Top #10 Most Beautiful Cities in Austria | Best Towns to Visit in Austria

Top #10 Most Beautiful Cities in Austria | Best Towns to Visit in Austria

If you are planning to visit Austria and you want to know about the List of famous and best cities in Austria to visit then you have come to the right place. we have listed top 10 major cities in Austria to visit.

Welcome to Austria. It is known for its endless natural beauty, attractive architecture, and its mountainous alpine surroundings. All are equally impressive in themselves, making it an ideal holiday destination for travelers looking for a new adventure. Vienna has long been a luminous beacon of art, classical music, and pastries.

Salzburg was the birthplace of Mozart and is home to many beautiful buildings. Beaches, culture, pine forests, and Horny forests, there is no question that Austria is one of the most beautiful countries on the European continent.

The world’s most famous coffee Habsburgs, and the Regal city made by the hands of the Holy Roman Emperors. Austria has some of the best examples of historical architecture throughout Europe. They have their own different cultural experiences in cities and countless towns. Enjoy our top 10 best cities list of the best places to visit in Austria!


Famous Cities in Austria to Visit

1. Vienna

The town of the grand palaces, the home of Beethoven and Opera, is a city immersed in Vienna culture and grandeur. Your eclectic mix of architectural style is beautifully displayed, on aspects of churches, museums, and more.


That city is generally considered, as one of the well-made art, music and architectural lovers around the world. Travelers can expect to find many well-preserved examples of a classicist, baroque, romance, and art nouveau style structures. Travelers can take breaks with music by visiting Habsburg, in which Kunihistroisches is royal jewelry and a museum of the Hapsburg rulers, in which there is an excellent collection of paintings by the old masters.

Vienna is also famous for its cafe, where travelers can relax their tired feet to decide which museum or park to travel next. You can visit the Imperial palaces, such as the Summer Residence, Schönbrunn.

Famous for its surname ‘City of Music’ the names of its famous residents come out from Juban, which are between the Suburb and Mozart, who once captured its roads. Vienna is also celebrated, for its rich performance-art tradition, which hosts more than 200 balls per year. Bid for one of the best places to travel to Vienna in Austria.

Vienna Famous for: History | Architecture | Culture
Places To Visit:  St. Stephen’s Cathedral | Hofburg Imperial Palace | Schönbrunn Palace
Best time to visit: Summer | Spring or Fall

2. Innsbruck

Innsbruck is actually, a lot and it’s a very beautiful city. First of all, its position in the Alps is high, which gives great opportunities for visitors to continually wonder ideas.


Innsbruck, with a name that translates as “bridge on the tavern“. Famous for hosting the Winter Olympics twice, in 1964 and 1976, the city of Innsbruck is widely considered to be one of the best winter sports venues in the world. This Austrian state is the capital of Tyrol, and in its center, there are many huge buildings with the Sil River.

You can enjoy leisurely through the old town and can make a wonderful trip to the Goldenes Dachl adorned with more than 2500 shiny tiles or get a glimpse into the Tyrolean Folk Art Museum, which is a great museum for regional heritage in Europe, Is one of them. It provides a good mix of cathedrals, such as Hofkirche, who is the tomb of Emperor Maximilian; Schloss Ambros, which has a collection of pictures and armor.

The Bell Museum is about to make a 400-year bell. However, after Ansalchas, in which Germany took Austria to World War II, Innsbruck suffered massive damages by constant bombing, so many buildings that you can now see are rebuilding. With spectacular views of the surrounding mountains, there are many great ways to enjoy hikers, while skiers will be satisfied with the range of slopes on offer. Apart from all this, the city’s large student body makes it a fun place to go out in.

Innsbruck Famous for: Adventure | Architecture | Culture
Places To Visit:  Goldenes Dachl | Hofburg | Triumphal Arch
Best time to visit: April to September

Top cities to visit in france

3. Salzkammergut

Salzkammergut is a beautiful resort area, near the Salzburg, this picturesque resort area offers spectacular Austrian experience with glinting neat blue lakes, charming villages, superb spas, and magnificent alpine ranges.


Passengers who have seen the movie The Sound of Music will know what the lake area looks like because that film was filmed in and around the Salzkammergut area in Salzburg city and nearby.

One of the most beautiful places to look for in Austria is undoubted, the ice cave on the Halstat’s stunning pastel color house, underground salt lake Salzweelten, and Duchenstein mountain will take your breath away.

Visitors can sometimes get involved in a relaxing mood with wearing popular resorts, underwear for men and dirndl outfits for women. Apart from this, Salzkammergut – a UNESCO World Heritage Site – is an Austrian resort area surrounded by verandas and snow-covered mountain ranges, which is one of the main tourist destinations of the country for more than a century.

Salzkammergut Famous for: Nature | Culture | Spas | Adventure
Places To Visit: Mirabell Palace | Fortress Hohenzsalzburg
Best time to visit: Summer and Spring

4. Salzburg

Many people call Salzburg one of the most beautiful cities in Central Europe. Located alongside Austria, near the southern border of Germany, the city of Salzburg, it’s Like, the capital counterpart, it is famous for long-standing music traditions, including Wolfgang Mozart’s birthplace.


With the high Hohnelsberg fort on the supernatural old town, the Salzach River is flowing, and the beautiful mountains surrounding this region, Salzburg is utterly breathtaking. Travelers visit the fourth largest city in Austria to see destinations that inspire such unforgettable music. With the history of nearly 12 centuries, the city has got plenty of time to grow in beauty, which is now. Salzburg is unquestionably beautiful, in spring but it is a real stunner in winter.

Lesser-Known Facts About France | Historical Facts About France

Well-preserved Old Town is in UNESCO World Heritage List, and for lovers of Baroque architecture, there is no better place to come. In addition to many examples of historic architecture and artistic attractions found in the city, Salzburg is breathtakingly surrounded by the epic Alps mountain range, which is similar to the ability of visitors and residents to explore the rich history and experiential contrast of stunning natural beauty is.

Apart from the picturesque Altstadt Old Town and breathtaking alpine scenes, Salzburg is one of the best places to visit in Austria. Mozart aficionados can tour your birthplace as well as rebuild your home.

Salzburg Famous for: Architecture | Nature | Photography | Music
Places To Visit: Hellbrunn Palace | Nonnberg Abbey | Salzburg Cathedral
Best time to visit: summer & Spring

5. Zell am See

The city of Zell am See is a ‘must-visit’ destination in Austria, for travelers looking for the ultimate find in natural scenery and the adventures of the forest. Zell am See is another famous tourist destination, famous for its mountains and lakes. Swimming or bicycling in the impoverished blue waters of the lake along the fable lake is some of the most exciting experiences of this enchanting alpine city.

Zell am See

Driving here is also outside the world, be sure to take the Grossglockner Alpine Road from here to some of the most dreadful scenes in the country, which is a picturesque street famous for its high alpha scenery.

After being regulated by French troops at the beginning of the 19th century, Zell am See hosted several international skiing competitions. You can sip coffee on one of the many cafes in the city center, soak in beautiful vision or for some good ideas, you can walk on the elevated walkway in St. Hippolyte’s church.

Zell am See Famous for: Nature
Places To Visit: Lake Zell
Best time to visit: Summer – June, July and August | Winter – November to February

6. Graz

Austria’s second largest city with six universities and one of Europe’s oldest preserved cities, there is plenty to satisfy your traveler spirit in Graz. There are more than 44,000 students enrolled in six universities.


Not only this, it is a picturesque place, Graz is now a comfortable and fun city to visit, thanks to a big part for its sizeable student body which has provoked a compelling art scene and a pounding nightlife.

Graz will tempt you with many culinary delights. Apart from this, after visiting Cook’s farmer’s market, local products can take a bottle of oil of pumpkin seed oil. While staying with its reputation as the City of Delight, Graz offers a wide variety of international dishes. Focused around the palace, is beautiful for a walk in the old city, the main square is particularly delightful.

Apart from this, there are also the best preserved old cities in Central Europe, which indicates the culture of Italy and the Balkan states. Daring modern buildings have been sprinkled, around the streets of Graz, and with atmospheric cafes and vibrant bars, it makes for a vibrant and contemporary city tour. Traveling in Austria is considered to be one of the most unusual places, Graz has a journey!

Graz Famous for: History | Food | Education
Places To Visit: Eggenberg Palace | Kunsthaus | Altstadt von Graz
Best time to visit: April and September

7. Linz

When you call yourself sun town, you discover a city so beautiful – which is Linz. Located on the banks of the Danube, the picturesque baroque architecture of the picturesque old town of Linz is the fact that it is planning a city for the future.


People are living here since the Bronze Age some 4,000 years ago, and at that time, the land has changed hands many times. Over the years, this Roman Empire has been a part of the Kingdom of Happusburg and Nazi Germany. Coupled with its latest moves in the field of innovation and technology, Linz is a vibrant and dynamic place, which combines a beautiful palace and youth experience with completely old churches and a lively palace.

When you go to see it now, you can see the architecture throughout the ages, which fulfills the natural beauty of the mountains and the green landscape surrounding it.

Linz Famous for: Churches | Museums | Cultural activities
Places To Visit: Ars Electronica Center | The New Cathedral | Lentos Kunstmuseum Linz | Pöstlingberg
Best time to visit: May to September | July and August

8. Villach

The city of Villach, southern Austria, is located on the Drava (Dru) River east of the Villach Alps, west of Klagenfurt. It is the best place to hang out.


It has a diverse and long history that dates back to the Roman period, unfortunately, Villach does not have as many historical sites or beautiful architecture as it was, horrifically bombed during World War II.

Notable landmarks in the city are the Church of St. Jacob (rebuilt 1411th century) with a separate tower (311 ft [95 m]), Heiligenkreuzurkhi (1726–38) and the town hall (c. 1570) Which was, rebuilt after its destruction in World War II. There are ruins of a couple of castles to explore.

Villach is probably better for living than traveling. On the Citador Villach, you can discover historically and culturally significant places in the Villach Old City. The second-largest city in Carinthia with 62.000 inhabitants, many Slovenian and Italians flock from Wilco / Villach / Beljak to the Christmas or Easter market, shopping center Atrio and thermal spa. It attracts its guests with a leisurely way of life in the Southern Mediterranean.

Villach is perfect for art enthusiasts, gourmet, shopping fans, and holiday seekers. Warmbad Villach, famous for its mineral baths, is nearby and, Villach itself is a tourist center in the Keertan Lake district. Willach not only provides an enjoyable part of “Dolce Vita” but, a city trip guarantees a pleasant mountainside and lake vacation.

Small but amazing and colorful city center, beautiful landscapes (clear lakes like the fluids/rivers and rivers Gale, Lake Ossiacher Seek or Lake Warsi, mountains near the city), Thermal Bathtub / Willach in Warmbad, Landskron Castle, many Slovenian and Italian guests, 20 minutes from the Italian and Slovenian border, lots of leisure facilities, friendly people, Carnaval, brewery called Wilcher Beer.

The city also serves as a regional market and service center for large rural areas. The dazzling Faaker See Lake is outside the city, and the mountains and ski resort in Gerlitzen have something to display.

Villach Famous for: Carnival and”Villacher Kirchtag”– a week-long summer festival.
Places To Visit: Lake Faak, Lake Ossiach | Gerlitzen | Dobratsch
Best time to visit: May to September

9. Hallstatt

The city of Hallstatt, Austria, is located in the Salzkammergut region, southeast of Salzburg, and on the edge of Halstatter. Hallstatt is so beautiful that China has developed a full-scale replica of it so that they can get tourist dollars. Located in the district of Gmunden, its attractive architecture, calm waters and, mountains make Hallstatt a postcard-perfect destination that captivates millions of tourists annually.


The Hallstatt Salt Mine, considered to be the oldest in the world, offers a guided journey through centuries of local, mining resulting in a view of the skywalk, offering spectacular views over Lake Hallstatt.

The first recorded settlement in Hallstatt is from 5000BC! Although much of Halstatt has changed in 7000 years, they have begun to explore artifacts and pottery, such as an ancient wooden stairway, which shed new light in the villages in the early days.

Luggage and Postcards of tour pamphlets, Hallstatt has raised from its valley amidst the opulent Salzkammergut to become something of a poster boy for Alpine Austria and its charming medieval cities.

Today, the Old World attraction does not come from the small alpine setting of Hallstatt or from its terraced 500 to 600-year-old homes, but mainly from the laid back, easy-going vibe and friendly locals.

It is complete with terraces of ivy-clad, half-timbered chalets that glow in shades of wood-brown and pink against the reflections of the flickering Hallstator Sea, and is distinguished as the most beautiful city in the country.

During the first millennium BCE the city was found to be the center of the salt mining boom in the upper Austrian region, and today visitors can spy 2,500-year-old Halin salt tunnels.

In addition to strolling the quaint roads, our favorite activities at Hallstatt include trips through the bone chapel, local salt mines, huge ice caves, and boat trips to the adjacent lake. A magnificent heritage museum that chronicles the city’s ancient history to boot! For planting buildings, Schloss Ort is one of the best European examples of a lakefront.

Lesser-Known Facts About Austria | Historical Facts About Austria

While it may seem like a location from Disney animation, Hallstatt is an ancient UNESCO-protected settlement born of the salt mining industry. This five fingers viewing platform showcases what may be the most beautiful scenes you have ever seen in your life.

The panorama of the glorious Salzkammergut region is guaranteed to surprise anyone. With the Alps in the background, the surface of Lake Tronsey and, the rays of the sun reflected by a narrow wooden passageway, this unique fortress is one of the most romantic destinations in Austria.

Hallstatt Famous for:  World’s First Salt Mine and the stunning salt caves | picturesque landscape | fairy-tale style beauty
Places To Visit:
Hallstätter See | Hoher Dachstein | Salzkammergut | Salt mine Hallstatt Austria
Best time to visit:
January to March | May to October

10. Klagenfurt

Klagenfurt, formerly the capital of the federal state of Carinthia. It is, located in, southern Austria. And it is bordered on the south by a wooded ridge of the Sassnitz Range, behind which is the Caravanken.


A panoramic city to visit in Austria, Klagenfurt has an immense college population that helps give the city an energetic feel and celebration. Founded in 1161 as a market town, Klagenfurt or Klagenfurt am Wörthersee – is renowned for its notably attractive Old Town quarter with its modern streets, Historic buildings, and many of its Renaissance courtyards, with their cafes, fashionable boutiques and, galleries. Klagenfurt is an interesting place to visit.

On the edge of the city is Europark, which has a vast area for guests to appreciate; During the summer, Lido is particularly perfect for bathing. It is also famous for the old trench and canal, which were, added between 1527 and 1558, which still connects Klagenfurt to the region’s largest lake, Vorgesi.

Near it is a pleasant old town, with the city’s landmark milestone being the invincible Lindavuram landmark, which portrays a villager slaying a winged serpent. The beautiful Minimundas is a miniature park in Klagenfurt. This beautiful park of 26,000 square meters attracts more than 15 million visitors. Minimundas Park (It is built, in the ratio of 1:25). The University of Klagenfurt is going to launch a new superiority initiative, Human in the Digital Age (HDA) in 2019.

Here the Austrian writers’ hometowns Ingeborg Bachmann and Robert Musil. Alpe Adria University Klagenfurt / Cellovec with approximately 10.000 students.

Austria’s sixth-largest city with the trade fair, a small airport, fin-de-siecle theatre, beautiful Renaissance city center, and beach volleyball grand slam, triathlon, very green and friendly space. Group of Kärnten / Koroska / Carinzia / Carinthia Center for the arts and culture of Slovenian speaking and German-speaking people. On the edge of the city is the Europapark, which is a large area for visitors to enjoy.

Klagenfurt Famous for: Extremely attractive Old Town quarter with its picturesque lanes; historical buildings
Places To Visit:
Wörthersee | Minimundus | Lindwurm Fountain| Pyramidenkogel Tower
Best time to visit:
June until August

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