Interesting facts about Dhari Devi Temple | Historical Facts

Interesting facts about Dhari Devi Temple | Historical Facts

Uttarakhand, a state famous for spirituality and faith, has its own identity. There are many religious places here which have existed since mythological times. Holding the tradition of the ancient sage sages, Uttarakhand is not only called Dev Bhoomi. Every year many tourists come here in search of a serene environment. Although there are countless famous people present in Uttarakhand, today we are going to tell you about a temple here where the Goddess is considered, as the protector of Uttarakhand. Although there are many miraculous temples in Uttarakhand, the temple we are going to tell you about has been protecting this state for years.

This temple is of Goddess Dhari Devi who is established here in defense of Uttarakhand. The locals here believe that all the religious places in Uttarakhand, are also protected by Dhari Mata. To avoid the wrath of the mother, the worship of the temple is done with the entire legal system, although it has never happened that the mother has punished, the people here but still people follow every rule here.

Mother Dhari is worshiped in the temple by the pandits of the village. There are four months of worship by the three pandits here.  A large number of devotees visit the Dhari Devi temple to visit the mother throughout the year.

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Amazing Famous Facts About Dhari Devi For Tourists

  1. The sacred temple of Dhari Devi is located in the Garhwal region, on the banks of the Alaknanda River, about 15 km from Srinagar on the Badrinath road and between Rudraprayag and is a very ancient Siddha-Peetha called “Dhari Goddess “is called Siddha-Peetha.
  2. According to experts here, evidence of this temple was found, in the year 1807. At the same time, the monk here says that the temple is many years older than 1807.
  3. Maa Dhari Devi is also known as Dakshina Kali Maa besides being public welfare. The upper half of the idol of Dhari Devi came here after flowing in the Alaknanda River, since then the idol is on it. Since then the idol is worshiped here in the form of Goddess “Dhari”. The lower half of the idol is located, in Kalimath, where Mata Kali, is worshiped. Dhari Devi Temple is a Hindu temple dedicated to Goddess Kali Mata.
  4. It is, believed that this goddess protects all the Char Dham in Uttarakhand and this goddess is also, considered as the guardian goddess of mountains and pilgrims.
  5. Dhari Devi is believed to change her appearance during the day. According to the locals, sometimes a girl, a woman, and then an old woman change, their appearance.
  6. According to the priests, the idol of Goddess Kali in the temple has been, established since Dwapara Yuga.
  7. The idol of Maa Kali in Kalimath and Kalisya monasteries is in anger posture, but the idol of Maa Kali in Dhari Devi temple is situated, in a calm posture.
  8. Let us tell you that the devotees going to Badrinath stop here and do visit the mother. According to mythological significance, once the temple of Mother has effectively swept away during the natural disaster, but the statue of the mother adjoining a rock-like rock remained in the nearby village of Dhar. Then the villagers built, the temple of Dhari Mata here and since then the devotee who comes here goes only by attending the mother’s court.
  9. The statues located in the temple have existed since the mythological era as well as Sakshat and Jagrat.

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What festivals are celebrated in Dhara Devi temple-

There are many festivals celebrated in Dhari Devi Temple, among them Durga Puja(worship) and Special Puja in Navratri are held in the temple, these festivals are important festivals of Dhari Devi Temple. The temple is decorated, with beautiful flowers and lights. Thousands of devotees reach the temple every year for their wishes in Chaitra and Shardiya Navratri. Most newly married couples reach the temple to seek the blessings of the mother for their wishes.

2013 Uttarakhand flood-

Facts about Dhara Devi

The expression, of Goddess Kali, Dhari Devi has been revered as the protector of the Char Dham. When the idol of Dhari Devi, was removed from its place, a very high cloud burst after a few hours. According to devotees, the region faced the wrath of the goddess, as she was relocated, from her original place to make way for the 330 MW hydroelectric project. The project became ruins after the flood. There was a similar attempt by a local king in 1882 when there was a landslide in Kedarnath. Kalimath is one of the 108 Shakti Sthal in India. According to religious tradition, Kalimath is a place where the goddess Kali killed the blood-born demon and, after that, the goddess went under the earth.

Secrets of Dhari Devi in ​​Dhari Devi Temple: –

Dhara devi

According to the priests located in the temple, it is a legend that one night when the water flow in the river was fast due to heavy rains. A surprisingly loud sound of a woman was heard near Dhari village, due to which the people of the village were, afraid that nothing untoward happened to a woman. When the people of the village looked near the place, the people of the village saw a statue floating in the water. Somehow the villagers took out the idol from the water and after removing the idol, in a few moments, the goddess’s voice ordered them to establish the idol at the same place, since then the people of Dhari village named this place as Dhari Devi.

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How to reach Dhari Devi Temple-

The temple of Goddess Dhari Devi is located 136 kilometers from Jolly Grant Airport and 119 kilometers from Rishikesh Railway Station. Dhari Devi Temple is established in Kaliyasaur between Srinagar and Rudraprayag. Between Srinagar-Dhari Devi and Dhari Devi-Rudraprayag is 16 km and 20 km severally. One can easily reach here by bus or taxi from Srinagar and Rudraprayag.

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