Interesting Facts,History & Architecture of Christ Church,Shimla

Interesting Facts,History & Architecture of Christ Church,Shimla

Are you looking for lesser-known facts about Christ Church? Here is a collection of interesting and unknown facts about Christ Church which You’ve Never Heard Before.

Christ Church is the oldest church in North India after St. John’s Church, Meerut which was built between 1819 to 1821. This church was built in the Neo-Gothic style in 1857 AD to serve the British community. This church has a collection of books and ancient scriptures.

Christ ChurchShimla history

Interesting Facts about Christ Church,Shimla

  1. The historical Christ Church located on the ridge grounds of Hills Queen Shimla is called the capital’s crown. It is the second oldest church in northern India, whose beauty still attracts people.
  2. This church looks like a crown from quite a distance. Christ Church was designed in 1844 by Colonel JT Boyle. Its construction started in 1857 after about 13 years.
  3. The large bell over it was donated by Colonel Dumbleton in 1860. The porch on the church was added in 1873. After this, even though its clock could not work, this church has managed to retain its identity for decades.
  4. The church has five large windows made of precious glass. These windows symbolize Christianity’s faith, expectation, benevolence, patience, humility.
  5. This church is open every Sunday. Every year millions of tourists coming from abroad to Shimla do not forget to visit this church. The visitors who come here also take photographed in front of the church.
  6. The administration has also put a lot of effort into saving this historic building. Arrangements have been made to ensure that its artwork does not tamper.
  7. Christ Church is a major tourist destination of Shimla. Christ Church is located 5.3 kilometers from Mall Road.It took about 3 years to complete this church. This church also has India’s largest pipe organ was installed in 1899, which you would have seen in 3 Idiots, one of the biggest hits of Bollywood.
  8. Stone Pulpit: In 1877, a stone pulpit was erected as a memorial to Bishop Millman, the then Bishop of Calcutta.
  9. Tablets: The tablets in the church are dedicated to Major General Godwin, Sir Henry Thomas Godwin was a British Army officer. He fought in the Peninsular War and in the First Anglo-Burmese War, he served as the head of the British and Indian Army in the Second Anglo-Burmese War of 1852.


Built-in Neo-Gothic art in the year 1857, this church was built for the Anglican Britition community, which was then called Simla.

Christ Church history
On 9 September 1844, the foundation of Christ Church was laid. But in December 1846 its doors were opened for Divine service.

The construction of Christ Church took thirteen years. According to historians, the total cost of this church at that time was 30000 to 50,000 rupees and the government of that time donated 12,000 rupees for the construction.

The rest of the construction cost came from private sources and local traders here. The interior of the church can accommodate more than 500 devotees at one time

The tower of Christ Church is about 90 feet in height and has a round clock, a metal cross, a brass bell, and a series of six small bells. The tower was built in the year 1900.

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Needs Renovation

In 1961 heavy snow caused extensive damage to the Christ Church building and the church’s crest was completely demolished.
The condition of Christ Church, which is called the ‘Crown’ of the head of the queen of hills, Shimla, is in poor condition. The plaster has been uprooted from place to place and the paint has also fallen off. Bushes have also grown on the roof of the church.People from abroad also come to visit Shimla’s historic ridge grounds. Talking about its maintenance, the church was painted about eight years ago.

Cement was used on the walls of Christ Church many years ago, but it did not survive the changing season in Shimla. Now the condition of the church has become such that walls are being uprooted from place to place.

The budget of five crores($696849) for renovation
For the repair, the Tourism Corporation has received a budget of about five crores from the Asian Development Board and it will take about two years to renovate the church. But so far nothing special has happened.

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