Monte Alban : Interesting Facts, Information & Travel Guide

Monte Alban : Interesting Facts, Information & Travel Guide

Welcome to the blog on Monte Alban, a historical archaeological site and World Heritage Site located in the south of Mexico. Here we will explore the interesting facts and information about the ancient site, as well as travel tips for those planning a visit. Monte Alban served as the capital of the Zapotec people from 500 BCE to 800 CE and is now considered to be an important cultural symbol for the region. We will take a look at some of the site’s incredible features, its cultural importance, and the many fascinating pieces of art and artifacts found here. Finally, we will discover the best ways to access Monte Alban and make the most of your visit. So let’s dive in and explore this captivating place!

Interesting Facts About Monte Alban

1. Monte Albán was built by the Zapotecs in 500 BC, making it the oldest archaeological site in Mexico. It is also the only pre-Hispanic built city in Oaxaca with an urban plan.

2. Monte Albán was one of the most important religious, cultural, and political centres of Mesoamerica, and served as a pilgrimage site for centuries.

3. The site covers almost 400 hectares and was once surrounded by three defensive walls with a fourth wall built later in the 8th century.

4. The “Great Plaza” of Monte Alban is an impressive structure that has 40 terraces, pyramids, and platforms. This plaza was likely used for important festivals, offerings, and meetings among the powerful people of the greatness of Monte Albán.

5. On top of the high terraces, one can view an incredible panoramic view of the Oaxaca valley, 180 degrees with the bordering ranges of mountains.

6. The architecture of Monte Albán is unique, as there are buildings, tombs and other structures that feature the distinct Mosaic style consisting of finely worked stone.

7. Monte Albán has a renowned “Ball Court”, which may have been used for real or imaginary battles of the gods.

8. 10 tombs have been found at Monte Alban, each with elaborately decorated walls. The most famous of these is the Tomb 7 that was discovered in 1932. It contains a great amount of ceramic artifacts and one of the earliest known sculptures of the god Macuilxochitl, associated with the planet Venus.

9. Monte Albán was ultimately abandoned by the 13th century, and its residents probably moved to the nearby city of Oaxaca.

10. Monte Albán was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1987.

History & Information About Monte Alban

Monte Alban is an archaeological site located in the valley of Oaxaca, Mexico. The site is believed to have been founded by the Zapotec people around 500 BC and would become their largest city and social, political, and economic center for the next 700 years. Monte Alban is believed to have had a population of around 25,000 people at its peak, with the main city covering an area of 250 hectares. The Zapotecs used terraces to build their homes and temples, and these still exist today.

Monte Alban was a well-structured city, with a complex road network as well as a main central plaza. It was also home to many sacred buildings, such as the Great Platform, which was used for sacred ceremonies and rituals. The most iconic monument at Monte Alban is the Danzantes, which are five large carved stone figures which may represent events in the city’s history.

In 1521 the Spanish conquistadors arrived in the Oaxaca Valley and destroyed the city. The site was abandoned and forgotten for centuries, until in 1931 it was rediscovered by Mexican archaeologists. Since then, the site has been excavated and it is now a popular tourist destination, with thousands of visitors each year.

Travel Guide For Visiting Monte Alban

, Mexico

1. Get to Know Monte Alban:
Monte Alban is an archaeological site located in the Central Valleys region of Oaxaca, Mexico. It was the ancient capital of the Zapotec people, built on a mountain top between 500 BC and 800 BC. Today, it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site known for its colonial monuments, pyramids and its impressive cityscape.

2. Explore the Ruins:
Monte Alban’s ruins are believed to have been built on the summit of Tlaloc Mountain, and cover an area of nearly seven hectares. Wander around the ancient city and take in the impressive architecture of its plazas and temples. Keep watch for the ball court, sacrificial stone and the museum.

3. Admire the Artifacts:
The site houses an impressive collection of artifacts from the pre-Columbian era. Among the most impressive pieces are the monumental stone sculptures, reliefs and painted ceramics. These pieces provide insight into the daily life of the people who lived here.

4. Take a Guided Tour:
In order to get the most out of your visit to Monte Alban, it is worth taking a guided tour. Guides will explain the history of the site and the importance of the ruins as well as point out features that you may have missed on your own.

5. Visit the Nearby Museum:
The Museo Regional de Oaxaca, located just a short distance away from Monte Alban, is a must-see for any visitor. This museum contains a vast collection of artifacts and historical objects from the native people of the region. Learn about the history of the area through the stunning collections.

6. Explore the City:
The city of Oaxaca is home to a thriving and vibrant art scene. Take some time to explore the various galleries and museums in the city. Don’t miss the Chinese Art Museum and its collection of artifacts and cultural objects from Chinese culture.

7. Enjoy Local Food:
Oaxaca has an amazing culinary culture. Enjoy local dishes such as mole, tlayuda and tamales. Visit one of the city’s traditional markets and sample some of the delicious treats on offer.

8. Connect With Nature:
The mountains around Oaxaca are home to a variety of unique animal and plant species. Take a hike through the countryside and soak up the natural beauty of the area. Keep an eye out for rare species and marvel at the stunning views.

9. Take in the Nightlife:
Oaxaca is home to a lively nightlife scene. Enjoy a c**ktail or two at one of the city’s many rooftop bars and take in the spectacular views. Visit one of the popular nightclubs and dance to the beat of some of Mexico’s best DJs.

Frequently Asked Questions About Monte Alban

1. Where is Monte Alban located?
Monte Alban is located on a hilltop near Oaxaca City, in the central valleys of the Mexican state of Oaxaca.

2. How can I get to Monte Alban?
There are buses and shuttles that run regularly to and from Oaxaca City to Monte Alban, which take about 20 minutes.

3. What is the entrance fee to Monte Alban?
The entrance fee to Monte Alban is 35 pesos per person.

4. How long does it take to explore Monte Alban?
It usually takes 1-2 hours to explore the archaeological site of Monte Alban.

5. What is the history of Monte Alban?
Monte Alban was established as a ceremonial and political center by Zapotec peoples around 500 BC. It was an important religious site for both the Zapotec and Mixtec peoples, and it played a major role in regional politics, regional trade, and culture. The site was largely abandoned in the 15th century.

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