Interesting and fun facts about Qatar | Historical Facts

5th June 2019 0 By Holly Melody Team

Amazing, History, Famous fun Facts About Qatar For Tourists and Kids

Here is a list of Interesting and Unknown facts about Qatar as well as In this article, you can also read some historical facts and general information about the Qatar such as facts about culture, history, total population, highest mountain, biggest lake, government rule, famous cities, biggest lake, biggest island, etc.
Qatar is a country of Arab countries which is surrounded by sea on three sides.
Qatar comes in countries who have achieved a lot of success in a short span of time. But there are many such things that you do not know about Qatar. Today, we will tell you the fascination and the history of Qatar.

  1. History of Qatar started in 1970 after it gained independence. At the beginning of this 20th century, Qatar was the slave of the British Empire. The Qatar country was founded by Sheikh Jasim bin Mohammed Al Thani.
  2. The name of Qatar has been taken from ancient name Katara. In the olden times it used to be the main port and city of the area. Today Qatar is known as the oil-rich nation all over the world.
  3. The name Qatar is derived from the ancient name “Katara” of the city named Zubara, which was the important port and city of the region in ancient times.
  4. The word “Katara” was first seen on the map of Arab Peninsula created by Potolomi.
  5. Qatar is a small peninsula country in the Middle East.
  6. Qatar is surrounded by Saudi Arabia in the south and surrounded by the Persian Gulf from all three.
  7. The area of Qatar is spread over 11,571 Km square.
  8. The capital of Qatar is Doha and the currency here is the Qatari Riyal.
  9. Only 14% of the population of Qatar are actually citizen of Qatar, the rest have come from other countries like – Pakistan, India, Bangladesh etc.,who are coming to work here.
  10. Qatar is the second country after Singapore. Where most millionaires live on.
  11. Qatar has the highest  per capita pay on the earth. Here per capita income is 20 times more than India.
  12. No income tax is taken here and other tax is very low.
  13. In the whole world, Qatar is the only country where there is no poor man and the number of unemployed people is very low.
  14. Here Population of the people coming from outside Qatar are very much, so the number of girls here is very low. Here the number of girls is only 20%.
  15. Perhaps you do not know Qatar will be the first country in the world to organize such a big FIFA World Cup 2022 even after being so small. This Fifa World Cup will be held in the capital of Qatar in Doha.
  16. If you are a Muslim, then you can not sell or drink alcohol in Qatar.
  17. All of Qatar’s money comes not only from oil, but also comes lot of money from fishing.
  18. Any girl in Qatar can not wear clothes on knees, it is against the law here.
  19. If you are caught doing evil of any religion in Qatar, then you can be punished for up to 10 years.
  20. Hamad International Airport in Qatar was opened in 2015 and more than 5 million passengers pass by this every year.
  21. Sheikh Jasim bin Mohammed Al Thani was the founder of Qatar.
  22. Qatar is a genetic monarchy and its chief state is Amir Sheikh Tamik bin Hamad al Thani.
  23. Qatar is the third largest producer of liquefied natural gas(LNG).