Reasons to Use YouTube for Marketing Campaigns

Reasons to Use YouTube for Marketing Campaigns

Sydney – the capital of New South Wales, Australia – is considered as a major manufacturing city across the world. Sydney has also become the base city of some of the largest corporations in Australia. 

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Because the city has become a hub of major Australian corporations, it is now harder for businesses to compete within the city. Businesses must find new ways to strengthen their campaigns to gain market shares and beat the competition. 

 If you want your business to become successful, you need to improve how you are marketing your products and services. One way to do this is to hire videographers in Sydney and start a YouTube marketing campaign. 

 The Popularity of YouTube

 Although there are still debates on whether to classify YouTube as social media, this video sharing platform has been dominating the streaming space ever since it began. In Australia alone, the popularity of YouTube has not diminished, with an estimated 14.6 million Australians being reached every month. 

Australians who are using YouTube watch an average of close to 21 hours per month. Out of these YouTube watchers, the highest demographics are the 18 to 39-year-olds with an average time spent of 27 hours per month. There is no doubt that the popularity of YouTube makes it a viable tool for a successful online marketing campaign. 

 Reasons to Use YouTube for Marketing Campaigns

 There are still several business owners that fail to see the merit of using YouTube in marketing their products and services. Business owners may create a video about their company that they embedded on their websites or share through social media sites. However, leaving your videos on webpages alone will not guarantee that they are going to be seen by your potential customers. 

With YouTube’s popularity and massive usage, including this video sharing platform in your online marketing strategies will significantly increase the chances of your videos reaching people that will become your customers. Below is why you need to use YouTube as one of your strategies:

 The Virality Factor

One reason why posting videos on YouTube is important for businesses is that when their video becomes viral, it will get a lot of views from people who may become your customers. However, certain elements must be met for a video to become viral. 

 Short but Effective

People easily get bored if they see that they are about to watch a video that is more than three minutes long. Studies show that more than 50 per cent of viewers will leave after watching a video for over a minute. Videos that become viral on YouTube are between 10 to 60 seconds long. 

However, if your company is having trouble condensing your message into a short video, you can seek professional help from videographers in Sydney to create a concise yet effective video for you. 

 Increase Your Reach

New features of Google Ads will now allow marketers to show YouTube video ads to people who search for related keywords on the Google search platform. Business owners can take advantage of the lower cost of keyword targeting on YouTube, which now includes search history. When a person searches YouTube for a topic related to your business, your videos will appear as one of the videos the user can view. 

 Create YouTube Channels

Another reason to use YouTube in your marketing campaign is the ability to host your own YouTube Channels. Make use of these channels to talk more about the products and services that you are offering. When users find your channel helpful, they will tend to use your products. 

 YouTube can become a tool that will set your business apart from the others. However, the videos that you will share on YouTube must be of the highest quality. Hire videographers in Sydney so that you can have effective YouTube videos for your business.

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