What Is The Difference Between Australian Citizen And Permanent Resident

Understanding the Difference between Australian Citizen and Permanent Resident

When it comes to Australian immigration, two terms you often come across are "Australian citizen" and "permanent resident." These terms refer to different statuses granted to individuals by the Australian government. In this blog post, we will delve into the details of both Australian citizenship and permanent residency, highlighting their differences and providing insights into each status.

Australian Citizen

An Australian citizen is an individual who holds full legal rights and privileges granted by the Australian government. Citizenship is considered the highest status that one can achieve in a country. Australian citizens are entitled to various benefits and responsibilities, including:

  • The ability to vote in federal, state, and local government elections
  • Access to government benefits and support
  • The ability to work in any occupation without restrictions
  • Opportunities to obtain an Australian passport and travel freely
  • Eligibility for government-sponsored educational programs

Permanent Resident

A permanent resident refers to an individual who is not an Australian citizen but has been granted the right to live and work in Australia indefinitely. Permanent residency is typically granted to individuals who meet specific immigration criteria. While permanent residents have many of the same rights as Australian citizens, including access to healthcare and education services, there are a few notable differences:

  • Permanent residents cannot vote in federal elections
  • They do not possess an Australian passport
  • Some job opportunities may be restricted for permanent residents
  • Access to certain government benefits may have limitations

What are the Main Differences?

The main differences between Australian citizens and permanent residents can be summarized as follows:

Australian Citizen Permanent Resident
Has full legal rights and privileges Has most legal rights and privileges
Can vote in federal, state, and local elections Cannot vote in federal elections
Can obtain an Australian passport Cannot obtain an Australian passport
No restrictions on job opportunities Some job opportunities may be restricted


Q: Can permanent residents become Australian citizens?

A: Yes, permanent residents are eligible to apply for Australian citizenship if they meet certain criteria set by the Australian government. Once citizenship is granted, they can enjoy all the rights and privileges of Australian citizens.

Understanding the distinction between being an Australian citizen and a permanent resident is crucial, especially for individuals considering moving to Australia. Both statuses offer unique advantages and opportunities, but it's essential to be aware of the differences in rights and responsibilities. Whether you aim to become an Australian citizen or obtain permanent residency, it's always recommended to seek professional advice from immigration experts or consult with the Department of Home Affairs for the latest information.

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