Lesser-Known Kids, Fun, Weird, Random & Disturbing Facts about NORWAY | Historical & Interesting facts about Norway

Lesser-Known Kids, Fun, Weird, Random & Disturbing Facts about NORWAY | Historical & Interesting facts about Norway

Norway is located in the north of the continent of Europe. Being located near the North Pole of the Earth, the country is very cold and full of snowy hills and glaciers. This is how the beauty of Norway is made. It is counted among the rich countries of the world. The Interesting thing is that people are very comfortable with health. They like to eat healthily. Among all these things, Norway’s greatest quality is its natural beauty.

Lesser-Known Kids Fun Weird Random Disturbing Historical Facts Interesting facts about NORWAY


Today we are going to tell you some interesting and fun facts about Norway and general information related to this country and its historical facts.

The history of Norway is 10,000 BC old. Earlier it used to be just a snow-covered country. From about 4000 BC onwards, settlements of farming began to appear here, and the predator of fish lived in its northern region. On 17 May, the “National Day of Norway” is also celebrated, on this day the constitution of Norway was enacted in 1814, and the members of this country’s parliament were elected after 4 years.

A: General facts about NORWAY

  • Total Population – 5,295,619
  • Highest Mountain – Galdhøpiggen at 2,469 m (8,100 ft)from sea level
  • Total Area – 385,203 km²
  • Largest lake – Lake Mjøsa
  • National Day – May 17
  • Currency – Norwegian krone
  • Official Languages: Norwegian, Bokmål, Nynorsk, Saami, North
  • National Song – “Ja, vi elsker dette landet”
  • Capital – Oslo

B: Amazing Historical & Interesting Facts About NORWAY For Tourists and Kids

1. The Nobel Peace Prize is awarded in Oslo, Norway.

2. The traditional sport of Norway is cross-country skiing, and the country has been very successful in international competitions, particularly in the Winter Olympics.

3. Holiday Spot For Criminals

Prisoners in Norway’s prisons have access to the Internet. On an island, about 75 km off the coast of the capital Oslo is the Bastoy Prison. The criminals living in Bastoy Prison are charged with murder, rape, and smuggling.
The surprising thing is that the island is a holiday spot for criminals. In this prison, the inmates are allowed to do almost everything they want to do. This is because the Government of Norway says that an attempt to rectify the mistake should be made from day one.

4. The citizens of this country read more books than any other country in the world, and they spend an average of 500 kronor (five thousand rupees) on books every year.

5. If you write a good book in Norway, the government buys 1000 Copies so that it can be kept in libraries across the country. More than two thousand books are published every year.

6. It is illegal in this country to create an advertisement for children under 12 years.

7. There is a Town in Norway named – Hell

Nowrway hell city

8. Salmon Sushi is very much liked in Japan, which is a dish made from salmon fish. This dish is known all over the world as the Japanese Salmon Susie. But it originated in Norway and was introduced to the Japanese in the 80s.

9. The Parliament of the country is called ‘Storting’

In Norway, May 17 is celebrated as National Day. The constitution of Norway was formed on this day in 1814 AD.
The Parliament of the country is called ‘Storting’ whose members are elected after every four years.

10. Dynasty tradition has been going on in Norway since 872 AD. The current king here is the ‘Herald Fifth’ who has held this position since the death of his father ‘Olav the Fifth’ in 1991.

11. Norway has a rich history of Viking exploration and settlements, dating back to the 9th century.

12. Norway is also known for its oil and gas industry, which has played a significant role in the country’s economy since the 1970s.

13. King Harald Love Story

There is one very interesting thing about King Harald. He had decided that he would never marry if he was not married to whom he loved.

King Harald Love Story

He was in love with the daughter of a cloth merchant. He married the girl with the help of the Government of Norway. The girl is Sonja Haraldsen, now the queen of Norway.

14. The late King of Norway, Olav V (1903–1991) used public transportation and also paid for the ticket money himself. Olav V was an active sailor and also won a gold medal at the 1928 Olympics.

15. The country was ruled by Denmark for 400 years until 1814 when it declared independence and entered into a union with Sweden.

16. Norway is called Nordweg which means – Northern Way.

17. Sweden and Norway were the same countries from 1814 to 1905. Sweden was separated from Norway in 1905.

18. Where the sun has not come out for 100 years

There is also a city(Rjukan City) in this unique country where the sun has not been seen for 100 years. The reason for this is that the city is surrounded by mountains all around. However, engineers have created a ‘new sun’ with the help of glass to solve this problem.

Rjukan City

This artificial sun has been planted on the hill in such a way that it brings sunlight to the city and itself looks like a sun. Its light falls directly on the town square. This is the reason why this place attracts people. Rjukan is a city and administrative center of Tin Municipality in Telemark, Norway. It is Situated in Vestfjorddalen, between Møsvatn and Lake Tin, and gets its name after Rjukan Falls.

C: You do not know these UNIQUE facts about the NORWAY

#10 UNIQUE facts about the NORWAY
  • Norway has the highest density of electric vehicles per capita in the world.
  • The country has a long tradition of folk music and dancing and is home to the Hardanger fiddle, a unique instrument that is considered an important part of Norwegian cultural heritage.
  • The famous Trolltunga (Troll’s Tongue) rock formation in Norway is a popular hiking destination.
  • The Norwegian flag, which features a blue field with a white cross, is based on the Danish flag, but with the colors reversed.
  • The Midnight sun is a natural phenomenon occurring in the summer months in places north of the Arctic Circle and south of the Antarctic Circle where the sun remains visible at the local midnight.
  • The country’s public education system is considered one of the best in the world and is free for all citizens.
  • Norway has a long history of hunting and fishing, and fish, the especially salmon, is an important part of the national diet.
  • The Northern lights are a natural light display in the Earth’s sky, predominantly seen in the high-latitude regions (around the Arctic and Antarctic).
  • Norway is home to the famous Stave churches, a type of medieval wooden church that is found mainly in Norway.
  • The Sami people, an indigenous group that has lived in Norway for thousands of years, still maintain their own culture and way of life, including the traditional practice of reindeer herding.

19. Norway was one of the most peaceful countries in the world in the 2013 Global Peace Index, ranking 11 out of 162 countries.

20. The famous Viking ships found in Norway, like the Oseberg ship, Gokstad ship, and Tune ship, are now displayed at the Viking Ship Museum in Oslo, Norway.

21. In 2017, Norway became the first country to completely stop FM radio.

22. Europe’s first underwater cafe

Let me tell you shocking news about Norway, Europe’s first underwater cafe has opened in Norway. It is shaped like a tube immersed in water. The name of the restaurant is ‘Under’ which means ‘Wonder’ in Norwegian.

Europe's first underwater cafe
The restaurant is built 5 meters deep into the sea. It has been designed by the Norwegian architectural firm Snohetta.
The owners of the restaurant are Stig and Gothe, brothers. He says that due to its beauty and merits, 12 thousand people are expected to come here every year. It is built in a 495 square meter area and is shaped like a periscope. The restaurant has panoramic windows so that people can be seen the beauty of the sea. Stig says the Norwegian sea life is much better than elsewhere and I want to introduce people to its real beauty.

23. Norway is known for its stunning fjords, mountains, and glaciers, which have made it a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts.

24. Norway also played a major role in the countries that established the United Nations after the Second World War. Let me tell you that The first Secretary-General of the United Nations was ‘Trygve Lie’ who belongs from Norway.

25. In Norway, you cannot bind your dog, it is illegal here. Only in urgent circumstances, You can tie the dog.

26. Norway has a high standard of living, and is often ranked as one of the happiest and most prosperous countries in the world.

27. In 2011, there was a shortage of butter in Norway. The price of 250 grams of butter had reached $ 50.

28. In 1999, the Supreme Court of Norway decided to give asylum to a US drug smuggler because they believe that US prisons are not human-friendly.

29. Norway is the country least affected by climate change.

D: Unknown Facts about the NORWAY?

  • Norway has the highest per capita consumption of chocolate in the world.
  • The world’s longest road tunnel, the Lærdal Tunnel, is located in Norway and is 24.5 km (15.2 miles) long.
  • The Norwegian Constitution, which was written in 1814, is one of the oldest in the world still in use.
  • The national animal of Norway is the Moose (Elk).
  • The northernmost city in the world with a population of over 50,000 is Tromsø, Norway.
  • Norway has the highest number of electric cars per capita in the world.
  • The famous Viking ships were actually built in Norway.
  • Norway has the world’s longest coastline in proportion to its size.

30. The Norwegian government was one of the first in the world to adopt a policy of neutrality during World War II, although the country was occupied by Nazi Germany from 1940 to 1945.

31. Norway’s coastline is approximately 1,01,388 kilometers long, which is equivalent to two and a half rounds of the Earth. Norway has more than 50 thousand islands.

32. No person in this country can hide his earnings. The tax department puts the earnings of every citizen on its website so that they can be seen by everyone.

33. If you kill someone in Norway, you probably won’t be hanged because the biggest punishment here is just 21 years imprisonment. Imprisonment for life was abolished in 1971.

34. If you have a TV in your home in Norway, you have to pay its annual licensing fees, which are approximately
2680,56 kr (€ 317.946,Rs-24 thousand) per annum.

35. Country of Midnight Sun

In the northern part of Norway, the sun never sets for about 76 days from May to July. The sun sets at 12:43 pm and rises at an interval of just 40 minutes. The incident takes place in the town of Hammerfest at the northern end of Norway. Therefore it is called the ‘Country of Midnight Sun’.

36. In 2008, a penguin was given the title of ‘Knight’ in Norway. The penguin was named ‘Nils Olav’ and was given this title to work in the army.

penguin was given the title.

37. Only 10 policemen have been killed in Norway during the Second World War.

38. Beerenberg volcano of Norway which is 7,306 ft. It is 2,227 meters large and is the only active volcano in Norway, on Jan Mayen Island in the Norwegian sea.

39. The famous explorer Roald Amundsen, who was the first person to reach the South Pole and the first to navigate the Northwest Passage, was Norwegian.

40. The Hardangervidda plateau of Norway is the largest mountain plateau in the whole of Europe and is also home to wild deer herds.

41. Future library in Norway after 100 years forest will change into the library

A special kind of future library is being built in Norway. It is being called the library of the future because the preparations for the books to be kept in it have already started. For this, thousands of pine plants have been planted in the Nordmark forest of Oslo. After 100 years, 100 books will be published from the papers made from this wood.
Till then manuscripts of these books have been kept in the library. No one is currently allowed to read them. The library is part of the ‘Forest to Future Library’ scheme of Scotland artist Katie Patterson created four years ago.

That is, 100 authors will submit their works in 100 years. These creations will be preserved in a special room made of wood in Oslo’s New Public Dechamanske Library. These works can be seen on the shelf of the library but no one can read them. These works will be published one by one in the year 2114

42. Norway is the largest exporter of salmon fishes in the world

43. Dying is forbidden

The cemetery we are talking about exists in a place called Longyearbyen, Norway. Let us know that the population here is around 2000 and there is only one cemetery in this city. It is a crime to die in this place because dead bodies cannot be buried here. In the year 1950, as soon as this thing became known, it was prohibited to bury the corpse in this tomb and now people bury the corpses of their dead relatives in another place. Longyearbyen city is so cold that the body cannot rot, so no one has been buried here for the last 80 years.

44. Norway is the sixth-largest country in Europe with a population of around 5.4 million(54 lakhs).

45. Norway’s national insignia features a lion holding an ax. But in reality, the lion does not exist in this country.

46. According to Norwegian law, no one can keep a dog tied, it is considered illegal. The law of tying a dog applies only in certain circumstances.

47. Oslo, the capital of Norway, has been donating a ‘Christmas tree’ to the people of Britain every year since 1947. This is done to thank the people of Britain, who helped Norway in the second world war. This ‘Christmas tree’ is kept for viewing at Trafalgar Square in London.

48. Norwegian public universities provide free education for their citizens, even students from any corner of the world can go and study for free.

49. About half of the trains are electric or hybrid.

E: Kids, Fun, Random Facts about the NORWAY

  • The famous character Pippi Longstocking was created by a Swedish author, Astrid Lindgren, but set in a fictional Swedish-speaking village in Norway called “Villekulla”.
  • The Norwegian word “koselig” has no direct translation in English, but it means a feeling of coziness and warmth, often associated with spending time with friends and family.
  • Norway is home to the world’s northernmost university, the University of Tromsø.
  • The famous children’s book “The Moomins” was created by a Finnish author, Tove Jansson, but set in a fictional valley in Norway called “Moominvalley”.
  • The famous Norwegian children’s character “Nils Holgersson” was created by a Swedish author, Selma Lagerlöf, but set in Norway.
  • Norway is home to the world’s longest pedestrian street, Strøget, which is located in the capital city of Oslo.
  • The traditional Norwegian folk costume is called a “bunad” and is worn on special occasions such as national holidays.
  • In Norway, it is customary to leave a shoe out on the doorstep on Christmas Eve for the “Christmas Gnome” to fill with treats.
  • The famous children’s book “Pippi Longstocking” was written by Astrid Lindgren and is set in a small Swedish village in Norway.
  • In Norway, it is a tradition to give a present to someone on their 13th birthday, called a “trettenårsgave”.

50. Lake Mjøsa Lake

Lake Mjøsa, lake, southeastern Norway. It is Norway’s largest lake, at the southern end of the famous Guddrands Valley, 56 km north of Oslo. Lake Mjøsa is a popular tourist center, especially for boating and fishing), and Lillehammer, at its northern end, and Hamar, at its eastern edge, are the largest lakeshore cities.

51. In 2008, the Norwegian rain came to save the Amazon rainforest, they donated 1 billion dollars to save the AMAZON Rainforest.

52. Modern skiing was invented by a Norwegian

The design made by Sondre Norheim made skiing easy and to a great extent safe. The current skis are inspired by
his design.

53. In Norway, driving faster than the speed limit can be quite expensive. Speed exceeds 150 km per hour on the motor road and you are in jail for 18 days.

54. The Laerdal tunnel is the longest tunnel road in the world, with a length of 24.5 km.

In June 1992, Norway decided to build the world’s longest road tunnel. The 24.5 km long tunnel extends between Aurand and Lærdal on the new main highway connecting Oslo and Bergen. Construction was approved to cross a part of the country with relatively poor levels of reliability in road transport due to narrow roads with the hilly area and several fjord crossings. An important part of the expansion of an independent, reliable road link between the two largest cities in Norway is the Laerdal Tunnel. It was decided to build a tunnel instead of renovating existing roads to avoid difficult areas with a high risk of rockfall.

55. Norway’s supermarkets sell only beer and cider. There is a special place to buy other liquor which is called

56. The Norwegian Postal Service was established in 1647. The first Norwegian stamp was issued in 1855. There are a total of 2,640 post offices in Norway.

57. In 1990 Norway established a permanent research center in Antarctica called Troll,

58. In January 1993, Erling Kagge of Norway became the first person to travel alone to the South Pole.

59. Norway has won more medals than any country in the Winter Olympics, From 1924 to date, Norway has ranked first with 332 medals.

60. Built the hotel design on a 2000 feet high hill, there will also be a swimming pool hanging in the air

The hotel design has been built on the preikestolen, a famous 2000-foot hill in Norway. This hill located in southern Norway is a major tourist destination. The most special thing about the design is the swimming pool built into it. The amazing thing is that It will be made of glass and hang in the air. It has been designed by an architectural studio in Turkey.

Hotel design

The hotel will have four floors. A terrace will be built on the fifth floor to see the views. The deck and swimming pool will be built on the lower floor to be a guest relax. Whether the hotel will be built or not is not decided.
Hayari Atak Studio in Istanbul (Turkey) designed this design. Do not think about booking a room for now. Because the Norwegian government has not taken any decision on whether it will be able to become a hotel or not. On the other hand, the studio claims that such a hotel and swimming pool design has never been designed anywhere in the world before.

61. The island of Norway has taken the initiative to become the world’s first-time free zone

The Sommarøy Islands of Norway do not have a sunset for 69 days between 18 May and 26 July. Apart from this, the sun does not appear in the winter for about three months.

Sommarøy Islands of Norway

The island of Norway has taken the initiative to become the world’s first-time free zone. For this, an expedition has been carried out by 300 residents of Sommarøy Island. He has run a Time Free Zone campaign to keep the island free from time limits. A petition has also been filed in support of this. The campaign also got support from Finnmark and Nordland

62. In Norway, 98 to 99% of electricity is produced from hydroelectric plants.

63. Ship sank in 1918 brought back to Norway

A Norwegian ship that sank at the North Pole 100 years ago has now returned to its home country. The ship was found in Canada about 2 years ago and since then preparations were on to bring it to Norway.

ship shrank
The name of this ship is ‘The Mod’. According to the information, this ship will now be used as a museum. The weight of this ship is 400 tons. In 1918 the ship sank at the North Pole after hitting an icy rock. The famous Norwegian stroller Roald Amundsen was also aboard the ship. Roald Amundsen was the first person in the world to reach the South Pole.

64. Roald Amundsen first to reach the south pole

Roald Amundsen

On 14 December 1911, 105 years ago, Norway’s explorer Roald reached the South Pole. Roald became the first person to do so. He did his studies in Oslo. After graduating in 1890, he started studying Ayurveda but then got a job on a ship. After registering their presence at the North and South Poles, Roald set out on 17 June 1928 to locate a lost ship returning from the North Pole at sea. After this, no news of him was received.

F: Random, Weird & Disturbing Facts about the NORWAY?

  • Norway has a history of witch hunts and persecution, with an estimated 2,000-4,000 people being executed for witchcraft between 1590 and 1693.
  • The Norwegian scientist and explorer Fridtjof Nansen, who was known for his Arctic expeditions, also experimented with cannibalism on his journey to the North Pole in order to survive.
  • In the past, the Sami people of Norway were forced to give up their traditional way of life and culture by the government.
  • Norway has a history of human sacrifice, particularly in the Viking Age, where sacrifices were made to the gods in order to ensure good luck and fertility.
  • In the 19th century, Norway had a law that required people to attend church on Sundays, and those who did not attend could be fined or imprisoned.
  • During World War II, Norway was occupied by Nazi Germany, and many Norwegians were arrested, tortured, and killed for their resistance activities.
  • The Norwegian government has been criticized for its treatment of the Sami people, particularly for their forced assimilation and loss of traditional land and resources.
  • Norway has a history of euthanasia and assisted suicide, which was legal in certain circumstances until the 1970s.
  • In the 19th century, Norway had a law that allowed for the forced sterilization of people deemed “unworthy” of reproducing, including those with mental or physical disabilities.
  • Norway has a history of whaling and continues to hunt minke whales despite international protests and a global moratorium on commercial whaling.

G: Important Date in NORWAY History

Some important dates in Norwegian history include:
  • 995 AD: Norway is unified under the rule of King Olaf I Tryggvason
  • 1397 AD: Norway, Denmark, and Sweden form the Kalmar Union
  • 1814 AD: Norway gains independence from Denmark and becomes a separate kingdom under the rule of King Charles III of Sweden
  • 1940 AD: Nazi Germany invades and occupies Norway during World War II
  • 1949 AD: Norway joins NATO
  • 1994 AD: Norway votes against joining the European Union in a referendum
  • 2005 AD: Jens Stoltenberg becomes Prime Minister and leads a left-wing coalition government


If you know any new things about Norway, then definitely tell through the comments so that other people can read, thanks.



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