Interesting and fun facts about Romania | Historical Facts

Interesting and fun facts about Romania | Historical Facts

Amazing, History, Famous Facts About Romania For Tourists  and Kids

Here is a list of Interesting and Unknown facts about Romania as well as In this article, you can also read some historical facts and general information about the Romania such as facts about culture, history, government rule, total population of the Romania country.

Located in the Balkan region of Europe, Romania is famous throughout Europe due to its beautiful mountains, rivers, waterfalls and green forests. The waterfalls are considered to be the most beautiful waterfalls of the entire world. Today we will tell you interesting facts about Romania which you have never heard before.

  1. The history of Romania began in 1859. Romania was ruled by the Bulgarian empire and the Hungarian empire. In 1878, Roman Empire gained independence. In 2005, its economic situation improved and in January 2007 Romania was included in the European Union.
  2. 90% of people here believe in Christianity.
  3. Romania’s capital is Bucharest. The language spoken here is Romanian.
  4. The natural beauty here is so amazing.
  5. The waterfalls are considered the most beautiful waterfalls in the world.
  6. The historic fort of Romania is very famous all over the world, and millions of people visit every year to see it. Therefore, a large part of the country’s income comes from tourism.
  7. Romania’s girls are considered to be the most beautiful in Eastern Europe. There are more girls than boys here.
  8. The number of bears in Romania is very high.
  9. Smuggling of cigarette here.
  10. The Parliament building of Romania is the largest building in the whole world. The construction of this building was about 22,000 crores.
  11. Romanians are very interested in drinking alcohol, so in the matter of drinking alcohol, Romania is ranked fifth in the world.
  12. Library located in the capital city of the Romania is the world’s most beautiful library.
  13. The largest stone statue in Europe is located in Romania, which was built by cutting the mountain.
  14. Romania is the only country in the world where the government takes tax from people to perform black magic.
  15. Golden Museum of Romania is famous all over the world.
  16. It is the only country where 96 per cent of people have their own home. The people here do not like to live in a rented house. Not only in the case of the house but there are many more things in this country that will be astonishing.
  17. The people of this country love their culture and tradition very much. That’s why 85 per cent of the people in this country speak Romanian.
  18. It is also a specialty of the people here that they like to celebrate their festivals. The Lady’s Festival and Flower Festival is the most famous festival, which is mainly centered on women.
  19. The folk music of rural people attracts people here. He has created this music himself.
  20. In the year 2007, the countries had joined the European Union, since then people here can travel without visa to any country in Europe.
  21. The highest mountain in Romania is Moldovanu, which has a height of 2,544 meters (8,346 feet).
  22. Romania is the world’s ninth largest wine-producing country.
  23. Timisoara was the first city in Europe with electric street lighting in 1889.
  24. The second largest underground glacier in Europe, the Scarisoara Glacier, is found under the mountain of Bihor Mountain in Romania.
  25. The fountain pen was invented by Petrache Poenaru in 1799-1875 and was patented in May 1827.
  26. The statue of the Dacian king Decebal, carved in the rocky edge of the Danube river, is the tallest rock (135 feet) sculpture in Europe.
  27. Romania is Europe’s richest country in gold resources.
  28. The Astra Museum of Romania in Sibiu is the world’s second largest outdoor museum.


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