Can Nz Citizen Join Australian Army

Can a New Zealand Citizen Join the Australian Army?

Being a citizen of New Zealand, you might wonder if it's possible to join the Australian Army. In this blog post, we will explore the eligibility criteria for New Zealand citizens wishing to serve in the Australian Army.

It is important to note that while New Zealand and Australia share a close relationship, including under the Trans-Tasman Travel Arrangement, there are certain requirements that New Zealand citizens must fulfill to join the Australian Army.

Eligibility Requirements for New Zealand Citizens

New Zealand citizens are eligible to join the Australian Army, subject to meeting specific criteria:

  1. Residency: New Zealand citizens must have been residing in Australia continuously for at least ten years. This requirement ensures that candidates have a strong understanding of Australia and its values.
  2. Security Clearance: Aspiring candidates are required to hold an Australian security clearance. This clearance is obtained through a thorough background check, which includes an assessment of one's character, personal relationships, and criminal history. It is essential for maintaining the integrity and security of the Australian Army.
  3. Citizenship: While New Zealand citizens are allowed to reside and work indefinitely in Australia, they still need to obtain Australian citizenship to join the Australian Army. Attaining citizenship demonstrates a commitment to Australia and its values.
  4. Medical Assessment: All candidates must undergo a comprehensive medical assessment to ensure they meet the physical and mental health standards required by the Australian Army. This assessment helps determine if individuals are fit to serve and capable of performing their duties effectively.
  5. Age Requirement: The age requirement for joining the Australian Army depends on the particular role or position one wishes to apply for. Different positions may have specific age restrictions; therefore, it is prudent to verify the age eligibility for the desired role.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Question

Q: Can New Zealand citizens join the Australian Army without Australian citizenship?

A: No, New Zealand citizens must obtain Australian citizenship to join the Australian Army. While they are allowed to live and work in Australia indefinitely, citizenship is a requirement to serve in the military.


In summary, New Zealand citizens can join the Australian Army but must meet specific eligibility criteria. This includes fulfilling residency requirements, obtaining Australian citizenship, holding an Australian security clearance, passing a medical assessment, and meeting age restrictions based on the desired role. It is essential to thoroughly understand these criteria before pursuing a career in the Australian Army.

For additional information and detailed guidance on joining the Australian Army, it is advised to consult official sources such as the Australian Defence Force website or reach out to relevant recruitment offices.

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