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Interesting Facts, History of Basilica of Our Lady of the Mount, Bandra

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Mount Mary Church facts

Mount Mary Church in Mumbai is dedicated to the Virgin Mary (Mother of Lord Jesus). This church was built in 1640 but was later demolished. It was rebuilt again in 1761 AD. Mount Mary Church holds a week-long fair in September in which people of all religions are involved.

Interesting Facts about Mount Mary Church

Mount Mary fair

  1. What is the specialty of Mount Mary Church

    Mount Mary Church is a famous church located in the city of Mumbai, Maharashtra. It is also known as the Basilica of Our Lady of the Mount. It is considered one of the most beautiful churches around the world. The church was built in 1640 and rebuilt in 1761. For the last more than 300 years, this church has stood as a hallmark of Mumbai.

  2. There are many tourist spots in the city of Mumbai, Maharashtra, one of which is Mount Mary Church.
  3. Mount Mary Church is located in Bandra, Mumbai city.
  4. Mount Mary Church is one of the typical and grand churches of Mumbai city.
  5. Mount Mary Church is dedicated to the Virgin Mary.
  6. Mount Mary Church was built in 1640 and then it was demolished and rebuilt in 1761.
  7. The celebration of Mother Mary’s birth anniversary, ie Mount Mary Fair, is held every year from 10 September to Sunday 17 September in Mount Mary Church in Bandra. September 8 is considered to be Mother Mary’s birthday.
  8. To commemorate this, the Mount Mary Fair is organized in the premises of Mount Mary Church, Bandra. Different cultural programs are organized in this eight-day fair.
  9. People take part in themselves for safety

    Security is always an important issue in such a big fair. Volunteers willingly participate in the security of the fair. People of all religions visit this fair. Along with cultural programs, the fair also has delicious dishes and high-altitude swings for children.

  10. Free wi-fi

    The church has introduced a free Wi-Fi facility on the fair premises. Also, additional trains and buses are arranged to ensure that visitors during the fair do not have any problem. Also, a large number of police forces are deployed to prevent any untoward incident in the fair.

  11. Applications are issued a month before to set up the stall

    Millions of people come to Mount Mary Fair, Therefore, during the fair, many traders apply to the church to set up the stall, which starts a month before the fair. The stall space is divided into three parts.

  12. The highlight of the fair is the variety of candles sold outside the church. The long queue of adorned shops here attracts the attention of the visitors and provides an opportunity for those small carbs and hawkers. Non-Christian people also gather in this fair.
  13. During the fair, stalls are set up at 430 different places in Mumbai, which include religious artifacts, food, toys, clothes, handicraft items, etc.
  14. Mount Mary Church, Cane Road, MT Mary Road, Mount Mary Church (East), St. John Baptist Road, Rebelo Road, etc. are the main places of Mount Mary Fair. Most of these stalls are allocated to residents.
  15. Distribution of the Bible in various languages among the people who come to roam is also a specialty of this fair.

who is virgin mary?

vigrin mary

Mary was the name of the mother of Jesus Christ, who is also called the “mother of God” or “the virgin Mary.” She was a born Jewish woman living in the city of Galilee, Nazareth, under Palestine. The Quran states that she was a virgin
Christians believe that without any human intervention, Mary was conceived by the Holy Spirit, because she was a chosen figure of God.
In Islam, Maryam is believed to have conceived merely by the desire of God. At that time, Maryam had been engaged to Joseph. After marrying Joseph, she moved to Bethlehem, where Christ was born.

Mount Mary Church Information & History

Mount Mary Church is located at an altitude of 80 meters above sea level from where you can have a wonderful view of the Arabian Sea. If you are lucky then you can enjoy the fair celebrated here in September.
Apart from being located in the posh area of Mumbai, the church is located near various sightseeing such as Bandstand and Carter Road. This church is very large and its architecture is still preserved and organized without any fault.September 8 is considered to be the birthday of Mother Mary. To commemorate this, Mount Mary fair is organized on the premises of Mount Mary Church of Bandra. Different cultural programs are organized in this eight-day fair.

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