Trekking in Georgian Tusheti region? Safety?

Trekking in Georgian Tusheti region? Safety?

3/18/2014 5:52:08 AM

  1. You are quite safe if you have no European good-looking girls in your company. If you have such girls you might be in big trouble, because Bride kidnapping is still a popular ritual in Georgia and Chechnya.

  2. Pass the border between Georgia and Russia is better in Kazbegi (Other roads go through Abkhazia and North Ossetia – if you want to visit those countries, it’s better to enter from the Russian side.) On the map I pointed out Kazbegi with a yellow circle map of Georgia

  3. And, of course be aware of bears. Remember: if you see a bear, don’t feed it, don’t try to run, don’t scream and don’t make fast movements. The best way to act is just stay still and don’t move. The bear is a intelligent beast and will never attack you first. bear riding

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