Questions to Ask When Choosing Specialised Disability Accommodations

Questions to Ask When Choosing Specialised Disability Accommodations

Since SDA is designed and constructed to fulfil the needs of persons with complex disabilities, not every person with a disability will need SDA housing. But, if you or a loved one needs it, be cautious about making the right selection. 

When looking for a specific Specialised Disability Accommodation with providers like United for Care, you may ask as many questions as you want to assuage your doubts. It will depend on your questions that you’ll get suitable accommodation and assistance. So, here, they are:

Who is Eligible for SDA? 

Before you apply for any accommodation, you must ensure that you are eligible for it. For example, to find out if you are eligible for SDA funding, the authorities will ask questions like: 

  • Do you have a severe functional impairment? Or if you have extreme support needs?
  • Do you have an SDA requirement?
  • Is SDA practical and essential for you?

Whether you are eligible or not, it relies on the answers you provide. What type of SDA funding you may get will also rely on the answers you give and the evidence you provide?

What Type of Accommodation Do You Offer?

You must know what type of structure you will get under a specialised Disability Accommodation.  It is crucial that the housing you pick is flexible and easy to adjust. For example, if you have difficulty climbing the stairs, you will never want the accommodation with a staircase. 

Different housings have different facilities. Now, if you are a wheelchair user, you would need a special disability-friendly toilet. Also, there should be ramps and textured ground to ensure that you do not get slipped. 

Also, some accommodations are purpose-built with ceiling hoists, lifts, and specially designed equipment.  

Do You Offer a Solo Accommodation or a Shared One?

If you are comfortable living alone, you may not want to stay in accommodation with other inmates. Similarly, if you want someone with you, look for a shared accommodation option based on your specific needs. 

As you have always lived with your family members, it may be challenging for you to move out and stay alone. Hence, you should ensure first what type of accommodation the providers like United for Care have in store.

Is There Any Helper, Too?

You may want to know if you would get any assistance from any helper in the accommodation or not. Sometimes, authorities can provide special around-the-clock facilities, but it differs from person to person. 

If you need a helper, you must first ensure that you get a helper along with the special accommodation you are applying for. However, if you do not want any helper and someone is moving in with you, you need to ensure it first. 

What Type of Safety Precautions Is There?

You will want to live in a house that is in a safe environment. Do you feel that the accommodation you are shortlisting is as per your safety expectations? Is the locality safe and quiet? 

Are there cameras or alarms for the extra security of the inmates in property? Ask all these questions. If you live alone, you may expect to have a proper camera system apart from other security measures.  

Hence, the more questions you ask, the better options you’ll get in Specialised Disability Accommodations. After all, your accommodation should be as per your specific needs, comfort level, and preferences.


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