Polio certification for one week UK visit

10/13/2016 6:57:00 AM

NO, you dont need to present a polio certificate at UK immigration

Answer is from official https://ukvi-international.faq-help.com/ website:

[email protected]

Thank you for contacting the UK Visas and Immigration International
enquiry service.

Based on your mentioned circumstances, you do not need to show your
polio vaccination certificate to the UK Border Control.

For any further details, or should you need to contact us again please
refer to our website at https://ukvi-international.faq-help.com/,
select appropriate country, click next and then select “E-Mail form
and complete as instructed. We will aim to come back to you within 1

Kind regards,


United Kingdom Visas and Immigration International Enquiry Service

There are few Embassies and Consulates in Pakistan who still require polio certificate at application level. Once you obtain a visa, usually immigration don’t ask polio certificate when you enter to their country.


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