architecture is also magnificent, the mosque stands as a stunning architectural masterpiece, which is surpassed in beauty though, the nearby mosque and Sidi Baumdeen’s tomb is the leader of the 12th-century Sufi circle.

It is likewise one of the most established and safest Almoravid structures in the entire country, sightseeing includes the Eiffel Bridge, and the waterfalls at the nearby Tlemcen National Park and the design is superb.

The city was, essential to the Romans but unhappily not much evidence has survived since that time, Tlemcen is the norm, surrounded by magnificent mountains and still revered in the craftsman beguile. If you have never been here before then with many travel destinations you should not waste your time to give a second thought to visiting this wonderful land. “Algeria” should be included in your travel list.

  • Tlemcen Famous for: ‘The Town of Cherries” | Tourist Attractions | Architectural |
  • Places To Visit: El Mechouar Palace | Great Mosque of Tlemcen | El-Ourit Waterfalls | Sidi Boumediene Mosque
  • Best time to visit: March to June | September to November

6. Ghardaia

Algeria city Ghadaria

Ghardaia is one of the Pentapolis cities of the Saharan M’Zab Valley, one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites in Algeria. M’Zab is one of the five hill towns built in the valley about a thousand years ago. It was founded by, the Mozabites and Ibadi sect of Amazi Muslims.

Serving as a notable focal point for the production of dates, and a combination of rugs, Ghardaia is a fascinating backdrop for enchanting experiences and a faculty for all senses.

Ghardaia is one of the top cities in Algeria, divided into three walled areas, this unique and attractive fortified city is a historical center, complete with an intriguing pyramid-style mosque.

Ghardaia is, situated in the middle of the Sahara Desert and is covered with sand from all sides Ghariya is the name that comes to mind when you talk about religions, traditions, and foods. Accommodation and food are the best parts of the city, in the nearby boundary of Beni Isugen – usually closed to foreign visitors.

Described by the French existential philosopher Simone de Beauvoir as a “beautifully carved Cubist painting of a cub,” Ghardaia deservedly lists the most beautiful places to visit in Algeria.

Located in the Sahara Desert in north-central Algeria, the capital of Ghardaïa Gharda Province Province, Algeria, the people of this city have such a bright sense of dress and try to look their best. In the center is the historic Mozabite area, which consists of a pyramid-style mosque and an arched square, apart from this typical white, red, and pink houses made of mud, sand, and gypsum, grow in terraces and arches.

  • Ghardaia Famous for: Carpet Making | Cubist Painting | White, Red, and Pink Houses
  • Places To Visit: Association d’Orientation Touristique | Metlili
  • Best time to visit: Hot-weather –  May to late June | Late August to Early October

7. Batna

Algeria, batna


Batna is a foremost commercial center located in Algeria and, is defined as the agricultural hub of the entire region, Batna is not far from Constantine but seems completely different.

Batna is one of the famous cities of Algeria, separated from Constantine by hard salt flats, Batna is the capital of the Aurus Massif, a region of Algeria formed by the continuation of the Atlas Mountains. The energetic and energetic climate of the city gives it its very peculiar grandeur, the beauty of the place is unique with various films, and social centers and is filled with, cultural centers and cinema complexes.

The rule of the French army is one that Batna is proud of, the history of Batna is not as extensive as some cities in Algeria and has existed only since a decree signed by Napoleon III in 1848.

Algeria has sufficient to offer the average tourist close to the aforementioned Constantine Batna is, a welcome continuation of the Morocco Atlas Mountains and lies north of the start of the astonishing Sahara. Due to its location in a valley, summers are, very hot and winters are very cold, the fifth largest city in Algeria, Batna began life as a French military fort that provided French access to both the Sahara and Atlas mountains.

The city has a pulsing student scene due to its population of over 30,000 students, today Batna is, an agricultural center that proudly remains as the fundamental market community for the region.

It is the fifth-largest city in present-day Algeria, located between the Sahara and the Atlas Mountains. Batna architecture, history, and beautiful landscapes and animated environment give it, its unique beauty with many theaters and bustling cultural centers.

  • Batna Famous for: Popular Attractions | Agricultural Hub | Architecture | History | Beautiful Landscapes
  • Places To Visit: Arch of Trajan | La Statue de Moustapha Ben Boulaïd | Amusement park Qadri |  La Mosquée Du 1er Novembre
  • Best time to visit: Late June to Late August

8. Timimoun

Algeria city Timimoun

Timimoun is a city and commune, and is the capital of the Timimoun district in Adar province, south-central Algeria and is known for the red ocher color of its buildings.

This oasis in the beautiful and vast Sahara Desert is, characterized by its shifting dunes, palm trees, and the much-needed salt lake and is, located on the southeastern shore of an oasis that supports the city’s population.

Not a small Saharan oasis city that is a fabulous trip to the desert, the glittering sand ridges make an adequately attractive city for breathtaking scenery. Small in size, but rich in culture, history, and beauty, Timimoun is a beautiful place, a city like any other, and despite its small size is its old district. It is also known as Ksour.

The comparative formation found in the Tagit magnifies the design, the deep, red clay walls that are a widespread feature of Sudanese architecture.

French influence is evident in the more modern part of the city to learn in Timimoun, although this delightful city has much of the first structural style to maintain some symmetry. Due to the Timimoun discovery, particularly of the late abolition of slavery, African influences are tranquil evident, particularly in gobos – buildings that are, dedicated to the marginalized.

  • Timimoun Famous for: Red Buildings | Ancient ksar | Ghardaia | Tourist destination
  • Places To Visit: Moulay El hocine | Water tower (Château d’eau) | Dunes | Centre ville
  • Best time to visit: April to late May | late September to late October

9. Djanet

Algeria city Djanet

Djanet is a seaside town in the center of Algeria, Djanet is unique and optional with white streets and bright blue doors on the main road, covering Central Avenue with whitewashed buildings.

Djanet relates a Mediterranean city with its blue roofs but is the chief city in the Tassili region of Algeria. That beautiful setting is settled at an elevation of the rich mountains surrounding the magnificent mountains, overlooking the city. Djanet fulfills, all standard requirements, The city is picturesque but claims a small town center with few restaurants, a post office, a bank, and essential shops.

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Set in a palm tree oasis, the city appears almost tropical, this small town located in a national park has some beautiful rock collections, and people come to see those rock collections and remember the past.

Djanet comes to life on weekends when it attracts few tourists, most of whom come to admire the remarkable collection of rock paintings in the nearby national park, French tourists to experience the peace and exotic surroundings on offer in Djanet.

  • Djanet Famous for: 8,000 years old cave paintings | Prehistoric Rock Art
  • Places To Visit: Tadrart Rouge | Sefar | Erg d’Admer
  • Best time to visit: February – November

10. Sétif

Setif is one of the few other cities in Algeria that were founded by the Romans. Located, in the Little Clan region of Algeria, the town of Setif is known for the Roman that the city exists within it and is more than 1,100 meters above sea level.


Apart from the Romans, certain French cultures have survived in the city with Algeria’s trade capital, Setif el-Ali (The High), the capital of the high plateaus where winter has reasonably moderate temperatures and an unpredictable snowfall.

The Roman ruins are well worth studying, for tourists to see, the sights in the city include the foremost square with its Roman statues. There is a very unusual sight. There may be a reason to try and see ‘real Algeria’ off the beaten track but it has its disadvantages, and western tourists should be cautious.

  • Setif Famous for:  Ruins of the ancient Cuicul Roman city
  • Places To Visit: Ain El Fouara Fountain | Makam chahid | The ancient mosque | Park Setif
  • Best time to visit:   April 30th to July 8th | August 27th to October 28th

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