Top #10 Most Beautiful Cities in Argentina | Towns To Visit in Argentina

Top #10 Most Beautiful Cities in Argentina | Towns To Visit in Argentina

8th January 2020 0 By Aparna Patel

If you are planning to visit Argentina and you want to know about the list of famous cities in country to visit then you have come to the right place.we have listed the major cities in Argentina to visit.

Leafy tree-lined bouquets and delightful colonial architecture give way to a wealth of restaurants, museums, bars, and more Argentine cities that are full of life and action.

Argentina is a beautiful country, one of the largest countries in South America and some of the most visited tourist places in the world. Home to colorful culture, home of tango, delicious food, Andes, famous wine, and all kinds of magical landscapes- Argentina is an enjoyable destination!

Argentina has plenty of places to roam that can be natural or man-made this is the complete package, with the highest of mountains for the hugest beaches that give travelers what they enjoy.

The popular cities of Argentina attract a wide variety of attractions, from the spectacular cascades of Iguazu Falls to this South American gem to see business and leisure travelers apart from sports activities, traditions, spectacular scenery, and attractions.

Argentina, glacier

Every nook and corner of Argentina is worth seeing, bright, adventurous, and magnificent, Argentina lures in its energetic cities, wildlife and with its vast selection of natural wonders. Along with the deserts, lakes, and shorelines, numerous cafes and roadside hangouts provide stunning cosmopolitan creativity.

With the bustling European-style streets of Buenos Aires, the surrounding areas are ideal for hiking. Apart from its many attractions, other big draws are the natural wonders of the country you have, unique opportunities to explore the dramatic scenery in Argentina, and in doing so, will fall in love with this incredible land and people.

Whether it is football or an insight into the country’s unique cultural heritage, or visiting Golfo Nuevo provides an unusual opportunity to see the southern right whale.

If you are interested in 17th-century architecture, there is the city of Cordoba with its selection of Spanish architecture, and Mendoza is, located in the wine region of Argentina. With its unusual “Barrios,” colorful arts neighborhoods like La Boca, and fashionable districts like Palermo, Buenos Aires boasts a distinct European experience. It’s the best place to start exploring (it’s also the best place to learn the tango), Which is the most romantic Argentine dance).

Argentina is one of the top destinations for tourists it is what you are looking for near Bariloche for its picturesque scenery and outdoor activities. The scenery Argentina is entirely beautiful and majestic, it hosts some of the biggest waterfalls and mountains in the whole of America, the breathtaking Iguazu Falls, is the biggest waterfall in the world. The best cities in Argentina offer all and more 10 best places to travel in Argentina.

  • Best Time to Visit Argentina: Springtime (October to mid-December) | Autumn (April to mid-June)
  • High Tourist Season: October to mid-December | April to mid-June
  • Low Season: June | August

Best Cities in Argentina To Visit

1.Buenos Aires – The City of Barriers

The capital of the country, Buenos Aires is, an intoxicating city known as the “Paris of South America” ​​that meets grit, with its vast diversity and beautiful neighborhood and Spanish and Italian influences that make this city the heart of Argentina Attracts. Buenos Aires is buzzing and, 2020 is, set to begin.

Buenos Aires

It brings together the elegant and energetic, sophisticated, and burning city we know today to see as European and Latin influences.

One of the most attractive, cities Buenos Aires is often the first glimpse of Argentina that most visitors will have before heading to popular tourist destinations like Patagonia. At the other end of the spectrum is, Buenos Aires which is a bustling metropolis with a cosmopolitan vibe, a must-see in this sophisticated city including sightseeing and nightlife, – erotic tango dancing.

That is a great place to get into fine street food and the complete happy mood to see a fascinating street museum in the rainbow-hued Caminito, and of course, the famous football stadium La Bombonera.

There are lots of sites to visit in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Visit the delightful Plaza de Mayo in the city core for a historical view of Buenos Aires, where Argentina declared independence from Spanish colonial rule in 1810. We recommend the four-day Buenos Aires City Package to get a taste of Buenos Aires.

That is a great option for those who like to hang out and have a superb meal. There is, so much to see, and do in that vibrant city that you can spend the entire holiday in Buenos Aires alone making world-class museums and Rio de la Plata the vigorous cultural capital of Argentina, and the pounding nightclubs only in the fun and festivities on offer add up.

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One of the largest cities, in Latin America, that vibrant metropolitan city is, made up of several districts called Baria. Visit Tetro Cologne, considered one of the most important opera houses in the world, in addition to some of the most visited locations in these barrios, including Eva Perón, including Microcentro where The Obelisco is, located.

One of the most bustling cities in Buenos Aires, shop at San Telmo Market (famous, for its flea markets) for antiques, curios and vintage clothing, featuring handicrafts, folk dances and live music Head to Ferra de Matadero for a complete cultural experience.

If you like books, make sure to get converted by Ateneo Grand Splendid, a converted theater that is, considered one of the most elegant and beautiful bookshops in the world while the multicolored architecture of La Boca makes it a world-famous district.

Walk among the famous dead at the Cimentamentio de La Recoleta – considered one of the top ten most beautiful cemeteries in the world – and stand in the square that bears witness to much of the city’s historic past. Be sure to visit Barrios, the most vivid neighborhood in, Buenos Aires and known for its spectacular walk zones and open-air museums, which are popular for their brightly colored homes, sculptures, and outdoor tango lessons.

There are many enjoyable places to visit in Buenos Aires. It is also home to Casa Rosada (or Pink House), where Evita once spoke to her balcony.

At the turn of the 20th century, many European immigrants arrived here, who still define the aesthetics of the city to the day, as a result, modern-day, Buenos Aires is a playground for the Bohemian culture vulture.

Tumbling buildings reflect its bouquet, a very walkable city, a seven-line metro, and an efficient bus system that makes it easy to get around. As a result, an enormous contingent of foreign ex-pats call the capital home, the list of Argentina’s top cities would be incomplete without Buenos Aires at the time.

Buenos Aires Famous for:  Erotic Tango Dancing | Sightseeing | Nightlife | Museums | Urban Parks | Festivals | San Telmo market
Places To Visit: La Boca | Recoleta Cemetery | Plaza de Mayo | Casa Rosada
Best time to visit: April-June (fall) | September-December (spring)

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Located in Latin America’s largest wine-producing region, known worldwide for its delicious wines and beautiful vineyards, Mendoza is a haven for outdoor lovers and food alike. Due to the capital, Mendoza is one of Argentina’s top cities Oenophiles – This province located under the Andes, surrounded by Mendoza’s views, is perfect for hiking, white water rafting on the picturesque river and soaring on the zip line.


Mendoza is a famous tourist destination not only for its wines but also for its proximity to Aconcagua, America’s highest mountain which is 22,837 feet (6,961 m) high and only the second in size of Mount Everest, in the Cuyo Desert west of Argentina On the area there is Mendoza.

Mendoza is excellent for walking around leafy tree roads and beautiful intersections and giving it a laid-back vibe. Also, Mendoza offers scenic views and outdoor adventures such as hiking, horse riding, river rafting, and more.

Mendoza, is Argentina’s premier wine-terracing terroir, meaning that an inexpensive bottle of top-shelf vino is always within arm’s reach, Mendoza is world-renowned for its red wines, especially Malbecs, and many local some wineries offer tastings and tours.

After a devastating earthquake in the late nineteenth century the city, was littered with broad streets that survived some of the numerous old historic buildings today and can be seen, around the city and the streets are busy during the day, Mendoza becomes, alive at night as restaurants and bars are packed.

It is a popular tourist destination for wine connoisseurs and climbers, Mendoza has an extensive artificial spraying system that allows greenery to flourish throughout the city.

Argentine wines, in particular, a surfeit of grapes for winemaking, bustling with Mendoza climbers, cosmopolitan cafes, leafy sidewalks, generous plazas and long stretches of pavements, Mendoza is a vigorous ready for all travelers to spend a night Apart from that the city is not only a lot for tourists like hikers, skiers, rafters, bikers, paragliders, naturalists, trekkers Number is an all-seasons destination for Onofails.

If you are a nature lover then in the city you will find tree-lined walkways, fountains-decorated strips and bustling nights and the center has its central square, the Independence Plaza, surrounded by shops, museums, and beautiful buildings.

Which are illuminated at night? Mendoza is surrounded by exquisite scenery and gives itself to outside activities such as river rafting and horse riding. If you are a lover of music, it is also home to the underground Museum of the Museum (Museo Municipal de Arte Moderno).

The city is exceptionally beautiful every corner of the city can be, Instagrammed which makes it a top destination for travel to Argentina. Mendoza is known for the Harvest Festival that begins in 1936, and watches the parade, tasting locally produced wine, and participating in a week-long program of festivities and events.

If you are looking for a relaxing holiday in Mendoza, you can enjoy unusual wine tours and rejuvenating spa trips while exploring the Andes abound for business and teaching opportunities for those who are willing to try. The car journey is only a short distance away.

Mendoza Famous for: Tree-lined Streets | Sunny Climate | Malbec Wine | World-Class Restaurants | Spas
Places To Visit: General San Martín Park | Bodega Los Toneles | Bodegas CARO SA | Bodega Escorihuela Gascón
Best time to visit: October-November | March-April


The city of Ushuaia tourist resort has been nicknamed the “End of the World” because of its geographical location at the tip of Argentina, located on the Tierra Del Fuego archipelago at the southernmost tip of South America, a steep stretch between the Ushuaia Marshall Mountains and the Beagle Channel Sits on the hill.


Ushuaia is a busy port as the gateway to Antarctica as many ships from Antarctica arrive at the port to stay for some time. One of the most popular places to visit in Argentina, the city has become a missionary and naval base that attracts visitors from all around for its outdoor activities and growing status as an upcoming travel gem.

It is a significant place and one of the most unusual places in the world. Today, remote beauty is what makes this place one of the most sought-after refugees in Argentina.

Ushuaia, the world’s southernmost city, serves as a popular base for wildlife viewing, winter sports, and Antarctica cruises. Cruise ships dock here for a fast onshore voyage, established as a penal colony in the early 20th century and now a popular jumping-off point for trips around Antarctica or Cape Horn, the city located on the Beagle Channel Surrounded by mountains, seas, glaciers and a unique landscape on the shore.

Considered as the southernmost city in the world this city, can make travelers feel like Columbus because it almost feels like the edge of the world. Ushuaia is one of the best places to visit Argentina.

It’s popular attractions include the San Juan de Salviento Lighthouse – also known as the End of the World Lighthouse – built-in 1884 on Isla de Los Estados. The nearby mountains of Glacier Marshall and Cerro Castor provide hiking in summer and snow sports in winter, ideal for summer trekking, mountain biking, horse riding, sporting fishing, and even the most amazing tours with Argentina Antara.

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Tierra del Fuego National Park, with its marvelous scenery and diverse flora and fauna, you can see notably fascinating wildlife including albatross, penguins, and guanacos, which is an enchanting creature like an alpaca. Most people come to the astonishing natural sites, which are, located at its doorstep, but during their stay, enjoy all the food from fresh star crab to sea bass to the Fusarium Lamb.

From here you can discover incredible landscapes, and ecosystems offering kayaking, boating, scuba diving, and skiing in addition to the Maritime Museum of Ushuaia, housed in the city’s notorious former military prison and its many maritime Worth visiting for artifacts and famous ships such as the Beagle of Darwin.

The end of the World Museum with its exhibits relating to the region’s natural history, tribal life, and early penal colonies; And Ushuaia is also an excellent launching point for the Falkland Islands, South Georgia Islands, and Antarctica.

At the southern end of Argentina, Patagonia is a climactic mix of the Andes with its beautiful landscape and long stretches of plains and plateaus. If you are looking, for entertainment the recent expansion has turned Ushuaia into a thriving tourist destination thanks to the addition of five-star hotels, casinos, and many excellent new restaurants.

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4.Puerto Madryn

Puerto Madryn is a wonder, best known as the gateway to the peninsula valleys that lie on the Golfo Nuevo Most people travel for the wealth of marine wealth that lies nearby.

Puerto Madryn

The beautiful beaches of Puerto Madryn make it a pleasant place to spend some time while tourism has increased with the development of a shopping mall, and other attractions but its greatest attraction is that it is the closest town to the peninsula Valdes which is magical A beautiful coast full of sights to see on your Argentina trip.

Another popular summer destination for Argentina due to the beautiful beaches, Madryn has developed rapidly with the explosion of tourism in recent years, and the city’s small enduring population rapidly revolves in the summer months.

Welsh museums and tea houses are open year-round, reflecting the history of Welsh families who arrived here in 1865, and the city’s deep-water harbor and abundant nature reserves established by Welsh settlers in 1886 make it one of the most popular cruise destinations in Argentina.

While making a whale watching tour is also popular, whale watching out on a cruise and explore these deep blue sea See Gjon because they create colonies to breed and raise their calves. The whale watching season falls from July to September, which is the best month to glimpse whales. The whales are so close in these months that they can be, sighted from the mainland.

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A UNESCO World Heritage Site for nature lovers, the Peninsula Valdes Big Draw is the Valdas Peninsula which is an significant nature reserve that is home to a wide variety of unique species that thrive in the peninsula’s ecosystem for the main window of wildlife viewing in September and Travel between February when marine animals come here for breeding.

Visitors are usually seen with elephants (seals and culverts), elephant seals, sea lions, and, orcas all while it is also a notable breeding ground for migratory shorebirds in Punta Tumbo, especially the one and a half million strong Magellanic penguins. Which can be famous for visitors. Meet with the sea lions on a snorkeling trip, explore a variety of activities that make you experience marine life in its natural environment.

The city primarily caters to tourism and industrial areas. Highlights include the Museum of Natural Sciences and Oceanography with numerous exhibits of Pathalon flora and, fauna including a fascinating exhibition about whale skeletons and giant squid. Its combination of attractions makes it worthy of a place in the list of Argentina’s top cities while its mountainous coastline, also attracts water sports lovers, especially windsurfers who enjoy defying the strong Patagonian winds.

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5. Salta – Gauchos of the North

Salta – Nicknamed ‘Salta Fairal‘ the city lives up to its title due to its sophisticated museums, lovely architecture, and beautiful setting, and is a very famous city to visit.

Salta - Gauchos of the North

Located 1,500 kilometers from Buenos Aires, Salta and Jujuy are Argentina’s most northeastern provinces that want to experience the peaks of Patagonia, the city of Salta presents a different side of Argentina. The flourishing indigenous culture and rural outlook make the region an authentic testimonial to the state of Argentina before Spanish colonization.

Before colonization, Argentina was, filled with indigenous groups that were deeply rooted in Argentine culture, one of the last strongholds of Argentine indigenous people, Salta’s colonial beauty and proximity to some of the country’s most incredible landscapes and photogenic rock formations Makes a jewel of the north.

Relaxing with Bolivia in the north and Chile in the west, the city is home to some of the highest peaks of Salta, the Highlands, and the Andes, where a city is a great place with enough hotels, restaurants, and bars to entertain visitors.

Its colonial neo-classical architecture and, fascinating museums certainly make it worth visiting and the nearby Yungas Cloud Forest offers a lush weekend escape while the technical hills of Humahuka are a must-see. Salta is surrounded by fertile valleys and desolate plateaus, La Puna, but expect locals to introduce the nearby city (white wine), which comes from the nearby city of Cafayate and the Carnivorous Empire.

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Situated 700 kilometers northwest of Buenos Aires with an intriguing mix of traditional and contemporary influences, Córdoba has a different personality than the city of its sister Buenos Aires.


The city is a fusion of 17th-century Jesuit colonial architecture with modern art galleries, and new design and includes the Collegio National de Monserrat campus, not only for its concentration of Cordoba Spanish colonial buildings surrounded by picturesque valleys and mountains.

In the geographical center of Argentina, the country’s second-largest city is, Cordoba, surrounded by incredible natural beauty with hills, rivers, and forests, found in the province of Cordoba, there is no shortage of goods to keep in your possession.

Most of these historical palaces, monuments, and churches, are found in the city center within the area known as the Jesuit block while hosting a vibrant city and cultural offerings with great nightlife, outside of the city of Cordoba, Buenos Aires, Argentina. An enjoyable place for youngsters experiencing life. Located in the Las Sierras Mountains of central Argentina, Córdoba is, famous for its fun-loving and welcoming atmosphere, not just nature reserves or beautiful parks, Córdoba has it all.

Cordoba is also home to more than 200,000 students who build the city with a young and vibrant atmosphere, and Cordoba retains its colonial history and blends it with the modern tourism industry and a substantial assortment of recreational activities. Cordoba goes a long way to live with its rugged outskirts that are perfect for those with an adventurous heart Cordoba is home to many Argentine monuments, some of which date back to Spanish colonialism.

Cordoba’s delightful colonial architecture creates an attractive setting for the enormous student population while the exclusive Universidale National de Cordoba (National University of Cordoba) is the oldest and most renowned institution in the country.

That makes it an excellent choice to organize for those who want to, avoid the gringo (foreign) crowd A great base to explore the region Cordoba is worth a visit.

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7. El Calafate

If you visit El Chalten, you will pass through El Calafate, part of the Patagonia region of Argentina, El Calafate rests on the southern edge of Lago Argentina in the southwestern province of Santa Cruz.

El Calafate

El Calafate is now an attractive tourist town establishing the nearby Los Glacier National Park. El Calafate is now an attractive tourist town establishing the nearby Los Glacier National Park.

In the afternoon, tourists are, treated to the “calm” of the glacier El Calafate serves as a starting point for many tourist excursions Of which the Puerto Moreno glacier is most popular due to its rupture and spectacular performance of ice breakage, not only that city but some of the world’s area is home to the beautiful snowy scenery and Ptaogonian plains.

El Calafate is a fascinating city in itself – El Calafate is a gem for those who highlight outdoor activities. If you complete your journey well, you will experience the most splendid, of all places 2020 being considered another big year for the tourist center.

The glacier is the jumping-off point for the National Park, where you can see the famous Perito Moreno Glacier up close. Here every four to five years the glacier makes enough snow to cut Brezzo Rico and Brezzo Sur from the main lake; The result is spectacular and deafness and breakage of this part of the ice.

Formerly in a remote area of ​​Pathalgadi, the city can visit souvenir shops and museums such as the Glaciarium, in addition to the hotel stay for travelers, there are many great restaurants.

The city of El Calafate, one of Argentina’s most spectacular natural wonders, its strategic location between Torres del and Torres del Paine, Chile, is a unique place to stop and relax in the endless scope of Argentina’s south coast.

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8. Bariloche- San Carlos de Bariloche

Bariloche is one of the most popular destinations across the country, a chocolate hub for chocolate lovers, craft beers, Swiss-style architecture, crystal blue lakes, and snow-capped mountains are just a few of the things that attract tourists to Bariloche.


San Carlos de Bariloche looks like a village in Switzerland, commonly known as, Bariloche while being a major all-season destination in Patagonia, Argentina. Instead, it is an enchanting city in the Rio Negro province of Argentina, the magnificent city reviews most of the ski slopes in the world as well as offers an abundance of outdoor activities.

Nestled in a beautiful, breathtaking and lush water landscape, sailing on Lake Nahuél Hapi on the Argentine-Chilean border and the expanses of the surrounding national park make European style hill Bariloche a favorite holiday spot. Bariloche lakes make boating, hiking trails, campgrounds accessible to the surrounding forests, mountains and provide lots of kayaking as well as cycling opportunities.

It is one of the top cities for adventure tourism and is known for its incredible beauty and vast array of seasonal activities while taking on the Seven Lakes route and fully immersed in the magic of Mother Nature.

A hot spot for skiing with one of the largest ski stations in South America at Cerro Ketral while during, winter the area is the premier of the Cerrado Ketral region and with over 30 pistols at the unmatched ski resort, its all-weather Proves compatibility.

If you want to see, a demonstration of dinosaurs bring out inner dinosaurs at the Paleontology Museum where you can see a show of man-eating dinosaurs on a three-hour guided tour of a fossil-covered natural walkway, scientists believe that dinosaurs once Had gone to the planet.

Bariloche is one of Argentina’s top vacation destinations with over a million visitors a year if you are looking for a farm or beaches, soaking up the cozy farmland of Camarón or Los Antigos on the beaches and, in the coastal villages There are, lots of places to soak in the beauty.

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9. Puerto Iguazu

The city on the Argentine side is called Puerto Iguazu and is small and beautiful, not just that, situated on the division of the Argentine province of Misiones, and the Brazilian state of Parana, Iguazu Falls are surrounded by the noise of South American rainforests and wildlife.

Puerto Iguazu

Over a million tourists stop here every year to admire the natural spectacle, making it one of the top Argentine tourist attractions, it also offers some of the best hostels, top-end hotels, and spas in Argentina.

Iguazu is, made up of between 150 and 300 individuals on a three-kilometer shoreline, a number that varies depending on the season, you have to catch a flight from Buenos Aires or cross the border from Brazil.

One of the most astonishing natural wonders in the world spread, 2.7 kilometers wide with 275 waterfalls at its disposal, Iguazu Falls is reputed as one of the most visited places in the world. It has made travelers all witness and experiences the cascade in person, this unusual UNESCO World Heritage Site combining incredible wilderness flora and fauna with the vast complex of waterfalls.

Visitors with Iguazu National Park on the shores of Iguazu Falls, Argentina and Iguaçu National Park on the Brazilian side can get quite close to these thundering falls the falls are, divided into sections of Brazil and Argentina both breathtaking in their way making the world The biggest is the water system the park has many great walking routes while boat rides are available that allow people to get wet with spray Sector takes over.

One of the most beautiful places in the world, Iguazu Falls is a must-have on every traveler’s bucket list, with many Iguazu tours available that allow you to experience both Argentine and Brazilian beautiful falls (but don’t forget to bring a visa).

Iguazu Falls Famous for: World Famous Waterfalls | Incredible Culture | Gorgeous Beaches | Spectacular Views | Beauty
Places To Visit: Devil’s Throat | Iguazú National Park | Iguazu Falls | Foz de Iguazu |Guira Oga Wildlife Center |Hummingbird Garden
Best time to visit: July to October | February to April

10. Mar del Plata

Nicknamed ‘The happy city‘ Mar del Plata is a famous beach resort town among Argentina’s most famous beach city of Argentina in 2020 which, should be on your list.

Mar del Plata

Some of the best beaches in South America are in the relatively modern city of Mar del Plata on the Atlantic coast, 400 kilometers from Buenos Aires, and such beaches are, completely packed, in high season around January and February.

The city has a beautiful waterfront resort, and a great harbor with some quaint vintage yachts and some of the hugest seafood restaurants to visit, while Mar del Plata has many notable museums including the Roberto Tea, Barley History Museum.

Mar del Plata is Argentina’s premier beach resort offering 10 miles of beaches such as Playa Grande, known for Punta Mogotes and surfing. Apart from beaches, Mar del Plata with plenty of galleries and shopping malls -With some great architecture and vibrant nightlife.

Once a playground for the rich, many old mansions with its many parks, squares and gardens merge with the new resorts along the city’s magnificent waterfall while the game fish at Mar del Plata for those seeking outdoor activities There is much more to catch including parks and gardens, besides it includes a university, casino, and zoo.

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In addition to the beaches, windswept dunes, and dramatic reefs, Mar del Plata is home to the great Juan Manuel Fangio Museum while another must-see is the Del Plata Aquarium with its, many seaside attractions including seal shows and dolphins, penguins, turtles, and Flamingos are, included.

Some of the best spots in the country include its own International Film Festival and Argentina’s most famous design festival, Trimarchi, which gets enormous and distinctive every year Not only this, there is more to see like a car museum which has the world’s greatest Formula One is, dedicated to one of the drivers with more than 100 cars and 500 trophies, (a highlight being a performance that first Autom Bile is dedicated 1886 Daimler).

Mar del Plata attracts millions of tourists every year with its sandy beaches and vibrant culture while the modern cruise ship port of Mar del Plata has Chica and Grande beaches (they are also popular among sea lions, many of which are, located in the city Fishing birds roam the waters around the pier), Mar del Plata is an entirely developed city along the coast that needs to spend a great time by the sea. It can be so crowded during the summer weekends but, during the summer months, the city feels much more relaxed.

Mar del Plata Famous for: luxurious casino | Beaches
Places To Visit:
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