What's included in Frecciabianca 1st class?

12/12/2019 9:39:24 PM

Turns out things might have changed, if the sources in the other answers once were right.

The differences are these:

  • Better seats in a 1+2 configuration.
  • Dedicated 1st class conductor.
  • All cars are closer to the restaurant car.

And most likely because there are generally fewer passengers:

  • More storage space.
  • Less noise.
  • Better WC access and state.
  • Faster boarding.

The 1+2 configuration is used cleverly by the booking system and solo passengers will get a solo seat, dual passengers will get seats facing each other in the 1 row when available and the quad seating will be left for groups of 3 or 4.

What’s not included is complimentary drinks and snacks. I was a bit disappointed when I found this out. There’s also no lounge access included nor fast track.

Source: travelled with Frecciabianca 1st class when writing this answer and talked with the restaurant staff.


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