How can an EU citizen (Poland) obtain an Australian tourist visa from Saint Petersburg, Russia?

8/14/2013 5:50:13 AM

Visa applications for Australia can be done completely online! (For Australia)

So firstly, to confirm, yes Polish citizens do need a visa for Australia.

Then, apply for it online. There are sites explaining the whole process.

Travelers are not required to visit the Australian embassy nor send in
their passports. Once online visa applications are approved,
applicants will receive their visa by email, which is recognized by
all airlines traveling inbound to Australia and provided that all your
travel documents are in order, you should have no trouble boarding
your flight to Australia.

8/14/2013 5:49:50 AM

Australia now does electronic Visas for most tourist Visas, so you will likely be able to apply over the Internet at

There is no need to have a physical stamp in your passport, and no need send your passport anywhere.

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