Interesting and fun facts about Bihar | Historical Facts

Interesting and fun facts about Bihar | Historical Facts

In ancient India, Bihar was considered as the center of power, education, and culture. Apart from this, there are so many interesting facts about Bihar that you must know. As part of Bengal’s Partition (1912), the state of Bihar came into existence.

Amazing, History, Famous Facts About Bihar For Tourists  and Kids

Here is a list of Interesting and Unknown facts about Bihar as well as In this article, you can also read some historical facts and general information about the Bihar such as facts about culture, history, government rule, total population of the Bihar State.
Bihar’s Capital is Patna. And Bihar’s most spoken language is Magahi, Bhojpuri, and Maithili. While the official language is Hindi and Urdu. The area of ​​Bihar is 94,163 square kilometers.
Bihar State is ranked 13th in terms of area, if it is spoken on the basis of Bihar Population, then it is at 3rd place. Bihar’s Total Population is 1,03,84,637.
Bihar Sex Ratio is 918 females per thousand and Bihar Literacy Rate is 61.82%, Bihar State is 29th on the basis of literacy. There are 38 districts in Bihar State, Lok Sabha seats 40 and 16 of Rajya Sabha.


  1. Bihar was made the state on April 1, 1936. The first Chief Minister of Bihar State was Krishna Singh and the first Governor James Shifton.
  2. Bihar is derived from the word “Vihara” derived from Sanskrit, which means – Buddhist monastery.
  3. Litti-Chokha is a local dishes of Bihar which is quite famous all over India.
  4. The “Super 30” coaching center in Bihar was included in the list of Best Institutions by America’s Time Magazine.
  5. The boundaries of Bihar State meet with 3 states, the states are – Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, and Jharkhand. Bihar Border also touches the international border from Nepal.
  6. The ancient cities of Vaishali are considered to be the world’s first Republic, which is located in Bihar.
  7. On April 1, 1936, a part of Bihar was separated and the new state became Orissa, then in November 2000, a part of this state was separated and Jharkhand became a new state.
  8. The animal fair of Sonpur in Bihar is famous all over the world since ancient times, which is held on Kartik Purnima.King used to buy elephants, horses from this fair for war.
  9. One of the largest inventions in history “Zero (0)”, invented by Aryabhatta, who was from Bihar.
  10. Bihar was the capital of the Maurya emperors. This state was known as Magadha in the time of the Maurya Empire.
  11. After the Battle of Buxar in 1764, the East India Company had got the right to recover tax in Bihar, Bengal, and Orissa.
  12. There are many popular Bollywood actors from Bihar, including actors like Priyanka Chopra, R. Madhavan, Susan Singh Rajput, Imtiaz Ali, Neeraj Pandey, Prakash Jha.
  13. The famous Bismillah Khan, who plays the clarinet, is also from Bihar, who was honored with Bharat Ratna in 2001.
  14. The ancient university of Indian culture, Nalanda and Vikramshila were on the soil of Bihar, where Shri Rama and Lakshman’s education were concluded.
  15. In 2014 Bihar government created the world’s largest WiFi zone which is in Bihar’s capital Patna and it is 20 kilometers long.
  16. The birth of great Guru Gobind Singh of the Sikhs also took place in Patna, which was the last Guru of the Sikhs and great fighters.
  17. Bodh Gaya is the center point of Buddhist pilgrimage, there is a Bodhi tree and an ancient temple where Lord Buddha used to receive knowledge.
  18. The good thing is that the number of doctors who have the highest gold medal in India is also in Bihar.
  19. Guru Chanakya, the Guru of Chandra Gupta Maurya and the who founded of the Maurya Empire, was also from the same land which was a very skilled strategist.
  20. The birth of the first President of India Dr. Rajendra Prasad was also in Bihar.
  21. The main festival of Bihar is chhath which is being celebrated since ancient Vedic times, today this festival has become a symbol of Bihar’s culture.
  22. The oldest Hindu temple in the country is ‘Mundeshwari’ in Bihar.
  23. There is no doubt that in today’s time most IAS and IPS are the people of Bihar.
  24. Buddhism and Jainism emerged on the land of Bihar.
  25. Mata Sita was born in Bihar.
  26. In Bihar, Ganga, Bagmati, Koshi, Kamala, Gandak, Ghaghara and Son rivers flows.
  27. During the war of Mahabharata, King jarasandha of Bihar had a war with Lord Krishna.


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