Taking a train at Copenhagen airport

10/2/2018 11:49:59 AM

The train station at Copenhagen airport is about 75 meters straight ahead after you come out through customs. See pictures in the answer here.

Access to the platform is via lifts or a set of inclined moving walkways. Trains towards Sweden depart from track 1, which is the closest to the direction you’re coming from.

Right before you reach those, there is a bank of ticket machines on your right. There are ticket machines from several different agencies — you’ll want the red ones belonging to Skånetrafiken (the transit agency on the Swedish side); ask someone to help you if you’re unsure which that is.

The machines accept Visa and Mastercard.

Thar are no cheaper return tickets to buy, but it ought to be easy enough to buy a ticket for the return trip at the ticket machine in Växjö.

You can also buy tickets in advance online at http://www.oresundstag.se/en/


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