Interesting and fun facts about Kenya | Historical Facts

Interesting and fun facts about Kenya | Historical Facts

Amazing, History, Famous Facts About Kenya For Tourists  and Kids

Here is a list of Interesting and Unknown facts about Kenya as well as In this article, you can also read some historical facts and general information about the Kenya such as facts about culture, history, government rule, total population of the Kenya country.
The country’s 95% population is black on the continent of Africa. Kenya is a country where you will see elephants, lions, bears roaming in different place. Today we will tell you the interesting facts about Kenya and the history of Kenya.


  1. If we read the history of Kenya, Kenya used to be a slave of Britain before 1963. Scientists also believe that human life began with Kenya, because the oldest remains of man have been found here.
  2. Located on the shores of the Indian Ocean, the borders with Uganda in the west, Somalia in the northeast, Sudan in the northwest.
  3. The history of Kenya is slavery, after being enslaved for 100 years, Kenya was liberated from Britain on 12 December 1963.
  4. Kenya currency is Kenyan Shilling , and the spoken language is Swahili and English. But here more than 60 local languages are spoken.
  5. Area of Kenya is 580367 Km square, and Kenya is the 49th largest country in the world.
  6. You can have more than one wife in this country.
  7. You will be surprised to know that most of the coffee is produced in Kenya, and most of the money here comes from coffee, but people here do not like to drink coffee, but drink tea and beer more.
  8. The most stringent law in the world, with plastic bags, is in Kenya, here the sale and production of plastic bags can be fined for 2.5 million and 4 years prisoner.
  9. Nearly 2.6 million people run nudely in Kenya in the night for practicing athlete. Here you will find athletes in every house.
  10. A lawyer from Kenya offered to give 50 cows, 70 sheep, goats to Barack Obama’s family, because  he wanted to marry Obama’s daughter.
  11. Kenyan Environmentalist Professor Maathai won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2004. She was the first African Women to win this award.
  12. Kenya Culture and Religion, approximately 70% Kenyan People are Christians, about 25% of Kenyan followers of indigenous religions, while the remaining 5% are Muslim. There are also Hindus, Sikhs, Parsis, who live in particular among the Asian community.
  13. Kenya is covered with forests, it is one of the world’s greenest countries.
  14. Kenya Animals are unmatched compared to other species of the world. Every year thousands of tourists travel to Kenya Travel to wide range of wildlife, such as – lion, leopard, wild buffalo, elephant, rhinoceros, giraffe, zebra, crocodile and bird species that can all be found in Kenya tourism.
  15. The world’s largest clean water lake is “Lake Victoria” which is located in Kenya.
  16. Kenya is the third country in the world where the rose is most commonly produced, so Kenya’s second name is “Flower Garden of Europe”.
  17. In the Kakamega forests, the world’s most rare butterflies and snakes are found.
  18. There is no government public transport arrangement in whole of Kenya.
  19. You will be surprised to know that there is no middle class man in Kenya. People here are either very poor or very rich.

Some More Facts about Kenya

  1. Scientists believe that Kenya can probably be the birthplace of humans.
  2. There are more than 80% Christians in Kenya.
  3. Kenya is home to approximately 70 different tribes.
  4. Most of Kenya’s electricity is hydroelectric.
  5. The literacy rate in Kenya is approximately 78%.
  6. The last time a volcanic eruption was in 1922 in Kenya.
  7. These were some interesting facts related to Kenya. Kenya is a very beautiful country, here you can enjoy wild life.


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