Can a shop in the Netherlands force you to buy clothes if you take a photo?

4/30/2016 11:22:28 AM

Being Dutch, I have never heard of such law.
I also doubt there is a law that would cover this, I would take it as a try to intimidate you. But also as a ‘please really, really do not do this.’

If caught out after you made the picture and before you had seen the sign, I would let them try to sue you.
But if seeing the sign before you take the picture, do not take one.

If the designs in the shop are unique, they have the right to protect their copy-right, but that would go for pictures of the clothing without it being worn.
I would not let me be bullied into buying their clothing, but I would also not take photos of me wearing stock unless I have approval of shop staff.

Taking the photo is not breaking the copy-right laws, using the information from the photo might be. But that breaking of the copy-right laws can also happen after you have bought the item, much easier even. So I doubt the judge (if it came to a court case) would accept it as reason to be forced to buy the item.

I am Dutch, I am not a lawyer but I am pretty much aware of customer rights.

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