How to Organise a Successful Villa Group Vacation in Bali

How to Organise a Successful Villa Group Vacation in Bali

Dubbed as the Land of the Gods, Bali offers its pure natural beauty of abundant terraced rice fields and looming volcanoes that provide a relaxing atmosphere. The island is also known for its beautiful beaches that are paradise to many surfers. 

Located at 8 degrees south of the equator, Bali offers nice tropical weather—warm and humid throughout the year. While the beach is famous among tourists, the island also offers excellent villas for group vacations. 

If you and your family, friends, or colleagues want to enjoy the island with less crowd, staying in a pool villa in Bali would be a wise choice. Now, if you are tasked to organise your group vacation, you already know that it is not an easy task. The tips below will help you organise a successful villa group vacation. 

Set a suitable date for everyone 

One of the most challenging tasks of organising a group vacation is setting a suitable date for everyone. Your best option is to establish a wide range of dates and ask everyone to choose their preferred days, the days they can adjust, and the impossible days. 

Do a cross-reference to pinpoint everyone’s availability while considering the flight times and necessary prices. 

Ask everyone to write a wish-list 

Each group member has their idea of a perfect group vacation, so knowing what they have in mind can help you picture out the type of vacation that is going to be successful. Ask every member what their ideal vacation is before you start organising. For instance, does everyone want to enjoy the beach, relax by the pool, and do some exciting activities? 

Know everyone’s activity request 

The next task is to know what specific activities everyone wants to do. This can help you in planning the right itinerary for the group. You can do this by asking everyone to list all the things they want to do, regardless if they are indoors or outdoors. 

Know if special arrangements are needed for any events 

Often, one or more in the group needs some special arrangements or requirements for food, activities, room, etc. Make sure to know these things so no inconvenience will arise during your vacation. Moreover, you have to do this in private, as some issues can be personal. 

Begin the itinerary 

Once all the activities and special requests have been decided and listed, you can now add them to the group’s itinerary. Don’t forget to give everyone enough time to do their things and relax. Remember that the secret to a successful vacation with a group is to have a relaxing time alone. 

Allocate the rooms 

Villas are perfect for group vacation because of the setting, location, features, services offered, communal space, and privacy. Moreover, it has multiple rooms that range from four to around nine, with family suites and rooms for kids. 

You can always find a pool villa in Bali where you can enjoy the island’s beautiful nature while relaxing in a luxurious place with complete amenities, such as a heated pool, spa, and fine dining on-site. Moreover, some of them will also let your group explore the island’s beauty and cultural richness through their personalised tours. 

While organising a trip can be challenging, following these simple tips will ensure the success of your group’s vacation in Bali.

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