Does being refused entry to Singapore mean I am now blacklisted?

9/4/2015 12:53:36 AM

Only the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) knows, and they don’t tell you! This means everything I will say here is purely anecdotal and should be taken with a large dab of sambal.

So the bad news: by default, being refused entry to Singapore means you’re also blacklisted for anything from 6 months to 7 years. Bans of over one year are usually reserved for repeat offenders, people caught working illegally, etc. Anecdotally, if you are refused entry and not blacklisted because there’s a good reason (for example, you already have a pending long-term visa application), you are told so.

If your friend wants to go to Singapore again, I would advise him to wait a while (a year?) and then apply for a visa at a Singapore embassy/consulate first.

For Australia, the tourist visa application form asks whether you have ever been “removed, deported, or excluded from any country”. Your friend has not been “removed” or “deported”, but he has arguably now been “excluded”, and checking “Yes” is not going to look good. On the other hand, while the odds of getting caught for checking “No” are low, it’s really bad to get busted for lying here.

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