Interesting and fun facts about Karnataka | Historical Facts

Interesting and fun facts about Karnataka  | Historical Facts

On 1 November 1956 Karnataka was first known as Mysore State and in November 1973, it was replaced by the name of Karnataka.

Interesting and fun facts about Karnataka  | Historical Facts

Here is a list of Interesting and Unknown fun facts about Karnataka  as well as In this article, you can also read some historical facts and general information about the Karnataka  such as facts about culture, history, government rule, total population of the Karnataka  State.


  1. The name Karnataka comes from the word ‘Kari Nadu’. Which means the land of black soil.
  2. India’s flag is manufactured and supplied in Karnataka, which is done in Hubli of Bungari.
  3. For which Karnataka Khadi Village Industries Association established in 1957 has special rights and authority.
  4. Mysore Palace is one of the most spectacular royal palaces in India. Mysore Palace is the tourist attraction in India.
  5. In Mysore, Tipu Sultan and Hyder Ali made the artillery of rocket (made of the iron) in 1780.
  6. The Bangalore city of Karnataka has become the hub of IT industry with its growing presence.
  7. Madras Engineering Group started the oldest army engineering regiment in Bangalore in the 1770s.
  8. The Victoria Hospital of Bangalore was formally inaugurated by the Viceroy of India and Lord Curzon on 8 December 1900. The hospital was constructed in honor of Queen Victoria’s 60 years of completion.
  9. More than 7.85% of raw silk is produced in the state of Karnataka in India.
  10. In Karnataka, 59% of India’s coffee and 47% ragi are produced. This is one of the lesser-known facts about Karnataka.
  11. Gersoppa(Jog Falls), the second largest waterfall in the country.
  12. Karnataka has many popular personalities like Prakash Padukone, Bhimsen Joshi, HD Deve Gowda, K.V. Putappa, Shakuntala Devi, and Girish Karnad.
  13. The father of Karnataka music, Purandra Dasa, arranged the whole system of teaching of Karnataka music, which is going on till date.
  14. India’s oldest library, which is known as the Oriental Research Institute.which is in Mysore.
  15. The first Kannada weekly newspaper was published in 1859 in Mysore city.
  16. In 1935, MV Gopalaswami started the station for India’s first private radio broadcasting service.
  17. Karnataka is associated with 6 states’ borders, Goa and Maharashtra in the west, Andhra Pradesh in the northeast of Telangana in the north, Tamil Nadu in the east-southeast and South-west of Kerala.
  18. Karanji Lake in Mysore is known as Butterfly Park.
  19. Before the fourth century BC, Karnataka was part of the Great Mauryan Empire.
  20. Satavahanas ruled this region for almost 300 years.
  21. Karnataka is predominantly agricultural state.
  22. About 66% of Karnataka’s population lives in rural areas.
  23. 60% of Karnataka’s land is cultivable, 72% of which is rainy, while the remaining 28% is cultivated from irrigation.
  24. The soap and sandalwood oil of Karnataka is famous.
  25. Karnataka is the leading state in hydropower generation.
  26. The capital of this state is Bengaluru.
  27. The number of districts in this state is 30.
  28. The official language of this state is ‘Kannada’.
  29. The area of Karnataka is 191,791 sq km.
  30. The major rivers of Karnataka are Kaveri, Tungabhadra, Krishna, Malay Prabha and Sharavati.
  31. The highest point in Karnataka is the Mullayan Giri Mountains of Chikmangalur district.
  32. The world’s first family planning clinic was opened in this state.
  33. Karnataka is a popular place in India in terms of tourism. Here you can see a large range of ancient and old temples, attractive mountains, modern cities, vast beaches, and large jungle.


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