How to get a layover longer than a few hours?

How to get a layover longer than a few hours?

8/7/2016 2:51:17 PM

A good way to search for these stopovers is to use matrix. Here’s an illustration of a search for stopovers of at least 36 hours (2160 minutes).

First do a simple search to get an idea of prices without stopover charges:

enter image description here

Which produces this result (I requested prices in USD to make comparison easier):

enter image description here

Next add in the /minconnect option which requests a stopover/layover with a minimum connection time in minutes:

enter image description here

Which gives:

enter image description here

You’ll often find the same stopover point, so you might want to eliminate one or several stopover points from your search and you can do that by specifying “~XXX” for not airport XXX or “~XXX,YYY” for not either of airport XXX or YYY, followed by “*” meaning any number of additional flights, e.g.

enter image description here

and you might end up with an alternative set of stopovers:

enter image description here

Once you’ve found a set of flights that look suitable, you’ll need to check visa requirements and then try to book the flights either on an airline’s website with the multicity option, or call a travel agent.

8/7/2016 1:39:26 PM

Basically you are going to stop or have a short stay for 2-3 days within EU countries and your final destination is USA, you are talking about multi destination flights and you can only do that with valid visas on you passport(Pakistani Passport).

I have traveled many times with multi destination flights from Pak-MiddleEast-eu-Usa in the last 15 years. However tickets prices may increase because of additional airport taxes and stopover charges.

Do you have any specific itinerary in your mind?, so that I would be able to suggest you a nice and affordable itinerary.

8/7/2016 12:43:00 PM

A transit is by definition less than 24 hours, with some rare exceptions if the best available connection is longer.

If you want to stay longer, you’ll need to look for a stopover. These often cost extra (US$100 is typical), although some airlines like Singapore and Emirates offer well-priced stopover packages including hotel, and usually need to be booked by a travel agency instead of online.

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