Lesser-Known Facts About Brazil | Historical Facts About Brazil

Lesser-Known Facts About Brazil | Historical Facts About Brazil

Are you looking for lesser-known facts about Brazil? Here is a collection of interesting and fun facts about Brazil which You’ve Never Heard Before as well as you can also read general information about Brazil such as culture, history, government rule, etc.

Surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean in the east, Brazil has a coastline of 7,491 kilometers. All South American countries except Ecuador and Chile have borders and these borders cover 47.3% of the country’s total land area.

Its unique environmental heritage makes Brazil one of 17 megadiverse countries and people have shown interest in it globally and have tried to protect Brazil’s environment.Official name of Brazil-República Federativa do Brasil.

Amazing Famous Facts About Brazil

1.There are 3,71000(3.71 lakh) people in the army, navy and air force of Brazil. It has 26 states and an independent state Brasilia, which is also the capital of Brazil.

2.The transport system here is also very large. Roads and railways are used extensively. Brazil has 4,072 airports, ranking second in the world.

3.Rio de Janeiro, known as the “River of January”, is the second-largest city in Brazil, which remained the capital of Brazil for many centuries. This city is also known as a wonderful city. Rio de Janeiro is famous for its natural state, its carnival festival, samba, and other music and tourists.Rio de Janeiro was previously the capital of Brazil, but the city is located on the coastline.Therefore, keeping in mind its security point of view, the capital of Brazil was changed from Rio de Janeiro to Brasilia, a city located in the middle of the Brazilian country.

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4.The most spoken language in Brazil is Portuguese.

5.Previously, Portugal had named Brazil as Brazil Terra do Santa Cruz (Land of the Holy Cross), but in the ordinary language it was called Terra do Brasil by traders.

6.Free sex change operation is facilitated by the Brazilian Public Health System. It has also been included in the constitutional rights of citizens.

7.According to the Durex Face of Global Sex Survey, Brazilian young men and women lose their virginity first in comparison to any other country. The average age of young men and women having sex for the first time in Brazil is around seventeen years,

8.How is the culture?

The native culture of Brazil is strongly influenced by Portuguese culture due to its strong colonial ties with the Portuguese Empire.Among other influences, Portuguese introduced the Portuguese language, Roman Catholicism and colonial architectural styles, although the culture is also heavily influenced by African, indigenous and non-Portuguese European cultures and traditions.

9.How is tourism?

Tourism is a growing sector in Brazil and is a major industry in the economy of many regions of the country. Every year, millions of tourists visit here. Apart from this, in the Brazilian capital Rio de Janeiro, Christ the Redeemer, Copacabana Beach, Santa Teresa, Stairway of Cellaron, Church of Our Lady of Candelaria are many places where tourists visit every year.

10.Brazil’s Amazon forest is special

The Amazon forest is spread over an area of ​​5.5 million square km. It is about one and a half times larger in area than European Union countries. Amazon forests are also called the lungs of the world because it emits 20 percent of the oxygen present in the whole world.

There are more than 16 thousand species of plants in the Amazon forests. About 39 thousand crore trees exist in the Amazon forests. More than 2.5 million( 25 lakh) different species of insects are found here. More than 400 to 500 indigenous tribal castes live in the Amazon forests. About 50 percent of these tribal species never even had any contact with the outside world.

11.Brazil President Michel Temer leaves president house due to ghost scare

According to the weekly newspaper in Brazil, the President has left the Elvoreda Palace and has moved to the Vice President’s residence with his wife and seven-year-old son. Let us tell you that Brazil’s presidential residence was built by Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer.According to local media, Temer said that he finds something strange, I cannot sleep, there is any negative energy. According to the media, he had also called a pastor for this.

12.Snake Island Brazil is the most dangerous place in the world

Have you ever heard of any place where only snakes rule? If not, let us tell you that visiting this place is very dangerous. It is said that there are so many snakes that even if a person accidentally goes, then he would not be able to come back alive.

Snake Island Brazil
This dangerous place is in Brazil, which is known as ‘Snake Island’. This island looks quite beautiful when viewed from a distance, but you will be surprised to know that the world’s most dangerous snakes are found on this island.
Snake Island also has snakes of the Viper species, which can fly. It is said that the poison of these snakes is so dangerous that even the flesh of a human is strangled.
There are more than 4000 snakes of different species on this island. The Brazilian Navy has banned common humans from visiting this place. Here only snake-related experts are allowed to go for research. However, they too return only after researching coastal areas.They do not dare to go too much inside the island. golden lancehead viper found here is priced at $2537.91(Rs 18 lakhs) in the international market.

13.The word Brazil means “red like man” which is taken from a tree called Brazilwood.

14.Brazil’s highest peak is Pico da Neblina, which is 2,994 meters high.

15.Brazil is the most spoken Portuguese language in the world.

16.In terms of population, Brazil is the sixth-largest in the world, with a population of 201,009,622.

17.Brazil is the largest market of Crack cocaine in the world.

18.Termite mounds found in the forests of brazil

A shocking case has come to light in Brazil. Researchers have found mounds made by termites in the forests of the northwestern region of Brazil, which are about 4,000 years old and are as large as Great Britain.

Termite mounds

These mounds are spread over an area of ​​about 88 thousand square miles. These termites have been discovered by insect scientist Stephen Martin of the Britain University of Salford and its information has been published in the journal Current Biology.According to Martin, looking at them from the Google Earth map, it shows that the area in which these mounds are built is equal to 4000 pyramids of Giza and their number is around 200 million.

19.Rio Carnival

Rio Carnival is the grandest holiday held once a year in Brazil. In which millions of people participate.In which people dress up as some of these pictures and participate and enjoy the music dance fiercely.

Rio Carnival

The world’s most popular festival, Rio Carnival, is held in the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.Samba dance and parade celebrations lasting several days in February every year in Brazil are the most popular in the world. It is considered the best opportunity to express our culture and civilization to the world.

20.Violence against women every hour four girls raped in Brazil according to study

The non-governmental organization Brazilian Forum Public Security released this report.Four girls under the age of 13 are raped in Brazil every hour. Police receive reports of violence against women every two minutes.

Violence against women

This is revealed in the report of the non-governmental organization Brazilian Forum Public Security. The situation of women in Brazil with a population of 200 million is very frightening.Despite a 10.8% decrease in the national murder rate, there has been a 4% increase in the murder of women this year compared to last year.

21.Prisoner changed get up his daughter to escape from brazil jail

A gangster in Rio, Brazil, dressed as his 19-year daughter to escape from prison, but could not escape and was caught.41-year-old Clovino da Silva is currently in Rio prison.

Prisoner changed get up
Silva’s 19-year-old daughter came to visit him. During this, she wore a silicon girl mask. Also, put a wig. He was about to escape leaving his daughter in jail. Then he was caught.

22.Brazilian town made up entirely of women

The story of this Brazilian village is similar to Greek fiction stories, where there is a small village among the hills and the beautiful women living here seek the love of a man.
The same is true of this town of Noiva do Cordeiro in Brazil. It is very difficult to find unmarried men in this village of 600 women. Men are living in cities for work, while the responsibility of the entire town lies on the women.
How women rule started?:-In 1940, a pastor named Ennisio Pereira founded a church looking at the growing community. Not only this, he made various rules and regulations for people living here, such as not drinking alcohol, not listening to music and not getting haircuts. After the death of the pastor in 1995, the women here decided that they would never follow the rules made by a man. Since then, it is dominated by women.

23.The original inhabitants of the city of Rio de Janeiro are called Cariocas.

24.16th Century inventor Francisco de Orellana was the first European. In 1541, Who traveled from Peru to Brazil.

25.The national dish of Brazil is feijoada made of black bean.

26.Brazil is the fifth largest country in the world, it owns 47.3 percent of the area of South America. Except Chilei and Ecuador, the boundaries of all countries of the continent range from Brazil.

27.The focal point of the Carnival of Rio de Janeiro is Brazil’s World Famous Samba School Parade.

28.The Amazon River is the world’s largest river by volume, which has more than half its share in Brazil. It is 6400 km long and in the rainy season, it widens to 190 km.

29.Brazil claims to be the most Catholic population in the world, which is 73.6% of its total population.

30.Brazil’s beach is 7491 km, which is the 16th largest beach in the world.

31.Brazil is the first South American country. Who had admitted to recruiting female in the army for the first time in the 1980s.

32.Henry Ford himself farmed rubber in Amaze in 1927, but he failed because he could not able to save the crop from the diseases.

33.The national beverage of Brazil is the caipirinha, which is a sugar made from sugarcane, which is mixed with sugars and ice in a glass.

34.The green color on the flag of Brazil represents Brazilian forests, yellow-colored represent mineral stores, blue circles, and stars marks represent that morning when Brazil was liberated on 15 November 1889.

35.The first official traveler to reach Brazil was a Portuguese explorer André Gonçalves.

36.Who on 1 January 1502 had stepped on Brazilian Ria de Janeiro (Bay of January), which later changed to Rio de Janeiro.

37.Brasilia is currently the capital of brazil. Which is the third capital after Brazil’s independence

38.The Amazon Rainforest is the world’s largest freshwater source, which is as sweet as the fifth part of the world and produces one-third of the world oxygen.

39.The first printing press in Brazil was established in 1808 in Rio de Janeiro.

40.In Brazil, 1877-79, there was a severe drought, which was the most fierce dry in Brazil’s history, in which about .5 million people had lost their lives.

41.The island called Ilha do Bananal is the largest freshwater island in the world, which is 200 miles long and 35 miles wide.

42.Edson Arantes do Nascimento is The most wealthy and famous football player of Brazil, known by the world as Pelé.

43.The Maracanã Stadium of Rio is Brazil’s largest stadium, in which 1,80000 viewers can enjoy a football match.

44.The first US President to travel to Brazil was Franklin Roosevelt, who traveled to Brazil in July 1934.

45.Brazil is the second-largest country after America, with the highest number of airports.

46.Sex change surgeries are free from 2008 by the Brazilian Public Health System.

47.The parrot named Macaw is Brazil’s national bird.

48.Brazil has been the biggest maker of coffee for the past 150 years.

49.According to a study, 35 percent of Brazilians living in rural areas have sex with animals.

50.Brazilian capital Brasilia looks like an airplane from the sky.

51.Once upon a time, Rio de Janeiro was the capital of Portugal, which was the only European capital outside Europe.

52.Most of the communities living outside of Japan live in Brazil.

53.Vote in Brazil is mandatory.

54.Brazil’s Bororoua community have a unique quality. The blood group of all the people of this community is O.

55.The name of a city in Brazil is Nao-Me-Toque, which means “do not touch me”.

56.In terms of deforestation, Brazil is second place after Indonesia.

57.Every 10 minutes someone is murdered in Brazil.

58.In Brazil, Rio is pronounced Hio.

59.According to a report, 6 million tourists come to Brazil every year.

60.In the case of the largest number of billionaires in the world, Brazil comes to the 9th place.

61.Brazil is the first South American country to host the Olympics for the first time in 2016.

62.There is a 19 UNESCO World Heritage Site in Brazil.

63.Brazil has the largest number of monkeys from any other country.

64.180 languages are spoken in Brazil.

65.There are still 70 such tribes in an Amazon area that have no contact with the outside world.

66.There are 13 cities in Brazil, whose population is more than 10 million.

67.Itaipu Dam of Brazil is the second-largest producer of hydro-power in the world, which is 7.7 km long and 196 meters high.

68.To work in Brazil’s sugarcane fields, about 3.5 million people from Africa crossed the Atlantic Ocean and worked as slaves for three decades (the 1500s to 1800s).

69.If her mother’s milk is not sufficient for a child, then the Brazilian government provides milk of the breasts of women for the children.

67.Dilma Rousseff is the first female President of Brazil, who was elected to the President on 30 October 2010. And on 1 January 2011, he was appointed to the post of President.

68.In the case of drug administration, Brazil is at the top, because the drugs are sold 30 times cheaper than the rest of the countries.The development started after 1500. Most Portuguese settlements developed between 1550 and 1640. On 24 January 1964, a new constitution was established in Brazil. Brazil’s economy is at number eight in the world. Due to the rain-forested of the Amazon River, there is a lot of variation in the weather here, but most of the parts are tropical.

69.Brazil has the tenth largest railway in the world and the third-largest road network.

70.The prisoners of brazil can reduce their sentence by reading the book, here they have to read a book in 4 days and then have to prepare a report on it.

71.Brazil was once a slave to Portugal. After this, on 7 September 1822, this country got independence and in 1825 the first constitution of this country was made.

72.Brazil has been the world’s largest coffee producer for more than 100 years. Let us know, with the rise in popularity of coffee among Europeans, Brazil soon became the world’s largest producer in 1840. This country still produces the most coffee.

73.Brazil has won the Football World Cup most times out of the 20 World Cups played so far. This country won the Football World Cup 5 times.

74. In 1695, gold was first discovered by Brazil and in the 18th century, Brazil had much of the world’s total gold reserve.

75. Do you know that Brazil became the first South American country to do so by hosting the Olympics in 2016.

76.. In 2010, Brazil exported more than 500000 thousand (5 lakh) handguns, at that time Brazil became the largest handgun exporting country.

77.Christ the Redeemer Statue

Christ the Redeemer (statue), Mount Corcovado, Rio de Janeiro, is a huge statue of Christ installed on the summit of South Brazil.It was completed in 1931 and the height of this statue is 98 feet (30 meters).

Its horizontally stretched arms are 92 feet (28 m).It is set on a square stone pedestal base, which is 26 feet (8 m) high, The statue is the largest art deco-style sculpture in the world and one of the most recognized destinations in Rio de Janeiro.

78.Football is the most liked sport in the world and Brazil is the biggest stronghold of Football.Brazil has consistently given many great players to the Football, but their greatest players have been Pelé.Pelé has scored the most international goals for Brazil and his record has not been broken by any other Brazilian player for decades.

Historical Facts about Brazil

Many tribal nations are inhabited in Brazil, before landing in 1500, Pedro Álvares Cabral claimed that this place belongs to the Kingdom of Portugal.Brazil remained confined to the Portuguese colony until 1808 when the capital of the empire was transferred from Lisbon to the Rio de Janeiro.In 1815, the United Kingdom was founded for the people of Portugal, Brazil, and the Algarves.
Brazil gained independence in 1822 and then the Brazilian Empire was also created, Brazil became a presidential republic in 1889. Brazil has 26 states and 5,570 municipalities.

The Brazilian economy is the ninth-largest economy in the world by GDP rate and the seventh-largest by PPP rate. As of 2010, Brazil, a member of the BRICS countries, was one of the fastest-growing economies.At the same time, with the improvement in the country’s economy, the country made a new identity at the international level. The development of Brazil’s national banks has played an important role in the country’s economic development. Brazil is also a founding member of the United Nations, G-20, BRICS, Unsul, Mercosul, Organization of the American State, Organization of Libero-American State, CPLP and Latin Union.

  • Pedro Álvares Cabral who came out to travel to India but reached Brazil on April 22, 1500, and claimed that Brazil was under the Portuguese empire.
  • September 1822 is considered as the country’s official birthday when Prince Pedro refused to return to Portugal.
  • After independence from Portugal, the monarchy continued in Brazil until Brazil’s independence was not announced in 1889.

Some important days in the history of Brazil

  • 1500 – Portuguese residents settled and claimed to be Portuguese empire.
  • 1822 – Portuguese king’s son declares Brazilian independence from Portugal and makes himself the first ruler of the Brazilian Empire.
  • 1888 – Slavery was abolished. A year later, the monarchical system was also pulled out of Brazil and the Federal Republic was established.
  • 1960 – The country’s capital Rio de Janeiro is moved to the new and developed city of Brasilia.
  • 2002 – Famous Lula wins the election of Brazil’s yellow left-wing president and becomes Brazil’s first left-wing president.
  • 2016 – Dilma Rousseff – is removed from the post of President after being found guilty in the impeachment trial.

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