Interesting and fun facts about Andaman Nicobar | Historical Facts

Interesting and fun facts about Andaman Nicobar | Historical Facts

The Andaman Nicobar islands is a part of India.Every year millions of tourists visit this island to enjoy the holiday. But there are many such facts that you may not know about this island. Today we are going to introduce you to some similar facts of Andaman Nicobar.

Amazing, History, Famous Fun Facts About Andaman Nicobar  For Tourists and Kids

Here is a list of Interesting and Unknown and omg facts about Andaman Nicobar   as well as In this article, you can also read some historical facts and general information about the Andaman Nicobar  such as facts about culture, history,government rule, total population of the Andaman Nicobar  State.

People have a variety of beliefs about the origins of this island. It is believed that the Andaman word is a form of Lord Hanuman, which has become popular with the Malay language of Sanskrit origin. In fact, the Hanuman character of the Ramayana in the Malay is called Henduma and Nicobar means the land of the naked people.

  1. The original tribes living here do not friendly with people coming from outside. Residents are mainly from ‘Jarawa’ tribe.
  2. It is in less than 500 and does not get friendly with outsiders.
  3. Andaman’s “Jarawa tribe” is residing on the islands of Indian Ocean for the last 55,000 years.
  4. Origin of people of Jarawa tribe is considered the continent of Africa.
  5. “Jarawa tribe” is considered the oldest tribe in the world, which is still living in the Stone Age.
  6. The “Jarawa tribe” is now on the verge of extinction, whose number now remains about 380.
  7. The island is very popular at the global level, but it still has many such places where the human being can not reach.
  8. Of the total 572 islands, 36 is worth visiting or settling. Selected people are allowed to visit Nicobar only for research or survey. It’s also hard to get here for the tourist.
  9. Here most sea turtle is found. The biggest turtle on earth makes its place here. The name of this turtle is Dermochelys Coriacea. these are very big in size and goes to Andaman every year. Earth’s smallest tortoise Olive Ridley also takes refuge in Andaman.
  10. On the 20 rupee note, the forest part is of Andaman Island.
  11. Commercial fishing is banned in Andaman. It is one of the few places in the world where fish have an opportunity to live their life.
  12. The first ray of the sunrise before the century was on the islands of Andaman(Kachal Island).
  13. Butterfly in Andaman will look more to you. Andaman is a ‘Happy Island’ for Butterflies. Many butterflies from nearby tropical islands arrive here.
  14. Coconut Crab is found very much in Andaman. These are the largest crab found on the ground, which can be up to 1 meter in length. Their preferred diet is coconut, They easily break the strong shell of coconut from their mouth.
  15. Here is the most spoken Bengali language. Apart from this, there are people who speak Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam languages.
  16. Andaman’s State Animal is Dugong It is a sea creature and is very shy with its pair.
  17. In India, only you will get to see the volcano in Andaman. India has only one active volcano, and it is only in Andaman. This island is located 135 kilometers from Port Blair. You can see this volcano here.
  18. The principal European who made its settlement in Andaman was Danish (i.e inhabitant of Denmark) in 1755.
  19. The British first arrived in Andaman in 1789. The British made their settlement and Naval Military Base here.
  20. The Danish colonial rule ended in 1868. That’s because the British bought it. After this, the full authority of the island went into the hands of the British.
  21. Subhash Chandra Bose strengthened his ‘Azad Hind Fauj’ with Japanese help. This was the period of World War II.Bose named the North and Southern Island as the “Saheed Island” and “Swaraj Island”.
  22. During World War II, Andaman and Nicobar was the only place of India which had been occupied by Japan.Japan had taken possession of some parts of the northeast of India but only for 6 months. This island was occupied by Japan for 3 years.
  23. The two islands of Andaman are named after the two officers of the East India Company(i.e Havelock and Neil Island).
  24. In English rule, the name of Andaman was known for the punishment of ‘Kala Water'(black water punishment).
  25. The cell prison here tells the story of heroes of freedom struggle. However, this prison has now been converted into a national monument.
  26. More than India, Andaman is close to Indonesia and Burma. Andaman is 150 kilometers away from Indonesia whereas India’s border is 800 kilometers away.
  27. 90 percent of Andaman Island area is dense wild. It is more than any state of India.
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