Interesting and fun facts about Taiwan | Historical Facts

Interesting and fun facts about Taiwan | Historical Facts

Amazing, History, Famous fun Facts About Taiwan For Tourists and Kids

Here is a list of Interesting and Unknown facts about Taiwan as well as In this article, you can also read some historical facts and general information about the Taiwan such as facts about culture, history, total population, highest mountain, biggest lake, government rule, famous cities, biggest lake, biggest island, etc.
All of you have heard Taiwan’s name. It is a country located in the heart of China and in the middle of the sea. Today we will tell you interesting facts about Taiwan which you have never heard before.


  1. The history of Taiwan began in approximately 1912. Taiwan’s real name is Republic of China. Most people of the world do not consider Taiwan as a country. Most people consider Taiwan and China as two governments located in one country.
  2. After World War II, the people of the Communist Party and the Nationalist Party got entangled, in which the Nationalist Party was defeated and after defeat, all political leaders and people of this party came to Taiwan with the people. About 2 million people came to Taiwan.
  3. From 1642 to 1661, Taiwan was the colony of the Netherlands. After that China’s Ching Dynasty ruled Taiwan from 1683 to 1895. But in the year 1895, after the defeat of China in the hands of Japan, Taiwan came under the part of Japan.
  4. After Japan’s defeat in World War II, the United States and Britain decided that Taiwan should be handed over to its allies and China’s big politician and military commander Cheung Kai Shake.
  5. But after some years, Cheung Kai Shek’s armies forces had to face defeat of the Communist army. Cheng and his colleagues ran away from China and moved to Taiwan and dominated Taiwan for many years.(soruce)
  6. 70% of people in Taiwan follow Buddhism.
  7. Taipei is the capital of Taiwan and the spoken language is Taiwanese Mandarin and Mandarin Chinese.
  8. Despite being under the Republic of China, Taiwan does not give any type of tax to China and runs its government just like a separate country.
  9. The lifestyle of Taiwan is of a very calm and serene nature.
  10. If you talk about area, the area of Taiwan is spread over 36,193 Km Square.
  11. Taiwan’s national sport is Baseball and the currency of Taiwan is New Taiwan Dollar.
  12. Taiwan is the only country in the world where dogs are worshiped in temples.
  13. Big and famous companies such as ASUS, HTC, Acer, D-Link have been born in Taiwan.
  14. Taiwanese people do not like to get wet in rain.
  15. Taiwan is one of the countries in the world where people become wealthy at an early age.
  16. The girls here do not get much out in the sun, because they believe that in the sun, the face becomes dark and dirty.
  17. Before 1960, Taiwan’s economic situation is not strong enough, but in the year 1980, Taiwan’s economic situation became very strong, which is why Taiwan is also known as Asia’s Lion.
  18. Taiwanese people love to work more than 10 hours a day.
  19. Higher emphasis is placed on Math and Science in schools and colleges here. This is the reason that Taiwanese people are very clever in mathematics and science than people of other countries.
  20. Taiwanese people respect the elderly very much. The people of Taiwan consider the guests to as Gods.
  21. The neighboring country of Taiwan is North Korea, Japan and Philippines.
  22. Taiwan is a small island country, in which approximately 23 million people live.
  23. The size of this island can be estimated from the fact that it takes about eight hours to drive vehicle around the whole island.
  24. About 80% of the total population of Taiwan is native and 15 percent of people settled here from China and 5 percent belong to other countries.
  25. Most people in Taiwan are supposed to follow Buddhism. These people are very attached to nature.
  26. About 90% of people in Taiwan are related to Buddhism and 10% come from other religions.
  27. Taiwan is the largest collection of Chinese art in the world.
  28. Taiwan is Located in “Rings of Fire”, which makes this small island one of the largest earthquake activities in the world.
  29. Every year more than 1,000 small earthquakes occur in Taiwan.
  30. Taiwanese people are very sensitive to cleanliness, they keep the garbage of their homes in their homes until the garbage carrying car carried their garbage.
  31. Tainan is the oldest city in Taiwan which was settled in 1590.
  32. The people of Taiwan love music very much, these people are involved in musical instruments and song-related activities.
  33. Taiwan is also called “Asia Face Mask Capital”. Because Taiwanese people often wear face masks, they do this to avoid illness and pollution.
  34. In Taiwan, number 4 (like number 13 in the US) is considered inauspicious and in this country you will not find the fourth floor in buildings like hospitals and hotels.
  35. Taiwanese girls love white skin very much, this is the reason that almost all women use masks to avoid sunburn.
  36. Taiwanese citizens are passionate about their work, they give at least 70 hours per week to their jobs or business.
  37. In this country you will not be found on the streets of the garbage, they are kept inside the house or the shop.
  38. Taiwan is one of the most polluted areas in the world.
  39. The number of bats in Taiwan is extremely high, In the 18th century, the Spanish people had planned to settle in this area, but they could not succeed in this plan.
  40. After World War II, In Taiwan, there was great economic development and industrialization, due to which the economy of this country was highly strengthened and the people of this country had economic development.
  41. After World War II, This country started moving towards a democratic government and constitution, but due to some internal forces it could not succeed.
  42. Do you know? Taiwan’s first presidential election was held in 1996.
  43. Children of Taiwan are usually motivated by parents to learn mathematics and musical instruments at an early age.
  44. In Taiwan, the weather becomes very pleasant during the summer and it rains almost every day in summer.
  45. China considers Taiwan as its renegade province, so China made Taiwan out of the United Nations in 1971.
  46. According to the World Happiness Report, Taiwan is the 35th most prosperous country in 156 countries of the world. It is considered a happier country than Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea and China.
  47. Eluanbi Lighthouse is one of the most famous attractions in Taiwan, which was built in 1882.
  48. Taiwan is not a frontline country and it is an island area inhabited by sea from the coast of Mainland China.
  49. The Portuguese invented “Taiwan” in 1590 and named it “Elah Formosa” or “Beautiful Island”.
  50. Yushan Mountain is located in Yushan National Park, the highest mountain in Taiwan.

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