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History & Information About Changlimithang Stadium, Bhutan

The Changlimithang Stadium, located in Thimphu, the capital city of Bhutan, is a significant landmark and a hub for sporting events in the country. This stadium holds historical and cultural importance and has played a vital role in shaping Bhutan's sporting identity. Let's delve into the fascinating history and information about this iconic stadium in Bhutan.

Historical Significance

Changlimithang Stadium holds a unique historical significance as it was the site where the decisive battle between the Bhutanese and British forces took place in 1885. The battle, known as the Battle of Changlimithang, marked the end of British incursions into Bhutanese territory. Today, the stadium stands as a symbol of Bhutan's independence and resilience.

Sporting Venue

The Changlimithang Stadium serves as Bhutan's main sporting venue and hosts a wide array of events. It is primarily used for football matches, athletics, and archery competitions. The stadium has a seating capacity of around 15,000 spectators, offering a vibrant atmosphere during matches and sporting events.

Football holds a special place in Bhutanese sports culture, and the Changlimithang Stadium has witnessed numerous thrilling football matches. It is the home ground for the Bhutan national football team and hosts various domestic leagues and tournaments. The stadium's floodlights and well-maintained pitch make it an ideal venue for night matches.

Apart from football, the stadium also hosts track and field events. It features a synthetic track, enabling athletes to achieve their best performances. Bhutan's aspiring athletes have the opportunity to train and compete in a first-class facility, helping them showcase their talents on both national and international stages.

Archery, a traditional sport deeply rooted in Bhutanese culture, also finds its place in the Changlimithang Stadium. The stadium includes archery ranges where competitions are held, allowing locals and visitors alike to experience this traditional sport in a modern setting.

Cultural Events

Beyond sports, Changlimithang Stadium is a hub for various cultural events and celebrations. It has hosted festivals, concerts, and important national ceremonies, reflecting the diverse cultural heritage of Bhutan. The stadium's open grounds provide ample space for large gatherings, allowing communities to come together and celebrate their traditions and customs.

Modern Amenities

Changlimithang Stadium has undergone renovations and improvements over the years to provide modern amenities to athletes and spectators. The stadium boasts well-equipped changing rooms, VIP boxes, media facilities, and concession stands, enhancing the overall experience for visitors and ensuring smooth operations during matches and events.

Additionally, the stadium's location offers picturesque views of the mountains and surrounding landscapes, creating a visually stunning backdrop for sporting competitions and cultural festivals, captivating both locals and tourists.


The Changlimithang Stadium stands as a proud symbol of Bhutan's history, culture, and sporting spirit. It continues to be a vibrant venue for sports, cultural events, and celebrations, attracting people from all walks of life. The significance and popularity of this stadium make it an essential destination for those visiting Bhutan, as it beautifully epitomizes the country's passion for sports and its rich cultural heritage.

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Interesting Lesser Known Facts About Changlimithang Stadium, Bhutan City

The Changlimithang Stadium, located in the city of Bhutan, holds significant historical and cultural importance. Here are some lesser-known facts about this fascinating stadium:

  • The Changlimithang Stadium is the national stadium of Bhutan.
  • It is situated in the capital city of Thimphu and is surrounded by picturesque mountains.
  • The stadium has a unique design that reflects traditional Bhutanese architecture.
  • Changlimithang Stadium has a capacity of around 15,000 spectators.
  • It serves as the venue for various sporting events, including football and archery competitions.
  • Archery holds great cultural significance in Bhutan, and the stadium hosts traditional archery tournaments, showcasing the country's rich heritage.
  • One interesting feature of the stadium is the archery range located behind one of the stands, allowing visitors to try their hand at this traditional sport.
  • Changlimithang Stadium also serves as an essential gathering place for various cultural and national celebrations.
  • In addition to sports events, the stadium is used for official ceremonies, concerts, and other social gatherings.
  • It played a crucial role during Bhutan's democratization process, hosting the coronation ceremony of King Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck in 2008.
  • Notably, the stadium also stands on the historic site where the decisive battle against British forces took place in 1885, resulting in Bhutan's victory.
  • Surrounded by lush greenery and scenic beauty, Changlimithang Stadium offers a stunning backdrop for both participants and spectators alike.
  • Visitors can enjoy breathtaking views of the mountains and immerse themselves in the vibrant atmosphere during events.
  • It serves as a testament to Bhutan's passion for sports, culture, and national identity.

Overall, the Changlimithang Stadium is not only a sporting venue but also a symbol of Bhutan's rich history and cultural heritage. Its unique design, historical significance, and stunning location make it a must-visit destination for both sports enthusiasts and travelers.

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Travel Guide For Visiting Changlimithang Stadium, Bhutan

Changlimithang Stadium, located in Thimphu, the capital of Bhutan, offers a unique and exciting experience for sports enthusiasts and travelers alike. Here is a detailed travel guide to help you make the most of your visit to this iconic stadium.

Location and How to Get There

Changlimithang Stadium is strategically situated in the heart of Thimphu, making it easily accessible from various parts of the city. Visitors can use public transportation or hire a taxi to reach the stadium conveniently. The stadium's central location also provides the opportunity to explore nearby attractions after your visit.

History and Significance

Changlimithang Stadium holds immense historical and cultural significance for the Bhutanese people. It was constructed in 1974 to celebrate the coronation of the fourth King of Bhutan, His Majesty Jigme Singye Wangchuck. The stadium has since been a significant venue for national celebrations, festivals, and sporting events that bring communities together.

Events and Activities

The stadium hosts a wide range of events and activities throughout the year. From national and international football matches and archery tournaments to cultural performances and traditional festivals, there is always something exciting happening at Changlimithang Stadium. Check the local events calendar to witness and be part of the vibrant atmosphere.

Facilities and Amenities

Changlimithang Stadium offers various facilities and amenities to enhance your experience during your visit. The stadium features modern infrastructure, including comfortable seating, clean restrooms, and food stalls offering local delicacies. The friendly and helpful staff ensure a pleasant and enjoyable time for visitors.

Exploring Nearby Attractions

After immersing yourself in the enthusiasm of Changlimithang Stadium, take some time to explore the nearby attractions. You can visit the popular Buddha Dordenma statue, Tashichho Dzong (Bhutan's administrative and religious center), or take a leisurely stroll in the vibrant streets of Thimphu, offering a glimpse into Bhutanese culture and everyday life.

We hope this travel guide provides you with all the essential information for your visit to Changlimithang Stadium. Immerse yourself in the lively atmosphere, witness exciting events, and create lasting memories in the heart of Bhutan's capital.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Changlimithang Stadium, Bhutan

Q: Where is Changlimithang Stadium located?

A: Changlimithang Stadium is located in the capital city of Bhutan, Thimphu.

Q: What is the significance of Changlimithang Stadium?

A: Changlimithang Stadium holds great significance in Bhutan as it is not only the national stadium but also a prominent sporting and cultural venue.

Q: What is the capacity of Changlimithang Stadium?

A: The stadium has a seating capacity of approximately 15,000 spectators.

Q: Which sports events are held at Changlimithang Stadium?

A: Changlimithang Stadium hosts various sports events including football (soccer), archery, athletics, and traditional Bhutanese sports like khuru (dart) and pundo (shot put).

Q: Are there any historical and cultural attractions near Changlimithang Stadium?

A: Yes, Changlimithang Stadium is surrounded by several historical and cultural attractions such as the Tashichho Dzong (fortress monastery), Buddha Dordenma Statue, National Memorial Chorten, and Motithang Takin Preserve.

Q: Can visitors access Changlimithang Stadium?

A: Yes, visitors are allowed to access the stadium, and they can attend sports events or explore the premises during non-event days.

Q: How can I reach Changlimithang Stadium?

A: The stadium is easily accessible by various means of transportation within Thimphu. Visitors can use taxis, buses, or private vehicles to reach the stadium.

Q: Does Changlimithang Stadium have facilities for spectators?

A: Yes, the stadium provides basic facilities for spectators, including seating arrangements, restrooms, food stalls, and parking spaces.

Q: Are there any hotels or accommodations near Changlimithang Stadium?

A: Yes, there are several hotels, guesthouses, and resorts available in Thimphu, within a convenient distance from Changlimithang Stadium. Visitors can choose accommodations based on their preferences and budget.

Q: Can I take photographs inside Changlimithang Stadium?

A: Photography is generally allowed inside the stadium, but it is advisable to check the specific rules and regulations during events or guided tours.

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