Interesting and fun facts about Assam | Historical Facts

Interesting and fun facts about Assam | Historical Facts

Assam is a state of the Indian republic, which is the axis of states of Northeastern India. Assam is a large state of north-eastern India which is surrounded by many types of mountain ranges. Since ancient times, different castes came from time to time in the hills and valleys of this region and contributed to the mixed culture here. On this post, you will find interesting, interesting and unheard of facts related to Assam’s history, geography, population, religion, etc.

Amazing, History, Famous Fun Facts About Assam For Tourists and Kids


  1. Assam is India’s 15th most populous state with a population of 31.2 million.
  2. Languages ​​- Assamese is the largest language spoken in Assam which is about 49 percent spoken. After this, there is a number of Bengali (27%), Hindi (6%), Bodo (5%), Nepali (2.12%), and other languages.
  3. Religion – 61 percent of Assam’s population is Hindu whereas 35 percent Muslims, 4 percent Christians, Buddhists, Jains and other religion. You would be surprised to know that in 2001, the Hindu population was 64 percent in Assam, but due to Muslim intruders coming from Bangladesh continuously, the ratio of the Hindu population has decreased. 10 districts of Assam are dominated by Muslims.
  4. History of Assam is very ancient, Assam was called Pragjyotishpur (Ja Pragjyotich) in ancient times.
  5. The description of Assam is also found in the Mahabharata. According to the Mahabharata, during the Mahabharata war, there was the King Bhagadatta of Pragjyotishpur, who had supported Pandavas in the Mahabharata war on the request of Shri Krishna.
  6. During the Maurya period, the western part of Assam was part of the Mauryan Empire, which probably was won by Chandra Gupta Maurya.
  7. After independence, Assam was a large state with its capital Shillong. On the demand of different states based on culture, Nagaland in 1968 and then in 1972, Meghalaya and Mizoram were separated from Assam.After the state’s capital Shillong migrated to Meghalaya, Dispur was made the capital of Assam.
  8. Assam is the 17th largest state of India with an area of 78,438 sq km, whose border meets all the northeastern states and its international border meets Bhutan, Bangladesh, and Myanmar.
  9. The Brahmaputra river is said to be the lifeline of Assam. It passes through the middle of the state and the Brahmaputra river valley is about 100 kilometers wide and 1000 kilometers long.
  10. The Majuli Island built by the Brahmaputra river in Assam is the world’s largest river built island.
  11. India has the most wild buffalo in Assam. Apart from this, most species of birds are also in this state. About 820 types of birds are found in Assam and about 190 species are of mammals.
  12. India’s first oil reserves:We all probably remembered it as the first question of General Knowledge. India’s first oil reserves are located in Digboi of Assam state.India has the largest crude oil reserves in Assam. In Assam, about 50 percent of India’s mineral oil reserves are safe. India’s 25 percent petrol needs are available only from Assam.
  13. Shares the border with two different countries:Assam shares the border with countries like Bangladesh and Bhutan and continues to remain in the spotlight due to illegal refugees.
  14. The largest producer of tea:Although tea cultivation was started here in the era of British rule, Assam is the best and big tea producing state in India.In the case of tea production, Assam is no. 1 in India. It produces tea of 55 percent of India and 16 percent of tea in the world.
  15. The Sanctuary of Assam is in the list of UNESCO:Kaziranga National Park of Assam and Manas Wildlife Sanctuary are included in the UNESCO Global Heritage List.
  16. Assam state has its own distinct state song : Assam State has its own separate state anthem. This state song was composed by Lakshmikant Bezbaruahua.
  17. Bihu is the center point of Assam’s culture:Bihu is a state celebration of Assam and it is celebrated three times in the state.
  18. Guwahati is the pseudo capital of Assam:Now, we all know that the official capital of Assam is Dispur. However, Assam’s High Court, National Law University, IIT, DGP Headquarter and all important offices are located in Guwahati. Guwahati works as the non-official capital of Assam.
  19. The silk of Assam is famous all over the world :Assam’s Gondi Silk, Golden Muga, Pat and warm eri are world famous.
  20. There is also a place where the world’s birds have committed suicide:The place called Jatinga of Assam state is known as a mysterious place. Here hundreds of birds come in every year and commit suicide.These birds kill themselves by hitting on the trees, buildings. This secret has not been solved until now.
  21. Brahmaputra river is not a river :If we believe in Hindu mythological stories then the Brahmaputra river is considered to be a male.Apart from this, the Son river of Bihar state is also known as the male. This is a unique case of your kind
  22. Alcohol is the main beverage of this state: People of Assam prepare alcohol in different ways and here many quality liquors are available. Alcohol is not prohibited in Assam and people also make liquor in their respective homes.


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