Tillmans Corner City : Interesting Facts, History & Information

Tillmans Corner City : Interesting Facts, History & Information

Tillman’s Corner is an unincorporated community located in Mobile County, Alabama, United States. It lies 15 miles northwest of downtown Mobile and has a population of 15,294. It is accessible by three major highways – Interstate 10 which runs diagonally through the community in a southwest-northeast direction, U.S. Highway 45, andState Highway 158 which runs east-west across the community.

Originally known as Red Bank, Tillman’s Corner was renamed in honor of William J. Tillman, an early settler and major landownerin the area. Tillman’s Corner has a long history as a commercial center for local commuters and travelers alike. During World War II, an army airfield and prison camp was established in the area, but after the war ended, the prison camp was used by auto manufacturers to assemble cars until it was abandoned in the 1970s.

Today, Tillman’s Corner is home to a number of retail outlets, strip malls, small businesses, restaurants, churches, a library, and a post office. The community is home to the Riviera Beach Volunteer Fire Department, Faith Chapel Christian Academy, and the St. Joseph’s Catholic Church. With access to Interstate 10 and Highway 158, Tillman’s Corner is home to thousands of commuters who travel to work in Mobile and other cities throughout the state.

Interesting Facts About Tillmans Corner City

1. Tillmans Corner is believed to be one of the oldest towns in Mobile County and founded in the 1840s. It began as a farming and sawmilling community, and the population grew rapidly in the 1870s.

2. Tillmans Corner was the sight of a significant salt marsh which created a favorable environment for fish and shellfish production until the 1940s.

3. In 1948, Tillmans Corner was incorporated as a town and received the official name of Tillman’s Corner.

4. During the 1950s, the community gained retail businesses and a post office.

5. The population of Tillman’s Corner has continued to grow, and is approximately 45,000 as of 2020.

6. Tillman’s Corner is a shopping destination for many local residents, being home to local and national stores, restaurants, and small businesses.

7. Tillmans Corner has three public schools: Davis and George Counties High Schools, and Tillmans Corner Elementary School.

8. Tillmans Corner is located in proximity to the Mobile River Delta.

9. The Mobile River Delta is 40,000 acres of land with an abundance of wildlife that attracts fishermen and outdoor enthusiasts every year.

10. The city also has several parks, including Tillman’s Corner Community Park, and offers access to nearby parks such as Medal of Honor Park, Grand Bay Wetlands Park and Martha Gaskin Park.

What is Tillmans Corner known & Famous for


Tillmans Corner is a small unincorporated community located in Mobile County, Alabama, United States. Although Tillman’s Corner is not an incorporated area, it is known for its friendly residents and business community. The area also boasts several shopping centers, including the Tillman’s Corner Shopping Center, along with a variety of restaurants and entertainment venues. The area is also home to Blackbeard’s Pirate Week, an annual festival showcasing the history of pirates and the communities of Mobile County and Baldwin County.

What Is It Like To Visit In Tillmans Corner City?

Tillmans Corner, AL is a charming and friendly town located near Mobile, AL. There are plenty of outdoor activities to partake in, such as fishing, hiking, kayaking, and biking. The town has a selection of locally-owned restaurants and shops to explore, as well as an abundance of parks and nature trails to enjoy. Furthermore, the town is home to the United States Space & Rocket Center’s Space Camp, so it’s ideal for families with children who are interested in the sciences. In short, a visit to Tillmans Corner, AL will be a pleasant experience for those looking to explore nature and to learn more about the area.

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