Is it possible to walk from ExCeL to London City Airport?

Is it possible to walk from ExCeL to London City Airport?

9/18/2021 11:54:58 AM

Be careful about trusting the Google Maps walking route, as it wants to send you over Connaught Bridge, which doesn’t have pedestrian footpaths! If you use streetview, you can see the lack of footpaths, but also a handy bridge that Google neglects to show…

Instead I’d suggest using OpenRouteService to plan the route, which uses OpenStreetMap data which does include the bridge. That suggests a sub-2km, 20 minute walk,along the dock side, and over the pedestrian bridge:

Walking Route

Updated September 2021:

This route has now been greatly improved by Newham Council with a much nicer, wider asphalt path and lighting. It is now very easy to walk from Excel to LCY via this route and its very quick.

11/30/2011 3:03:43 PM

I also was intending to go to the dev days, and bought the plane ticket and two nights at Premier Inn as a consequence.

Fortunately, CodeKen2011 filled that hole, and I wondered the same as you – looking at the map it wasn’t completely clear whether I could walk it, and Google maps disclaimer didn’t reassure me.

As Gagravarr points out in a comment on Joel’s answer, there is a foot bridge which goes underneath the road bridge. It is actually quite pretty down there.

11/29/2011 10:07:18 PM

The two DLRs are typically very quick and easy – I have walked it, but in the winter, or at night you wouldn’t want to.

Just get on a DLR to Canning Town, and the next one out to the airport shouldn’t be more than 10 or 15 minutes later

11/29/2011 11:35:52 PM

The postcode for the ExCeL center is, funnily enough, E16 1XL (perhaps where it gets its name).

Plugging that into the Journey Planner, gives you a 32 min walk.

Google Maps suggests a slightly different route, taking 47 minutes.

enter image description here

So yes, it’s walkable 🙂 I’d take the longer Google Maps one, personally, as you get to see more of the Docklands.

11/29/2011 5:18:18 PM

I do remember walking from a nearby overland train station to City Airport several years ago. But East London is rapidly changing these days, so I can not say whether it is still possible today.

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