Things to Consider When You Want to Install a New Pool

Things to Consider When You Want to Install a New Pool

Sydney is one of the major cities of the world that enjoy mostly sunny weather throughout the year. Sydney has more than 300 sunny days per year and only experiences an average of 40 to 65 days of mild rain. Sydney does not experience any snowfall during winter months, with temperatures rarely going below eight degrees celsius. 


During the summer season, Sydney has an average of 22 degrees celsius. The mild winters and warm summers of Sydney are why many people are investing in Sydney pools and spas within their home’s land area. If you are a Sydney resident and you want to install a swimming pool in your yard, you must carefully consider the following:


When choosing your pool location, assess your land area and pick a spot where the pool will get plenty of sun. When the water is exposed to the sun in the daytime, it will be warm even during night swims. 

Likewise, choose a location that will not be obstructed by tall trees or buildings. It is better to have a pool with a great view. Do not choose a location with nearby trees, which can become a source of insects and leaves. 

Approval of the Local Council

Check first with your local city council for any restrictions on choosing a location for your pool. Most city councils will have legislation on how close a pool should be installed from the neighbouring property. If you are unsure of any legislation, your Sydney pools and spas supplier may help you seek approvals.


It is legislated under Australian Standard AS1926.1 that the installation of pools within Sydney city should have proper fencing that will serve as protection, especially if there are toddlers or young children in the household. Under this legislation, pool fences should be at least 1.2 meters or taller and built around the pool. 

Likewise, there should be a non-climbable zone (NCZ) measuring 0.9 meters in height outside the pool fence. If any fence areas do not meet the specifications, the pool owner must immediately call professional Sydney pools and spas contractors for remediation. 

Type of Pools

Two types of pools are installed in Sydney: the “above ground” and the “inground” pools. 

  • Above Ground Pools

Above ground, pools are significantly less expensive to install since you do not have to hire for labour to dig up the ground. Above ground, pools are also pre-fabricated from fibreglass or vinyl and are therefore easier to install. 

  • Inground Pools

Most inground pools are made from concrete. Concrete pools are highly customizable since you can shape the pool any way you want and then line the walls with concrete. The walls of concrete pools may also be finished with many options, including natural pebbles, vinyl lining, ceramic tiles, and other options. 


When you consider installing a pool, you must consider all the aesthetic features that come with it in your budget. Installing an inground pool will disturb the original landscape of your home. Redesigning the landscape, such as putting in a pool deck, will usually be as much as the pool’s cost.

Installing a pool may be an expensive investment. However, since you live in Sydney, you could expect that your pool will be used for most parts of the year, and hence, it is worth the investment. Just make sure that you have the right Sydney pools and spas builders to help you make your dream pool a reality.

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