Is it my fault if I miss a United Airlines flight because they're short on staff and cannot check me in for 2 hours?

2/2/2020 10:58:56 PM

TL, DR: Yes, it is (your fault).

If you check your booking (or the airlines website), it will typically state the advance time you need to be at the airport. Whenever I checked, it said 3 hours for international flight, and 2 hours for national flights (but your airline might differ, check it).

Most people ignore that, and arrive a lot later, and most of the time that works quite well. However, if you run in trouble as you described, you are out of luck, as you didn’t follow the directions – technically, you are late. Typically, the airline doesn’t care that you are late, if you still make the flight, but if you miss it because of the wait in line, there is little they can do – the flight left, and you were not on it. You can actually be thankful that they offer anything at all – they could have said “too bad, your problem, buy a new ticket”.

I except a lot of people will strongly disagree with that, but – read up on the airlines sites, it is clearly stated.
Do not mix it up with the times they state for when you have to be checked in, and when you have to have dropped of your luggage – these talk about when you have to be at the front of the line and be done with it, not when you line up, and the line is your problem (unless you followed the three hour limit)
It doesn’t come into play very often, but when it does, you have ‘missed your flight’ by not following instructions, like it or not.

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