Tampico : Interesting Facts, Information & Travel Guide | What is Tampico known for

Tampico : Interesting Facts, Information & Travel Guide | What is Tampico known for

5th May 2023 0 By Aparna Patel

Tampico is a port city located in the north-eastern coast of Mexico, straddled on both sides by the Atlantic Ocean and the Pánuco River. One of the oldest cities established in the state of Tamaulipas, Tampico is known for its intriguing history and colourful culture. From exploring fascinating archaeological sites such as El Diegzascatal, to enjoying the many festivals and activities, Tampico makes for the perfect getaway. This article will provide information about Tampico’s interesting facts, travel guides, and what it is known for.

Interesting facts about Tampico, City

1. Tampico is the fourth-largest city in the Mexican state of Tamaulipas and is located on the banks of the Pánuco River.

2.Tampico is known as the ‘City of Palms’ due to the thousands of palms that line the streets.

3.The city’s port is one of the busiest in Mexico, connecting travelers and goods with the United States and Europe.

4.Tampico has a rich history, having been an important port during the Mexican revolution in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

5.Tampico is the birthplace of two famous musical genres: the Norteño and the Tamborazo.

6.Tampico’s economy is largely based on oil production and the export of agricultural products like sugar cane and cotton.

History & information about Tampico City

Tampico is a port city located on the southern edge of the Mexican state of Tamaulipas. It is considered one of the three most important cities in Tamaulipas, due to its importance in the Gulf of Mexico.

Tampico was founded in 1824, and was an important port during the Mexican-American War and during the Mexican Revolution. During its early years, the city gained a reputation for its abundance of prostitutes and saloons, and was becoming a hot spot for smugglers and pirates.

During the 19th century, Tampico became a hub for the export of coffee, tobacco, rubber and sugar, and attracted many immigrants from Europe, Asia and the United States. The city became an important economic center for the region and a trade center for the remainder of Mexico and Central America.

By the 20th century, Tampico was a major port for oil production in Mexico, and many of its population were made up of oil workers and their families. The city continued to grow and develop as a major oil and gas center, and has become an important international port in the southern Gulf of Mexico.

Today, Tampico is a large, modern city with a population of over one million people. It has a thriving economy based on oil and gas, tourism, and manufacturing.

There are several notable landmarks in the city, such as the historic El Faro building and the Mexican Navy Museum of the Gulf. The city is also home to the famous Tampico Carnival, which is the largest in Latin America.

What is 10 Best Things Tampico City known for

1. Tampico’s History: Tampico offers an interesting history due to its location at the mouth of the Pánuco River and its position at the eastern tip of the Mexican Gulf Coast.

2. El Tajín: The El Tajín archeological site, an astounding reminder of pre-Hispanic Mesoamerican cultures, is located nearby and offers plenty of educational and cultural visits.

3. Gorucki Park: Found by the San Francisco Lagoon and the aptly-named Gorucki Monument, Gorucki Park is a great place to enjoy open grounds and a pleasant environment.

4. La Coronilla Beach: Wonderful beaches are easy to access from Tampico; one of the most popular stops is La Coronilla Beach, a top destination for watersports and leisure activities.

5. El Sirimiri Ecological Park: The Sirimiri is a large park to the south of the city which combines natural beauty with a tangle of man-made pathways for visitors to wander through.

6. Miramar Shopping Center: One of the largest shopping complexes in Tampico has a host of cinemas, boutiques and activities to enjoy.

7. Atolapan Forest: Despite the fact that Tampico is home to a bustling city scene, it also offers stunning natural enclosures like Atolapan Forest, a place to explore wild nature.

8. The Las Cabálias B&B: This budget accommodation is a favorite with those looking for a place to crash near the beach, complete with free breakfast and barbecue facilities.

9. Cantina La Sureña: Cantina La Sureña is a great place to find authentic Gulf Coast cuisine and drinks.

10. Sauceda Beach: Right on the eastern coasts of Tampico, this beach has become a popular spot for bird-watchers as many bird species call it home.

Tampico city Travel Guide

Founded in 1686, Tampico is a vibrant city in Tamaulipas state of Mexico boasting a population of 352, 057 people. Tampico is a diversified city, often known as the “Pearl of the Gulf”, and offers a wide range of cultural, commercial, and tourist activities. This guide will provide you with useful advice on how to get around the city and what to do while you explore.

Getting Around:

Tampico is served by three major bus lines with many connections to the city and surrounding areas. Taxi cabs are readily available throughout the city and fares are very affordable. The city also offers bike rental services and there are several car rental companies that offer cars for rent for visitors.


Tampico’s rich cultural heritage is on display throughout the city, from its colonial-era buildings and historic landmarks to its vibrant street art and gorgeous beaches. Visit Punta de Quemantai for its impressive lighthouse, El Faro de Tampico, and its stunning views of the ocean. The Mangrove Tour is another popular attraction that allows you to explore the city’s mangrove forest by boat.


Tampico has a lively food scene and the city’s restaurants offer a wide range of cuisines. The Estadio is a popular seafood restaurant known for its delicious ceviche, while La Perla Negra offers a mix of traditional and contemporary Mexican dishes. There are also a variety of international restaurants, such as Italian, French and Chinese, as well as numerous cafes and bars.


Tampico’s shopping district has a wide selection of stores from high-end boutiques to street vendors. The Plaza América offers a range of stores, while the Mercado de los Poblanos is the best place to buy locally-made crafts. There are also several shopping centers throughout the city.


Tampico’s thriving nightlife includes a variety of bars, clubs, and discos. El Vagón offers live music nights, while La Terraza features salsa, reggae, and electronic music. The Barcelo Tampico is the city’s most popular nightclub and hosts DJs and live bands.

Things to do in Tampico city

1. Visit Pemex Cultural Center – Located in the heart of downtown Tampico, the Pemex Cultural Center features a variety of educational exhibits, workshops, and other activities that focus on Mexico’s oil industry.

2. Visit Playa Miramar – With crystal clear waters and white sands, Playa Miramar is an ideal spot for swimming, sunbathing, and sailing.

3. Go bird watching in La Ciudadela Laguna – With over 200 species of birds in the area, La Ciudadela Laguna is a great place to go bird watching.

4. Take a boat ride on La Tamesí River – Explore the area by taking a relaxing boat ride on the La Tamesí River.

5. Tour the Tampico Historical Museum – Discover the rich history of the city at the Tampico Historical Museum.

6. Explore el Centro Histórico de Tampico – Walk through el Centro Histórico de Tampico and explore its unique architecture, churches, and other historical sites.

7. Enjoy a night out at Tampico’s nightlife – Experience Tampico’s vibrant and lively nightlife with numerous bars and clubs to explore.

8. Check out Bullfighting Arena El Tajin – Take in a bullfighting event and observe the bulls as they battle it out in the arena.

9. Take a tour of the Tres Marías Islands – The Tres Marías Islands feature three beautiful islands with plenty of beaches to explore.

10. Go shopping at Mercado Municipal – Shop for souvenirs and other items at the Mercado Municipal.

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