Interesting and fun facts about Hawa Mahal | Historical Facts of Hawa Mahal

Interesting and fun facts about Hawa Mahal | Historical Facts of Hawa Mahal

Hawa Mahal is a palace located in the city of Gulabi Nagari (Pink City) Jaipur, the capital of the Indian state of Rajasthan. Hawa Mahal means a place of winds. That is an incredible place, which is completely cold. Here, latticed windows are made for queens, so that the queens can see the outside scene. It is a five-story building which is beautiful. This palace is made, of red and pink sandstone stones.
Hawa Mahal remains on the edge of the City Palace. What is there in the Hawa Mahal that remains a mystery to people and scientists? Hawa Mahal was, designed by architect Lal Chand, the architect. This palace is, dedicated to Radha and Krishna. But do you know about this building? For additional information, keep reading this post more.

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Amazing, History, Famous Facts About Hawa Mahal For Tourists and Kids

  1. It is said that Hawa Mahal is also known as the “Palace of Winds”.
  2. Do you know that Hawa Mahal has a total of 953 windows which keeps the palace cool.
  3. All the royal people of Hawa Mahal use this palace as a summer resort.
  4. Hawa Mahal is the only palace built in Mughal and Rajput architectural style.
  5. The Hawa Mahal is built in the shape of a five-story pyramid that is 50 feet larger than its tall base.
  6. This palace is built in the shape of the Rajmukut of Lord Shri Krishna.
  7. This beautiful palace is made of pink and red colored stones.
  8. There is no entrance to the front of the Hawa mahal. If you have to go in, you will have to go from the previous part.
  9. There is a total of five-stories, in the Hawa Mahal and this palace still stands in its 87-degree angle in its place.
  10. Hawa Mahal was designed, by Lal Chand Ustad.
  11. This palace was built specifically for the royal women of Jaipur.
  12. The purpose of making this palace was to show the royal women to the celebration outside the market and the palace.
  13. This palace is a favorite spot for Indian and international films.
  14. There is an only sloping path to go to the upper floor, in the air mahal, there is no ladder to go up there.
  15. It is the world’s largest palace built without foundation.
  16. Hawa Mahal walls are bent, in the corners.

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History of Hawa Mahal

Hawa Mahal was built, by Maharaja Sawai Pratap Singh and this palace was built, in 1799. Lal Chand Sawant had designed it as the crown of Lord Krishna of Hindu religion itself. Hawa Mahal, is a symbol of Rajputs’ royal heritage, culture, and incredible mix of architecture. Due to that five-story building, it remains at 87-degree angle. It is, only one and a half feet wide from the top and it looks like a beehive in the outside, which is a wonder, and there are 953 small, windows in the palace. Due to the windows, the Hawa Mahal is also called the Palace of Winds. At that time, women used to, come out of the lattice for a while and used to see daily life. At that time it was, mandatory for women, to cover her face with “the curtain”. It is, said that with the help of these curtain nets, they also felt cold air, and their face was cold even in solar heat.

After 50 years, the palace was repaired in 2006, at that time the value of this monument was, reported to be around 4568 million rupees. The corporate sector took up, the responsibility of protecting this monument but later the Unit Trust of India took up the responsibility. After, the Hawa Mahal, its complex was also developed. The tourists can see many historical things in the Hawa Mahal. Another attraction in the castle is the curved side of the wall. Like the other monuments built, in Jaipur, this palace is also made of lime, red and pink colored sandstone, in which it is closely mosaic with white edges and motif.

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The highlight of the Hawa Mahal is that it is the tallest building built without any foundation in the world. In the morning, it gives a different feeling to see the sunshine in the sunlight. The air temperature is the most famous because of its culture and its design. Hawa Mahal is a splendid specimen of Rajput and Mughal art. In this palace, you will find Rajput samples here in domed roof, lotus, and flowers. You can find the specimen of the Mughal in the arches and the fine carvings done here.

Maharaja Jai ​​Singh had a favorite place to relax as its interior decoration is so beautiful. There is the only arrangement of hoards for going to the top two floors of the Hawa Mahal. Keeping in mind, the inconvenience caused by climbing trees, it is said that provision of hoarding was made instead of stairs to enter its upper two floors by wearing long sleeves. The Hawa Mahal is supervised, by the archaeological department of the Rajasthan Government. In 2005, after the long interval of nearly 50 years, the repair and renovation of the castle were done at a large scale, the estimated cost of which was Rs 45679 lakhs. Some corporate houses are also coming forward to maintain maintenance for the archaeological monuments of Jaipur, which is an example “Unit Trust of India”, which started the essence of the Hawa Mahal.

Architectural and details of the Hawa Mahal

history about hawa maha

In the Hawa Mahal, a mixture of Hindu Rajput art style and Mughal art style can be, found. It is chosen, made from red and pink stones. Lal Chand Ustad had designed it. This is a five-story building which is 15 meters high (50 feet) from its base. There is also a patio in the front of the lower two floors while the width of the three stories above is imported, as a room. There are 953 lattice zones in this palace, outside of which the palaces, are closed. Some windows are also made, of wood. The castle is seen, only from the front road and it is well-carved. The palace building has remained the hall on the backside. The back part of the castle is very manageable. Coming from the city palace, with the royal door, we can enter the Hawa Mahal which opens in a spacious courtyard. Hawa Mahal is located, in the east of this courtyard.

The interior decoration of the Hawa Mahal is beautiful. Fountains are in front of each of them. To go to the top two floors, there are hooves instead of stairs. It is, said that Maharaja Sawai Pratap Singh was a great devotee of Krishna, his devotion is seen only by the design of the structure of the palace, which is correctly made up of the shape of the crown of Lord Shri Krishna. Despite being 5th floor, the Hawa Mahal is reaching right up to this day. There are 953 carved windows in the palace, some of which are, made of wood.

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The construction of these, windows was done in such a way that the whole building, was cool through the fresh air in the summer. The work of flower leaves made on the walls of the Hawa Mahal is an unmatched specimen of Rajput artifacts. Along with this, the Mughal custom carving on the stones is a great symbol, of Mughal craft. For the festivals, the Sharad temple is built on the first floor, while the Ratan temple, is built on the second floor of the Hawa Mahal which, is decorated with glasswork.

On the other three floors, there is a strange temple, light temple, and wind temple. Here you will find different colors of the pink city of Jaipur. There is no door from the front door of the Hawa Mahal, but instead of the City Palace, a royal door leads to the entrance of the Hawa Mahal. Here, three two-storeyed buildings are surrounded by a large courtyard on the three sides, in which the Hawa Mahal is located, in the eastern part. There is an archaeological museum currently in the courtyard. The inner part of the palace is also along the path leading up to the top floor and pillars.

The first two floors of the Hawa Mahal have a courtyard, and the remaining three-story width is equal to one room. The unique thing is that there, is no staircase, in the building and the ramp is used to move up. 50 years later, in 2006 the entire air castle was renovated. At that time the price of this building was stated to be 4568, million. At that time a corporate sector of Jaipur had taken up the responsibility of the renovation of the Hawa Mahal, but later the Unit Trust of India took responsibility for the repair of the Hawa Mahal.

When to go Hawa-Mahal

In the winter season, you can come to Jaipur. From the beginning of November to the middle of February, the peak season of tourists is. With pleasant weather, you will be able to enjoy a lot of ancient buildings instead of touring here. The time of seeing the air palace is from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm. Although the best time to observe this building is in the morning when the golden rays of the Sun fall on this royal building. These views give the palace an even more elegant and grand look. The Hawa Mahal Museum is closed, on Friday, so it is better to see the Hawa Mahal in other days.

Find Hawa Mahal On Google Map

Hawa Mahal ticket price

Entry fees of Hawa Mahal are Rs 50 for Indians and 200 rupees for foreigners. You can also buy composite tickets here, which will remain valid for two days. The price of this ticket is Rs 300 for Indians and 1000 rupees for foreigners. With the help of this composite ticket, you can roam the Hawa Mahal and the sights surrounding it for two days.
If you want to take the camera with the pictures inside the air castle, you will have to pay 10 rupees in addition to the entry fee, which is 30 rupees for the foreigners. Local guides are available for full information about the Hawa Mahal, but before you decide on the charge. Explain that only one or two hours is given to roam the Hawa Mahal.

How to get Hawa Mahal

hawa mahal

Hawa Mahal, located in the southern part of Jaipur city, attracts national and international tourists. The cultural heritage, preserved ancient artifacts in the palace museum have a rich past and a glimpse of the magnificent lifestyle of Rajputs.
To reach the Hawa Mahal by train, first, you have to reach the Jaipur railway station. Trains will be available from every major and major station here. You can get help from a taxi or cab to reach the air castle from Jaipur station. It will take you 18 minutes to arrive here.
If you are looking to reach the Hawa mahal by road, then tell that Rajasthan is well connected by road through all the major parts of India. Buses are available from many major cities of India to Jaipur. But if you are going from flight then flights from Mumbai, Udaipur, Delhi, Kolkata, and other cities are available for Jaipur. It will take you about 30 minutes to reach the air castle from the airport.

Take care while traveling to the Hawa Mahal

If you want to walk the Hawa mahal peaceful and without any crowd, then go early in the morning. If the Hawa Mahal arrives in the afternoon then you can get a crowd, then there is not even the opportunity to wait for the Hawa mahal to stop. That is why it is better to see the early morning Hawa mahal.

There are no stairs, in the Hawa Mahal, there is a climb to reach the upper floors, so wear comfortable footwear.
At the departure of the Hawa Mahal, you must go with your water bottle.
Here the walls are very small, so be careful and follow all the rules.
Around the Hawa mahal, you can see Jantar-Mantar, City Palace, Chandpol, Ramnivas Gardens, and Govind Gd. Temple.

How to reach

Hawa Mahal is, situated on the large square in the southern part of Jaipur city. Jaipur city is directly connected to all major cities of India by road, rail and air route. The railway station of Jaipur is the central station of the broad gauge line network of Indian Railway Service. Hospices, hotels and guest planets are available for stay here.
There is no arrangement for direct entrance from the front in the Hawa mahal. To enter, the Hawa Mahal, there is a system of entry from the right and left paths of the palace, from which you get the entrance to the castle from the back of the castle.

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