Interesting Facts,History & Unique Things About Khusro Bagh

Interesting Facts,History & Unique Things About Khusro Bagh

Are you looking for lesser-known facts about Khusro Bagh? Here is a collection of interesting and fun
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After a religious visit to Kumbh in Prayagraj, you can visit Khusro Bagh. This garden is near Prayagraj Junction.
The garden was built by the Mughal emperor Jahangir after his elder son Khusro. Here is the mausoleum of three people belonging to the family of Mughal emperor Jahangir, including Jahangir’s first wife Shah Begum, Jahangir’s daughter Princess Sultan Nithar Begum and son Khusro.

Khusro Bagh history

Interesting Facts About Khusro Bagh 

1.Jahangir’s elder son was killed by his brother Shah Jahan.

The carving of the tombs is very beautiful. History tells that Jahangir’s elder son was killed by his brother Shah Jahan. After this, Khusrau’s mother committed suicide. Khusro Bagh is spread over 40 acres. Khusro Bagh is open seven days a week. If you are going to Kumbh, then you can visit Khusro Bagh.


Khusro Bagh facts


The Khushro Bagh of Allahabad was built by the Mughal ruler Jahangir. The garden is named after Jahangir’s son Khushro. Spread across several kilometers, this garden is a magnificent specimen of Mughal construction art.

The Khushro Bagh near Allahabad station houses the mausoleum of three people belonging to the family of Mughal emperor Jahangir. These are Jahangir’s eldest son Khusro Mirza, Jahangir’s first wife Shah Begum and Jahangir’s daughter Princess Sultan Nithar Begum. They were buried in the 17th century.

The carving done on the tombs located in this garden is a living example of architecture Mughal art. There is a huge umbrella above this tomb, which rests on strong pillars.

Located next to the tomb of Begum is the mausoleum of Khusro’s sister Nithar. The design of its entrance, surrounding gardens and the three-tier mausoleum of Sultan Begum is attributed to Aqa Raza, an artist of the court of Jahangir. .After rebelling against his father Jahangir, Khusro was first put under house arrest in this garden.

Khusro was killed in an attempt to escape from here. Khusro was the first person to be held captive in the garden because he revolted against his father Jahangir in 1606.

Khusro fought to get the throne in which he was killed mercilessly when he was only 34 years old.
In that battle, Jahangir’s second boy Khurram took part in the battle to killed Khusro. Khurram later became the emperor.
Khurram grew up to become Shahjahan who built the Taj Mahal for his beloved wife Mumtaz. The construction of Khusro’s tomb was completed in 1622, Nithir Begum, whose tomb was between the tomb of Shah Begum and Khusro, was built during 1624-25. This garden is protected by large walls on all sides.

3. 3 mausoleums made of sandy stone represent the beautiful architecture of the Mughals.

Shah Begum, who used to be Maan Bai earlier, was the girl of King Bhagwant Das of Amber.Shah Begum committed suicide in 1604 by consuming opium. His mausoleum was built in 1606 by the Aaka king.

4.Khusro Bagh made a very significant contribution to the 1857 rebellion. At that time, the soldiers used to come to this garden and consult and make further strategies of war.At that time, the revolt was led by Maulvi Liaquat Ali and he was working as the governor of free Allahabad. But after a few days, the British crushed this rebellion.Khusro Bagh has many mangoes and guava trees. Khusro Bagh is also known for its tree plants.

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