Health Benefits of Owning A Pet

Health Benefits of Owning A Pet

It’s amazing how with no effort at all, pets manage to bring a lot of smiles and joy into our lives. Being a pet parent is bliss! Pets make us laugh, they comfort us whenever we are low and are always there for us no matter what. They improve the quality of our lives. On an emotional level as well, owning a pet reduces depression, stress and anxiety and also lowers the chances of heart attack and stroke.


Nothing comes close to the feeling of joy when coming home to a loyal companion. Only a person who has been a pet parent before can understand this bond of unconditional love between a human and a pet. Not only do pets make us feel less sad and lonely, but they also benefit our physical and mental health. Here are some of the health benefits of owning a pet.

Fitness – Pets need to go out on regular walks in order to stay happy and healthy and so do we. We sometimes have the tendency to get a bit lazy and not exercise. This affects our overall fitness. But as pet parents we cannot give an excuse. Pets, especially dogs, can easily make one run around the park every day. They can possibly be the best personal trainer anyone could ever ask for. This also reduces the frequency of vet visits for the pet and less of doctor visits for us.

Lowers Stress Levels – Life today is full of stress and high levels of anxiety. This can lead to numerous health problems. Researchers have found that having a company of a pet around decreases one’s level of stress and anxiety. Pets help us relax. Coming home to a furry bud after a hectic day at work surely brightens up one’s mood. It also helps in lowering the risk of a heart attack which can be caused due to excessive stress.

Less Loneliness – Pets ensure that their hooman is never lonely. If you live by yourself it can get awfully lonely at times. Pets especially cats and dogs make for great companions. They are always waiting for you to come home and play with them. There cannot be a better companion than pets to share the events of the day. Even if you are having a bad day, they are good listeners and great snuggle partners.

Low Blood Pressure – Studies have found that people who have pets tend to suffer less from problems related to blood pressure. They have lower blood pressure in times of stress than people who don’t have pets around them. Since the company of pets around us helps in lowering our stress levels, it further results in having a controlled blood pressure.

Companionship – This is the most important and foremost attribute for leading a healthy lifestyle. Having a pet around adds quality years to one’s life and prevents illness. Majority of the present generation is hugely suffering from depression. Isolation and loneliness are the most valid causes of depression. Living with a pet makes one feel needed and wanted. It takes our focus away from our problems. Most pet parents have a habit of talking to their pets. Sharing with them the entire course of their day. The company of a pet reduces the effect of psychological syndromes and is the best way to live a happy and healthy life.

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