Lesser-Known Facts About Iran | Historical Facts About Iran

Lesser-Known Facts About Iran | Historical Facts About Iran

Are you looking for lesser-known facts about Iran? Here is a collection of interesting and fun facts about Iran which You’ve Never Heard Before as well as you can also read general information about Iran such as about culture,
history, government rule, etc.

Iran, however, remains in the headlines for strange reasons. Sometimes in the name of a ban on the independence of
women, sometimes a war broke out within the country, but in spite of all this, there is a lot of good in Iran.However, Iran has been a very old center of civilization.
Once upon a time, many Aryan tribes took shelter here. Iran was the center of Zoroastrianism before Islam. Prophet Zarathushtra was born in Iran. Iran has played a very important role in the development of human civilization even before and during the Parsi religion.There was a time that the rule of the kings of Iran extended from Greece to India. King Darius and Cyrus established large kingdoms.
Iran’s official name is “Islamic Republic of Iran”. Today I will tell you the interesting facts about Iran and the history of Iran which you do not know about Iran.

General facts about Iran

  • Total Population – 81.2 million (8.12 crores) (2017)
  • Highest Mountain – Damavand ‎5,609.2 m
  • Total Area – 1.648 million km²
  • Largest Lake – Daryācheh-ye Orūmīyeh
  • National Day – 11th Feb
  • Currency – Iranian rial
  • National Song – “National Anthem of the Islamic Republic of Iran”
  • Capital – Tehran

Amazing Famous Facts About Iran For Tourists  and Kids

1. Iran’s old name was Persian. The history of Iran is 2500 years old when “Cyrus The Great” founded Aryana, hence Iran is also known as “Land of Aryans”.

2. The Iranian currency is Iranian Rial and the spoken language is “Persian”.The area of ​​Iran is 1.648 million km² and it is the 17th largest country in the world.

​​3. Iran is the second-largest natural gas producer in the world and is the world’s third-largest oil reserve.

4. You will be amazed to know that Iran’s borders touch with 10 countries, Oman, Afghanistan, Iraq, Kuwait, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Turkmenistan, Turkey, U.A.E., and Pakistan.

5. Whether boy or girl, 80% of the youth in Iran lose their “Virginity” before marriage.

6. There is a law in Iran, that if a woman is raped, then the police force the rapist to marry with a rape victim, and he can divorce her later.

7. There is a law in Iran that any couple can marry for a few hours or a few weeks, which is named “Pleasure Marriage”.

8. Iran produces the highest “pistachios and saffron” in the world.

9. The people of Iran have the most favorite game “Football”. Iran’s “National Football Team” has won the Asian World Cup three times, and has played “World Cup Final” three times.

10.Dancing Not Allowed

In Iran, it is considered a violation of Islamic law for women and men to dance together and women to be exposed to people without a scarf.


Six Iranian youths have been sentenced to 91 lashes and a year in prison for dancing to American singer Pharrell Williams’ song Happy. They are all seen dancing together in a video.His lawyer said that the sentence has been suspended for three years. That is, they will not be jailed unless they violate the order again.

11. Tehran is the capital of Iran which means “hot mound”.

Tehran is the largest city in Iran. Tehran is the worst country in terms of air pollution. Whereas 27 people per day die from diseases related to air pollution.

Watch Iran Beauty

12.Black Day for Iran History

The 20 June day is remembered for one of the greatest earthquake tragedies in human history. On this day in the year 1990, there was such a huge earthquake in Iran which ended the lives of more than 40,000 people. It is said that the intensity of that earthquake was 7.4 on the Richter scale. The day of June 20 is recorded as a tragic event in Iran history.

13. To get a marriage certificate in Iran, one has to listen to a 1-hour lecture, which is on contraception. In Iran, girls above the age of 13-15 must wear hijab. At the same time, men can wear any kind of decent clothes.

14. You will be surprised to know that alcohol is completely banned in Iran, However, every year, 80 million liters of alcohol is consumed. There is a law of punishment for drinking alcohol in Iran, hit that person with a whip(80times). but, people enjoy life by taking risks.

15. There is no law named “Marital Rape” in Iran, The government believes that after marriage, the woman is husband’s property.

16. Iran participated in the Olympics for the first time in 1948. Along with this, Iran is also participating in Winter Olympics from 1956.

17. About 14.2 percent of Iranians are plagued by obesity. In the case of obese people, it is the 41st place. Samoa is at the first place in terms of obesity, where 75 percent of the population is suffering from obesity, while America is at sixth place in this case.

18. Iran’s current flag has 3 colors, which was adopted in 1980. It has green, white and red colors. Green is the symbol of development and Islam, while the white color is of honesty and peace, while the red color is of bravery and martyrdom. The word Allah is written in the middle of the white band.

19. Iranian Women Allowed to Watch Football at Stadium For First Time in Decades

In 2019, for the first time, the Government of Iran decided to give tickets to 3500 women for a football match. Now it will be 40 years later when women will go to the stadium.
History will be created during the FIFA World Cup 2022 qualifier match between Iran and Colombia. This history
is not the players of both teams, but Iranian women will enter the stadium for the first time after a long wait
of 40 years.Let me tell you that Iran is a Shia Muslim country. Since 1979, there is a ban on women watching any sports in the stadium.The reasoning behind this was that women should avoid seeing men dressed in half-incomplete clothes. Now after a long struggle, this orthodox tradition is over.
After the death of “Blue Girl” in the stadium, the Government of Iran has allowed women to enter the stadium.
The government of Iran has allowed 3500 women to watch the match.

Who was the “blue girl” after whose death the Iranian government took this decision

blue girl

Iran’s 29-year-old football fan named Sahar Khodayari wanted to watch a football match at the stadium, but her desire killed Sahar Khodayari.In Iran, the women did not allow to watch sports in the stadium, so Sahar tried to enter the stadium dressing as a man, but she was caught.
After this, the court sentenced her to 6 months for this crime. For fear of going to jail, she committed self immolation outside the court. Sahar is called the Blue Girl of Iran.After the death of Sahar Khodayari, a big campaign took place and after this, the government promised that 3,500 women fans would be allowed to watch the match in the stadium in the next match.

20.First Female CEO to Lead Airline-

Iran has assigned the leadership of its national airline to a female CEO amidst many restrictions on the public life of women. This is the first time in the history of 77 years since formation in 1940 that a woman has been given this responsibility.

First Female CEO to Lead Airline
According to the Iran Daily newspaper, 44-year-old Farzaneh has a Ph.D. in aerospace engineering. She is also the first woman in Iran to get this degree. In Iran, this appointment is being seen as women empowerment, because there are still many strict restrictions on women in this country.

21. Iranian homes do not have tables and chairs. Here people sit and eat on the ground and use special types of pillows.

22. More than half of Iran has a desert climate.

23. The Persian Gulf produces 60 percent of world oil reserves from which Iran produces 125 billion barrels of oil with10 percent of the total oil reserves.

24. There is only one river Karun in Iran.

25. Iran is one of the oldest civilizations in the world, which has been from 4000 years ago.

26. About 70 percent of Iran’s population is under 30 years of age.

27. Iran is one of the youngest countries in the world, Let me tell that 70 percent of Iran’s population is under 30
years. People who do not marry in Iran live with their families.

28. Iran is the second-largest exporter of carpets after oil.

29.FIFA banned the hijab in 2007, due to which the Iranian female football team could not participate in the Olympics qualifier game.

30. Iran has experienced the fastest urban growth rate in the world, from 27 percent to 60 percent jump from 1950 to 2002. By 2030, 80 percent of Iran’s population will become urban.

31. Iran is the world’s largest producer of fish caviar, pistachios, and saffron.

32. In Iran, the only factory of condom manufacturing is located in the Middle East.

33. About ten million refugees reside in Iran, which is the highest in any country in the world. Most refugees are
from Afghanistan.

34. Islam is the main religion of Iran, where 99.39 percent of the population is Muslim, 89 percent of them are Shia
and 9 percent are Sunni.

35. Iran is the only country where the islands of the Indian Ocean and the Caspian Sea.

36. The unemployment rate of women in Iran is almost twice of Iranian men.

37. In Iron, TV started in 1958, but color TV programming started in 1978.

38. According to the 2014 data, 40 percent of the population of Iran use the Internet, which is 24th in the world in
terms of Internet users.

39. In 2007, Iran produced the world’s largest handmade carpet for the mosque in the United Arab Emirates. It was a bigger carpet then a football field.

40. Iran has a very old relationship with India since ancient times Iran has also been associated with Europe. Many empires ruled Iran for attacking India from 530 AD to the 18th century. The culture of Iran has the impact of Afghanistan, Kazakhstan culture. Islam started in Iran in the seventh century, so Iran is also considered to be the center of Shia Islam.

41. Iran’s civilization is not like other civilizations. There is an old history of civilization in Iran. There have been large empires, Iran has also been the country of the cruelest rulers. The history of civilizations and empires in Iran is thousands of years old. Farming and early urbanization took place 5000 years before Christ.

42. Rural and urban life in Iran had started almost 4000 years ago.

Iran’s old name is Persia. 4000 years ago, rural and urban life had emerged in Iran, while the whole world used to live as tribes till then.

43. Medi kingdom has been most important in Iran. 1500 BCE years the Persian emperor Cyrus built a great empire. This empire lasted until 525 BCE, extending to the banks of the Nile River of Egypt.

44. In the Persian language, Iran means the land of Aryans. The official name of Iran is the Islamic Republic of Iran, which came into existence after the Islamic Revolution on 11 February 1979.Until 1935, the whole world knew Iran by the name of Persia.

45. The official language of Iran is Persian, which is used prominently in education, administration and professional life. Azeri, Kurdish, Arabic and Armenian languages ​​are also spoken in Iran.

46. The Persian language is still used in Tajikistan and Afghanistan in addition to Iran. About 200 years ago, the Persian language was the official language of the empires of India. Especially the Mughals and other Muslim kingdoms.

47. In Iran, the US intelligence agency CIA campaigned with the Mohammad Reza Shah against the elected democratic government in 1953 and provided full power to Shah, after which Shah handed over 40 percent of Iran’s oil products to the US. The Iranian people revolted after the role of America in overthrow the democratic government and after years of fighting, the power of Shah was overthrown.

48. 53 American citizens were taken hostage by the Iranian 

In 1979, a group of Islamic students and nationalists attacked the US Embassy in Tehran and took everyone hostage. This hostage crisis was in support of the Iranian revolution. This mortgage crisis lasted for 444 days.
On 25 April 1980, the US Army’s attempt to free the hostages at the US Embassy in Tehran failed.It was a highly secretive operation during which eight American soldiers were killed.

Islamic students and nationalists
President Jimmy Carter, accepting his responsibility, said that he had ordered this campaign so that the lives and national interests of the Americans could be protected.After the accident, he announced the cancellation of this campaign.
53 American citizens were taken hostage by the Iranian revolutionaries in the US embassy. These revolutionaries were supporters of Ayatollah Khomeini.
This crisis lasted for 444 days and after extremely difficult efforts, these hostages rescued in January 1981.

49. The war between Iran and Iraq ran from September 1980 to August 1988, the longest war of the twentieth century.

50. During the Iran-Iraq war, America’s duplicity came out. On the one hand, America was supporting Iraq in the war, on the other hand, it was selling war materials and weapons to Iran. It became known as the Iran–Contra affair.

51. Iranian homes do not have tables and chairs. Here people sit and eat on the ground and use special types of pillows.

Historical Facts about Iran

Today’s Iran is very different from Iran in ancient times. Iran was first identified as a Paras country. Before that, it was called Aryana. In ancient times, Paras was the residence of a branch of the Aryans.

In the Vedic era, all the land from Paras to the banks of the Ganges and Saryu was Aryan land, which was divided into many regions. Just as the region around Punjab in India was called Aryavarta,
Similarly, in ancient Paras also, the eastern region adjoining modern Afghanistan was called ‘Ariyan’ or ‘Ariyan’
(Greek Ariana), which later formed the word ‘Iran’.

Iran’s religion was the Parsi religion before Islam. In the 6th century BCE, a great Parsik (ancient Iranian)
the empire was established in ‘Persepolis’ which ruled over 3 continents and 20 nations for a long time.The religion of this empire was ‘Zoroastrian’, founded by Zartosht or Zarathustra from 1700-1800 BC and its millions of followers spread from Rome to the Indus River.

According to the history of the Zoroastrians before the arrival of the kingdom of Iran in the hands of the Arabs (Muslim Caliphate), so many dynasties ruled Iran in sequence:
1. Mahabad Dynasty,
2. Peshdadi Dynasty,
3. Kalyani Dynasty,
4. First Modi dynasty,
5. Asura (Assyrian) dynasty,
6. Second Modi dynasty,
7. Hakhamani Dynasty (Azimgarh Empire)
8. Parthian or Askani dynasty and
9. Sassan or Sassanian dynasty.

Islamic Invasion and Zoroastrian Conflict: Before the origin of Islam, Zoroastrianism was prevalent in ancient
Iran. In the 7th century, the Turks and Arabs brutally invaded Iran.
After the fall of the ‘Sasanian ‘ empire, the Parsis fled from their country to escape being persecuted by the  Muslim invaders. In this phase of the Islamic Revolution, some Iranians did not accept Islam and fled to India in a boat.

Iranian are Not Muslim?
Iran is the only country where Shia is the national religion. Also, Shias are in majority in Iraq and Bahrain.The ideological confrontation between Saudi Arabia and Iran is at its worst due to religious differences. According to Saudi Arabia’s largest religion Guru Mufti Abdul Aziz al-Sheikh, Iranians are not Muslims.

Abdul-Aziz is the Chief of the Islamic Organization established by the Saudi King. He said that Iranians have been followers of the Zoroastrian religion.

Some Important Historical Event in Iran

  • In 1909, a statutory government was established in Iran under the Shah.
  • On December 13, 1925, Iran’s Parliament Majlis declared its Prime Minister Razshah Pahlavi the Emperor of Iran.
  • The current (1973) King of Iran, Muhammad Raza Pahlavi, was sworn as head of state on 18 September 1941, after his father Razshah Pahlavi left the throne. But the coronation ceremony concluded on October 26, 1967 AD.
  • The Prime Minister of Iran, Dr. Massadq, nationalized the country’s oil industry in 1951 AD. In 1954, there was an agreement between the Iranian Government Oil Company and the Union of 17 International Oil Companies under which there was a provision for giving special discounts to the said companies on the purchase of oil.
  • In 1963, women were given voting rights in Iran, although the conservatives strongly opposed this move of administration and due to the outrage arising from it, the then Prime Minister of Iran, Mr. Mansoor was assassinated in January 1965.
  • 1966 AD Iran became a member of the Colombo Plan.
  • Iraq severed diplomatic relations with Iran in 1971 but also expelled 60,000 Iranians from their country.
  • In October 1971, Iran celebrated its 2,500th birth anniversary with great pomp and more than 40 heads of the state participated in the grand celebrations held in Persepolis on the occasion.

Tourism in Iran

A beautiful city called Yazd is situated above this desert located in Iran, due to which the heat is less.In this city of Iran, you get to see many historical places. Tourists come from the world to see the beauty of this city.

There is also a beautiful complex named Amir Chakhmaq, built in the middle of this city. Its beauty increases even more in the evening. To enhance the beauty of this complex, it has been renovated many times.


The old city also has a building called Yellow-Brown Mud Brick.Its architecture attracts tourists. If you also want to visit this city, then do not forget to visit it.

You can also visit the oldest and famous Jama Masjid to visit in the 14th century. Its tower is considered to be the largest tower in the country. Not only this, the Iranian Islamic architecture of this mosque is a different example of beauty.


To enjoy the coolness of summer, you can visit the most beautiful park ‘Bagh-e-Dolat‘. There is also a scenic place. This building built in the 18th century and its architecture will delight you.

There was also an ancient village named Kharanak in the city of Yazd but now only its remains remain. Apart from this, there are many ancient places to visit this historic desert city of Iran. If you have come to visit Iran then do not forget to visit this ancient and historical city.

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