Lesser-Known Facts About Canada | Historical Facts About Canada

Lesser-Known Facts About Canada | Historical Facts About Canada

Are you looking for lesser-known facts about Canada? Here is a collection of interesting and fun facts about Canada which You’ve Never Heard Before as well as you can also read general information about Canada such as culture, history, government rule, etc.Do you know Canada is the fourth largest country in terms of total area and second-largest in the world. Interesting Facts about Canada,which you will be surprised to read.


General facts about Canada

  • Total population –37.1 million (3.71 crores) (2018)
  • Highest mountain – Mount Logan ‎5,959 m (19,551 ft)
  • Total area –9,984,670 km2
  • Largest lake – Great Bear Lake
  • National Day – 1 July
  • Currency – Canadian dollar
  • National Song – “’O Canada”
  • Capital – Ottawa

Amazing Facts About Canada For Tourists  and Kids

1.Canada is a developed country and it’s per capita income ranks tenth in the world and 9th in the world in the Human Development Index. Canada is one of the most internationally known countries in terms of government transparency, civil liberties, quality of life, economic freedom and education. Canada is a member of the Commonwealth Nations, a member of Francophone and also part of many international and  intergovernmental organizations and groups, including the United Nations, North Atlantic Treaty Organization, G8, Group of 10, G20, North American Free Trade Agreement and the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Forum.

2.Canadian flag

The current Canadian flag began to be officially hoisted on 15 February 1965. Earlier, the appearance of the Canadian flag had been changed several times.The Canadian flag is also called the Flag of Canada or unofficially called the Maple Leaf. Maple is the name of a tree found in Canada whose leaves are inscribed in a flag.The flag was designed by Dr. George Stanley who considered Canadian history when designing it.
The leaves of the Maple tree have been inscribed because people have been using the sap of this tree for centuries and are doing so in the present time.The flag also has two standing red colored leaves and a maple tree leaf on the white part in the middle. Their ratio is 1: 2: 1. The white color signifies honesty and peace while the red color stands for hardness, strength, and valor. This red and white color is derived from the flag of England because Canada was ruled by the British and most of the people of Canada are descendants of the British.

3.Canadian people

  • 81% of the population lives in cities.
  • 90% of the Canadian population lives 160 kilometers from the border with Canada and the United States.
  • 15% are 65 years of age, and 68% are 15–64 years old.
  • The middle age here is 41 years.
  • The life span of a human being is about 81 years.
  • 17% of people in Canada smoke.
  • Canadians watch about 21 hours of TV a week.
  • Men are married in around 29 years, and women 27.

Watch Beauty of Canada

4.The Canadian country’s name was a misconception. When French explorers came to this new world, they met the local people who invited them to their ‘Kanata’ (the local people used this word for calling its village). From that point onwards, the name of that place was forwarded to ‘Kanata’ and then after a little bit of improvement, the country was named Canada.

5.Canada has made the record of winning the gold medal in the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics.

6.About 55,000 species of insects are found in Canada.

7.Canada becomes second nation in the world to legalize marijuana

Canada is the second country in the world after the G-7 nation to legalize marijuana. Let me tell you that, Uruguay was the first country to legalize the production, sale, and consumption of marijuana. Now a bill legalizing marijuana has been passed in Canada. Marijuana is allowed in Colombia, neighboring the United States.

8.You may not know that America attacked Canada twice, the first time in 1775 and second time in 1812 but America lost both times.

9.Hotel made of snow

Have you ever seen a hotel made of snow? If you have not seen, then let me tell you that there is a hotel in Canada which is completely made of snow.

Hotel de Glace

The name of this hotel is the Hotel de Glace. Hotel de Glace is built with 400 tons of snow and 12,000 tons of ice per year. Let me tell you that this hotel melts every year in summer and it is built every year during the winter season.

10.Do you want to become a rat owner?

Then let me tell you that, It is not easy to become a rat owner in Canada. You need a permit for this without permit You can not sell and buy a rat in Canada.

11.Basketball was invented by a Canadian.

The history of basketball is not old. The game was invented in 1891 by a Canadian physician named Dr. James Naismith. He is known as the inventor of basketball and is therefore called the “father of basketball”.While working as a physician in Springfield, he was trying to find a game that would be suitable for playing inside during the Massachusetts winter.


Naismith wanted to create a game for his students that would require skill rather than just power. Then Dr. Naismith invented the game of basketball and wrote some basic rules of playing the game, his students played basketball with a soccer ball.

12.Screaming tunnel is most haunted place in Canada

The tunnel is located near Niagara Falls in Ontario, Canada. This tunnel was built right below the Grand Trek railway lens. Which was used to divert the flow of water in the area towards the nearby fields.

Screaming tunnel

This tunnel was built in the year 1900, which is about 16 feet high, and 125 feet long tunnel.It is said that Some people gang-raped a girl in the tunnel and burned her to death. His burnt corpse was found in this tunnel. And the spirit of the same girl wanders here even today. The Dead Zone film has been shot in this tunnel, it is a horror movie, which was released in 1983.

13.Banff Springs Hotel

The Banff Spring Hotel was built 125 years ago by the Canadian Pacific Railway. People say about this hotel that it is one of the scariest places in the country.

Banff Springs Hotel

It is said that a girl came here to get married, but her clothes caught on fire, she was running to escape the fire that she had died after falling down the stairs. People see the same girl dancing with fire.At the same time, some locals say that a family was murdered in hotel room number 873, after which that family appears to be wandering.

14.552 carat yellow gem found in Canadas

The largest diamond found in North American has been discovered by the Dominion Diamond Mines & Rio Tinto Group from the snowy northern region of Canada. This yellow diamond of 552 carats is found from Diavik mine. This diamond is three times larger than the second-largest diamond found in Canada.

15.The smallest desert in the world

There is a small desert named the Carcross Desert in the Yukon province of Canada. Its area is just one square mile which can also be measured by steps. The village of Carcross, situated near this desert, was inhabited some 4500 years ago.There is a lot of rare flora along the banks of the cross river, but very few people know about them.
The Carcross Desert occupies a very high altitude. The Carcross Desert has now been developed as an adventure playground. A large number of adventure lovers visit here every week.

The Carcross Desert is not just a stronghold of tourists, but also a research center for Canadian scientists and geologists who are trying to find out how this small desert formed in the icy area.Yukon Geological Survey’s geologist Panaya Lipowski says that the birth of Carcross is the result of nearly ten thousand years of hard work of nature.

16.When it is talking about the longest thing, let me tell you that the Canadian coastline is 2,02,080 kilometers long.

17.Known as Sky Dom, Toronto Roger Center is home to the world’s largest Sony screen, whose length and breadth are 10 m * 33.6 m.

18.Blackberry Smartphone was discovered from the research conducted at the Motion Waterloo Office in Ontario.

19.The Yungo road from Ontario starts on Lake Ontario and goes north to Ontario to the Minnesota border, this road is about 2000 kilometers long.

20.The Big Nickel, found in Sudbury, Ontario, is the world’s largest coin.according to sources, it is 9 meters.

21.The least gravity in Canada compared to the whole world.Why the force of gravity is less

Ice Grassier used to be ten thousand years ago in Canada. grassier had a 3.2-km sheet. It was so heavy that they suppressed parts of the earth. Due to this, there was a decrease in mass and the force of gravity also decreased.

22.Actor Leslie Nilson is a Canadian. His brother Eric was also a Deputy Prime Minister of Canada from 1984 to 1986.

23.Cavalry Police were formed in 1873 in Canada, at that time there were 9 cavalry police officers. In 1920, this group was also merged with the State Police, resulting in the establishment of the famous Royal Canadian Mounted Police, today it has around 30,000 members.

24.Canada’s official phone numbers is 1-800-0-CANADA.

25.Half of the world’s newspapers are published in the US and Canada.

26.In Canada, you can not take the snake in the public place. There may be jail on doing this.

27.Largest lake – Great Bear Lake

The highest lakes in the whole world are in Canada. The Great Bear Lake is a freshwater lake in McKenzie district, the northwestern intermediate state of Canada. This lake remains covered with snow for eight months of the year. Many types of fish species are found in the Great Bear Lake. The area of this lake is 12,000 square miles in length, 200 miles in width from 25 to 100 miles and depth is 270 feet.It was discovered by Sir John Franklin in 1825 AD. Various types of fish are found in it.

28.America’s Canada Border is the world’s largest barrier. And there is a shortage of soldiers all the time here.

29.20% of the world’s clean water is in the lakes of Canada.

30.The highest number of polar bears in the world are found in Canada, for your information, tell us that there are around 25,000 polar bears in the whole world and out of these 15,500 are in Canada only.

31.More than 26.2 million Canadians live at a distance of 100 miles from the US border.

32.Canadian National Park is larger than the whole of Switzerland.

33.If the price of anything in Canada is more than $ 10, So you can not pay using the coins. If you do this you can be punished.

34.The Montreal city of Canada is the home of the beautiful church and it is often called the “City of St” or “City of a Hundred Bell Tower”.

35.Canada has a GDP of $ 1.844 trillion, making it the 11th largest GDP in the world. It has a per capita GDP of $ 52,364, the 10th highest in the world.

36.Canada is the second-largest oil reserve in the world, behind Saudi Arabia.

37.Macaroni and cheese are the most consumed in Canada in the world.

38.The Mall of America is owned by a Canadian.

39.Canada has a special relationship with India. The glimpse of Punjab in Canada is visible. This relationship between India and Canada is very old. Every year, around 30,000 people from India settle in Canada.

40.The forests of Canada can contain Japan, Italy, Cambodia, France, Germany, Cameroon, South Korea, Uruguay, and England.

41.More than 26.6 million Canadians live 100 miles from the US border.

43. The history of Canada is about 20,000 years old. Signs of life here include instruments that were found in the caves of the Northern Yukon Territory.

44.Canada is a country with federal parliamentary democracy and a constitutional monarchy, with Queen Elizabeth II becoming the head of state. At the federal level, the country is officially bilingual. It is one of the most ethnic diversity and very cultural countries in the world, where a large number of people come from abroad.

45.The country’s modern economy is one of the 11th largest in the world, largely dependent on the abundant natural resources and its internationally spread trade. Canada has a very dense and ancient relationship with the United States and its effect is also seen in the economy and culture of the country.

Historical Facts About Canada

Many tribal people had been inhabited in Canada for centuries. In the early 16th century, the British and French tried to establish their authority over this place, The French first established the Colony of Canada in 1537.
As a result of many conflicts, the United Kingdom overpowered it and even lost some of the territories of British North America,At the end of the 18th century, Canada was counted largely in geographical terms. According to the British North-America Act, on 1 July 1867, the Canadian Colony, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia were merged to form a federal dominion of Canada.
In 1931, Canada attained complete independence from the United Kingdom with the Law of Westminster (1931) and When the Canada Act-1982 was lifted, sovereignty also came into the country and also end Canada’s practice of relying on the Parliament of the United Kingdom

Important Dates in Canada History

  • 1583 – Newfoundland becomes England’s first foreign colony.
  • 1627 – The company of New France created the official and exploited “New France”, which was named the North American Colony of France.
  • 1763 – Under the Treaty of Paris, Britain acquired all of the France colony, including New France, mainly in eastern Mississippi, which later became the Colony of Quebec.
  • 1867 – Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick were united into the Canadian Dominion under the British North America Act.
  • 1931 – Westminster law grants British dominion, including Canada.
  • 1939 – World War II: The Canadian Army was active in Italy, Europe, the Atlantic.
  • 1982 – The United Kingdom transfers the last of its remaining legal forces to Canada, forcing them to adopt a new constitution, which includes a list of citizens’ rights.

Tourism in Canada

Tourism here is also considered better than in other countries. People from all over the world come to visit in Canada.

1.Niagara Falls
Niagara Falls is divided between Canada and the United States into three separate sets. Its Horseshoe Falls is the most famous. You can easily see all three falls from the Canadian side, 1 hour from Toronto.


2.Abraham lake
The temperature of this lake in Winter is minus 30 Fahrenheit. Water bubbles arise in the lake and freeze immediately. These frozen bubbles make this lake even more beautiful. Do not forget to click photos of this lake.

3.Avalon Peninsula
The iceberg sighting of Newfoundland and Labrador can be the most spectacular experience. you can see a huge glacial view of 10,000 years old on Sunny Day. You will see it from the northeast and eastern corner. Spring season or early summer is the perfect time to visit Iceberg.

4.Western brook pond
The 10-mile-long Western Brook Pond is in the National Park of Newfoundland. It is called Natural Masterpiece. you will get to a great view. Waterfalls, old rocks, high mountains will be seen.

5.Nahanni National Park
It has been on the UNESCO World Heritage site since 1978. The park is part of the Northwest Territories which spans 4700 square kilometers. The deep river flowing here cuts the Kenyon High Mountain Range. There are big waterfalls and caves.

6.Capilano Suspension Bridge
The Capilano Suspension Bridge in British Columbia is a few minutes from Vancouver City Center. It was formed in 1889. It is built above the Capilano River. Its length is 137 meters. It is often featured in many TV shows and films.


7.Lucy Lake
It is a very beautiful lake, its water is blue. It is a very cold lake. It is located in Lake Banff National Park. It is 2.5 kilometers long and 90 meters deep. Paddling can be done in the summer while skating can be enjoyed in winter.

If you know any new things about Canada then tell through the comments so that other people can also read, thank you.

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