Lesser-Known Facts About Finland | Historical Facts About Finland

Are you looking for lesser-known facts about Finland? Here is a collection of interesting and fun facts about Finland which You’ve Never Heard Before as well as you can also read general information about Finland such as about culture, history, government rule etc.

Finland was historical, a part of Sweden and from 1809 there was an autonomous Grand Duchy under the Russian Empire. After the Civil War from Russia in 1917, Finland declared independence. Finland become the member ofUnited Nations in 1955 and joined the OECD in 1969 and the European Union and the Eurozone in 1995. Based on social, political, economic and military indicators in a survey, Finland has been termed as the world’s second most stable country.Finland’s education system is considered the best in the whole world. Children in Finland take admission in the school at the age of 7-8. Today we will tell you the interesting facts about with this small country of Finland.
Most of the people of this country with a population of about 5.3 million(53 lakh) live in the southern region. It is the eighth largest in Europe by area and the least populous country in the European Union by population. The mother tongue of the majority of the people living in the country is Finnish, while the mother tongue of 5.5 percent population of the country is Swedish.About 18 people are living in 1 square kilometer, which is the lowest in the European Union.The currency of Finland is “Euro” and the language spoken is “Finnish & Swedish”.

General facts about Finland

  • Total population – 5.5 million (55 lakhs)- 2017
  • Highest Mountain Ridnitšohkka 1,316 m (4,318 ft) .
  • Total Area –338,424 km²
  • Largest Lake – Saimaa
  • National Day –6 December
  • Currency – Euro
  • National Song – “Vårt land is Finland”
  • Capital – Helsinki
  • National Animal-Brown Bear

Amazing Facts About Finland For Tourists and Kids

1. Cartoon Character Moomin

It is possible that you have seen this cartoon character named Moomin sometime and you like it very much. It is the gift of Finland novelist, painter, and illustrator Tov Jenson. This fun-loving cartoon character has a nose like a hippopotamus.

Cartoon Character Moomin

Jenson wrote the first Moomin book for children in 1945. From 1945 to 1993, nine books, five picture books, and a comic strip have been released on this cartoon character. Apart from this, many cartoon films have also been made around this cartoon character.Not only this, if you ever go to Finland, you can also visit Moomin World Theme Park.

2. Sauna Bath is older than Jesus

In many countries of the world, bathrooms with sauna baths are seen to be associated with luxury. But if you ever get a chance to go to Finland, you will see that the sauna bath is an everyday thing. Not only this, the Finnish people associate this with their national identity.

It is a little difficult to trace the actual beginning of this practice, but it is believed that the Sauna of Finland existed even seven thousand years before the birth of Jesus. There will be 2 million sauna baths in Finland, which means that on average, every house has a sauna bathroom. The women of Finland used to give birth to their children in the domestic sauna bathroom.

Watch Finland Beauty

3. Nokia Phones

If you miss your old Nokia phone sometimes even in the era of smartphones, then there is a reason behind it. Nokia coming from Finland revolutionized the telecom sector with its cheap beautiful and durable mobile phones.The 1100 model launched in the year 2003 became the best-selling mobile in the world. And about 250 million people used it.

4. Heart Rate Monitor

If you check your heartbeat while walking, you should thank Finland. In 1977, Finland company Polar Electro made a device that can hear the heartbeat of an athlete after it is tied on the body.
It was a battery-operated device worn on the tip of the fingers. But in the 80s itself, this device was equipped with wireless technology.Now you don’t have to put your Heartrate sensing device on your fingers.

5. “Sisu” means to not give up

You must have heard this word at some time, but perhaps you do not know that the word came from Finland. And it means to show courage even in heavy calamities. The special thing is that there is no synonym in the English language.

6. Karelian Pasty

Churchich Karelian pasty is special in itself as a national food in Finland. This pasty is made from rice, potatoes, carrots, and eggs, etc. This dish has become famous from Finland to Russia.

7. World of Angry Birds

If you are a fan of Angry Birds, then you will be surprised to know that this software that has revolutionized the world of mobile gaming in the world has been made by the Finnish company Rovia Entertainment.
This game popular in many countries of the world has been downloaded three billion times till now. Apart from mobile games, a film and a theme park have been made on this character.

Angry Birds

After knowing that you may surprise, There is a golf club(Tornio Golf) on the outskirts of Sweden and Finland whose half holes are in one nation and a half in another nation.

8. Town of Santa Claus

There are many controversies regarding the residence of Santa Claus. The people of Norway believe that Santa Claus
lives in Drobak, but Danish people believe that he lives in Green Land. At the same time, according to the British and American people, Santa Claus lives at the North Pole. But the people of Finland are adamant that the real Santa Claus lives in Lapland.Rovaniemi(capital of Lapland)is known as the village(Town) of Santa Claus.



The tune of Finlandia, composed by the Finnish composer Jean Sibelius in 1899, is believed to have given voice to the struggle of the people of Finland. You can also listen to this anthem as the film score of Hollywood movie Die Hard 2.

10. Bubble Chair

You must have heard the name of the bubble chair. This chair made of plastic, swinging in the air, is the work of Eero Aarnio, a designer from Finland. Eero Aarnio designed this chair in 1968.

11.Finland, have a very good law that the penalty or fine depends on the salary of the person.

Finland is so special in many ways, but, interestingly, the traffic penalty is according to the salary of the people. However, this law greatly harassed the policemen, as people always used to tell their earnings less.

12.If you want to move from Finland to North Korea, you will have to cross only one country that is Russia.

13.The total length of the roots of cedar trees in Finland is more than 5 miles.

14.Cedar is a very tall, graceful, large spreading, evergreen, and the long-lived tree of the Pinaceae dynasty. Cedar is usually 2 to 4 meter enclosed trees, which are found in abundance in the forests, but trees with a height of 14 meters and 75 to 80 meters tall are also found.

15.Every year the surface area of Finland increases by 7 square kilometers because of glaciers.

16.The world’s first Internet Browser was built in Finland.

17.If you are driving in Finland then you will have to always keep your headlights on whether day or night.

18.You will be surprised to know that throwing your mobile phone is the official game in Finland.

19.Donald Duck’s comics were banned in Finland because he did not wear any pants.

20.You can not cut the nails of cats in Finland.

21.Out of every 10 plastic bottles in Finland, 9 are recycled, while 100% of glass bottles are recycled.

22.Finlandia drinks 3 to 4 cups of coffee a day, which positively influences their life.

23.Financial security

It is among the most developed countries in the world. Where every citizen enjoys financial security, many such rights, and facilities along with allowances that they never have to think about what will happen if their job is lost. Or if they are old and do not have money, then what will happen or if there is an accident or ill health then how will the treatment be. The government takes all this responsibility. Although the income of the people here is very high.

24.Stable and safe country.

It is the most stable and secure country. In the year 2015, the murder rate is only 1.28 percent of the population of 100000. In the year 2015, there were only 50 murders. Organized crime is negligible. The police are very reliable and competent. Police and Internet security are considered to be the second-largest in the world. The law is strictly followed. But it is also important to keep in mind that the citizens here are on the number one position among those who believe in political, law and policy systems.

25.18 people per square kilometer

There are about 18 people per square kilometer, which is the lowest in the European Union.

26.It is a country in the world where there is no homeless.

London, Berlin, Paris and many other big cities are the rich cities in Europe. A common thing in all these cities is that the problem of the homeless has not been solved. Despite the appropriate social welfare system, people are sleeping on the streets. So far, the problem of the homeless in these cities has not been eradicated.
Finland is the only country in the European Union to end the problem for the homeless. Citizens of many countries of the EU are suffering from a lack of homes. Not being home is a big problem for the poor.
The organization, which sees the homeless in the European Union, estimates that in 2009 the number of homeless youth in Denmark increased by 75%. One out of every 70 people sleeps on the street in Athens, the capital of Greece.
Finland arranges apartments for the homeless. Along with this, social workers are employed to improve their standard of living.Juha Kakinen, manager of the Y Foundation, which gave 16,300 homes to the homeless in Finland, said, “We have started giving them apartments on a contract. They have got full rights like any tenant. If they need further support, we help. ”

27. Least corruption and most progressive society

This is a country whose administration is considered to be the best in the world. Corruption is least and It is said that the society is the most progressive. The UN report has described it as the happiest country.

28. Immigrant too happy

Happy Index holds the happiness of immigrants as standard. Finland is also at the top of that. After 2015, refugees from many countries arrived here. They are all happy. The number of refugees in this country of 5.5 million is around 300000. Refugees are provided with rented houses at very low rates.

29. The free atmosphere and freedom

The people of Finland live in the freest environment and elections are conducted in a very clean manner. People have the greatest personal and freedom of expression. Here the press also enjoys complete freedom. Human rights are protected.

30. Highest spending on research and training

Finland has become one of the most talented talent producing countries in the world due to heavy expenditure on research and training and hence its prosperity has also reached the third position.

31. Satisfied with life

The people of Finland are satisfied with their lives. They have no complaints about their places of living. Although the accommodations here are quite spacious and comfortable. Consumer Confidence is the strongest in Europe. It is also among the top five countries in the world in gender parity. Finland is the world’s third-highest country in terms of female MPs.

32. Pure air and pure water

It is the third country in the world in terms of pure air. This has been said in the report of the World Health Organization. At the same time, it is in the best position in the world in terms of water. There are a total of 1,87,888 lakes, due to which it is also called the country of lakes. There is a large amount of forest.

33.Adventurous people

Hundreds of swimmers jumped into the icy water without clothes to create a world record of naked swimming in Finland.During a music festival in eastern Finland, 789 people took part in swimming without clothes.
Before this, the record that was made in Australia, only three people were less.
The organizers are waiting for the announcement of the event to be recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Adventurous people
According to the Yelle News website, this is the third attempt to make a record on behalf of the people of Finland.
Earlier, in 2015 and 2016, around 300-300 people had gathered in Helsinki.The record that these people had gathered in an attempt to break, was made in 2015 in Perth. 786 people attended it.
Finland has a tradition of outdoor swimming. Here ice-hole swimming is encouraged as energy-boosting by the tourist board of the country.

Tourism in Finland

The World Happiness Report of the United Nations has included 156 countries in the world. These include Finland among the top 5 happiest countries. Finland is very famous due to the weather and lifestyle. This country is quite cold. So this place is good for a summer excursion. After coming here, you will forget both the tension and the heat.
The climate here is pleasant. Finland is a country where the sun rises for 23 hours. There are some places where nights for 51 days.If you want to enjoy summer vacation then you can visit Finland.

34.An Island just for women

There is an island in Finland, where only women can visit. This island is designed to make women feel relaxed. There are many resorts, spas and other facilities for them, although an online interview is required to book the room. It is founded by Christina Roth.

35.Coldest place Lapland

It is the coldest place in Finland. It can be visited from March to June because during this time the weather is cool and bright. The colorful light (polar light) is visible for 200 nights in a year, which is worth seeing.


36.1,87,888 lakes in Finland

There are approximately 1,87,888 lakes in entire Finland and this is why Finland is also called the Land of Lakes.
Many small and big lakes will be seen here, which number about 1,87,888. You can enjoy boating in these lakes. Helsinki is the capital of Finland, also known as Blusiti, which has the highest number of lakes. That is why this city was named Blue City.

37. Sona Bath

Sona Bath is very famous in Finland. It is a kind of bath, in which there is a big stone in a room. This stone is heated until it turns red. Once heated, water is poured over it. People take a shower with the steam coming out from the stone. This type of bath is done once a week. This is called Sona Bath.

38. Adventure sports you won’t listen

Here all the travel sports in the world can be enjoyed. Sports like trekking, ice hockey, ice jumping, cycling, boxing, water races can be enjoyed here. Also here, the wife caring contest is very famous. In this game, the husband runs with his wife in the lap. The one who wins this race is given a teddy bear of his wife’s weight.

39. Excellent education system

Examples of Finland’s education system are given all over the world. According to the Global Competitive Report 2016-17, Finland’s education system is the best in the world. While the level of higher education is third in the world. It is also among the most literate countries in the world. The second-largest number of people in Europe use the libraries here.

40. Clean Technology and Business Friendly Environment

It is the third-best country in Europe in terms of doing business.The Global Cleantech Innovation Index says that it is the second-best country in the world to use clean technology.

41.Finland will pay unemployed citizens $587 per month

To reduce unemployment and boost employment in the country, the Finland government has decided to increase the unemployment allowance. Now Finland’s unemployed citizens will get $ 587 (about 40 thousand) rupees every month. Finland has become the first country in Europe to pay so much money.”Olli Kangas of KELA, a government agency in Finland, said, ‘This trial has been started for two years and 2,000 thousand unemployed people have been selected for the benefit from January 1, 2019.’ It is also not necessary to tell the people who get this facility where they are spending the money. ”

42.Model Nearly Died to look like Barbie Doll

Amanda is a famous webcam model by profession. So they aspire to look like Barbie dolls.
For this, Amanda underwent plastic surgery several times. Amanda had breast implants three times so far. After this, She felt that She should also undergo surgery of his nose and lips.


She has also undergone surgery on his nose and lips many times.After the age of 16, he started having surgery and now people call him Fake. During an interview, Amanda said she was addicted to surgeryApart from this, Amanda says that a person she met online had paid for her third breast implant. His life was in danger during this surgery. But still, she wants to get more plastic surgery.

43.Meet 65 year old skateboarder Lena


In the age when people retire, Lena Salmi of Finland is not only showing the skills of skateboarding but also teaching others.65 years old Lena has become a celebrity in Finland with strong intentions.

44.Silent Country

The people of Finland believe that if nothing important is for discussion, then it is better to remain silent. In Finland, except for close friends, there is no gossip between people.
Whether you are sitting in a public place, walking or traveling in the metro, no one will be seen talking. The silence will be seen. But Professor Laura Kolbe, who teaches at the University of Helsinki, says that neighboring countries have given the title of the silent country to the people of Finland.

The reason is that the culture of other countries is always compared to the culture of Finland.For example, people from Sweden and Germany immigrated to Finland. When people were seen speaking less than their country, they gave it the title of the silent country.Two languages ​​are spoken in Finland, Finnish and Swedish. People of Finland also start reading English from the age of six. Laura admits that when people in Finland have to express emotion in the second or third language, they prefer silence rather than speaking something.

45.Historical facts about Finland

Finland remained under the monarchy for many centuries but was annexed by Russia in the 19th century but the people of Finland gained independence in the early 1900s. But there is a full imprint of Swedish culture here. It is also because it was once part of Sweden. Two of the official languages ​​are Swedish and Finnish.

Finland was historically a part of Sweden and from 1609 was an autonomous Grand Duchy under the Russian Empire. Finland declared independence in 1914 after the civil war from Russia. Finland joined the United Nations in 1955, the OECD in 1969, and the European Union and the Eurozone in 1995. A survey ranked Finland as the second most stable country in the world based on social, political, economic and military indicators.

It was an agrarian country before the second world war, but there was a big change in the 50s. Big industries started and big markets started, at which time it became one of the world’s largest economies. The IMF considers it the best country in the world.

Important Dates in Finland history

  • Since 1899 – there was an attempt to Russianize in Finland, including the inclusion of Finnish men in the Russian army and the introduction of Russian as an official language.
  • 1917 – This year is very special in the history of Finland, this year the Russian Revolution allowed Finland to declare its independence.
  • 1918 – Civil War. In 1918 Finland witnessed a civil war. The rebellion was crushed by General Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim.
  • 1939Winter War: A military war ensued between the Soviet Union and Finland and this war ended after the Moscow Peace, with almost three and a half months later.
  • 1941–44 – The Continuation War: A war broke out between Finland and the Soviet Union during World War II, which ended in a ceasefire and Finland had to pay a revaluation.
  • 1948 – Finland signs a friendship treaty with the Soviet Union, and adopts a policy of friendly neutrality towards Moscow throughout the Cold War.
  • 1992 -The Treaty of Friendship with the Soviet Union of 1948 was declared zero after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Finland moves rapidly towards the west countries.
  • 1995 – Another country in the European Union and the count increased, the name of that country was Finland. In 1995, Finland joined the European Union.
  • 2016 December – This day is very special for Finland. Finland emerged on this day from an economic recession lasting almost a decade.

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