Garfield, NJ : Interesting Facts, Famous Things & History Information | What Is Garfield Known For?

Garfield, NJ : Interesting Facts, Famous Things & History Information | What Is Garfield Known For?

History & Information About Garfield, New Jersey

Garfield, New Jersey is a charming city located in Bergen County, USA. With a rich history and vibrant community, it is an ideal place to live, work, and explore. Let's dive deeper into the fascinating history and information about Garfield!

Garfield was originally inhabited by the Native American Lenape people before European settlers arrived in the 17th century. The area was initially known as "New Barbadoes Neck" and was part of Essex County. It wasn't until 1873 that Garfield was officially incorporated as a city.

The city was named after President James A. Garfield, the 20th President of the United States. President Garfield served from March to September 1881 before his assassination. The city's name was chosen to honor his memory and contributions to the nation.

Throughout its history, Garfield has thrived as a hub for various industries. It had a robust manufacturing sector, especially in textiles and rubber. The city's strategic location near major transportation routes, such as the Passaic River and major highways, played a significant role in its industrial growth.

Today, Garfield has transformed into a diverse and vibrant community. It offers a variety of amenities, including numerous parks, recreational facilities, and shopping centers. The city's commitment to education is evident in its well-regarded public schools, providing quality education to its residents.

One of the notable attractions in Garfield is the Garfield Historic District. This district showcases the city's architectural heritage with beautifully preserved buildings from different eras. Walking through the district feels like a journey back in time, offering a glimpse into Garfield's past.

Garfield is also known for its strong sense of community. The city regularly hosts events and activities that bring residents together, fostering a close-knit and friendly atmosphere. From annual parades to local festivals, there is always something exciting happening in Garfield.

Another fascinating aspect of Garfield is its diverse culinary scene. The city boasts a wide range of restaurants, reflecting various cultures and cuisines. Whether you crave Italian, Polish, Mexican, or any other type of cuisine, Garfield has a restaurant to satisfy your taste buds.

In terms of transportation, Garfield offers easy access to major highways, making it convenient for commuters. Additionally, the city is serviced by New Jersey Transit buses, providing public transportation options to nearby areas and connecting residents to New York City.

Garfield is also home to several parks and green spaces, providing ample opportunities for outdoor recreation. Locals and visitors can enjoy activities like picnicking, jogging, and playing sports in these scenic areas. The Garfield Veterans Memorial Park, Fourth Ward Park, and Zabriskie-Sloat House Park are among the popular ones.

In conclusion, Garfield, New Jersey is a city rich in history, culture, and community spirit. From its early beginnings to its current diverse landscape, Garfield offers something for everyone. Whether you are interested in exploring its historic buildings, participating in community events, or enjoying the local cuisine, Garfield welcomes you with open arms.

If you are considering a visit or making Garfield your new home, you will surely appreciate the city's unique charm, abundant amenities, and warm-hearted residents.

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Interesting Lesser Known Facts About Garfield, New Jersey

Located in the United States, Garfield, New Jersey is an intriguing city with its own unique history and lesser-known facts. Let's delve into some fascinating details about this wonderful place:

  • Namesake: Garfield is named after the 20th President of the United States, James A. Garfield.
  • Small Size: Despite being a city, Garfield is quite compact in terms of area, covering just over 2 square miles.
  • Industrial Roots: Once an industrial hub, Garfield played a significant role in the silk and textile industries during the late 19th and early 20th centuries.
  • Diversity: The city boasts a diverse population, with residents of various ethnic backgrounds adding to the vibrant cultural fabric.
  • Pet-Friendly: Garfield is known for being a pet-friendly city, offering several parks and open spaces to cater to furry friends.
  • Historic Landmarks: It is home to several historic landmarks, such as the Garfield Historic District, which preserves the town's heritage.
  • Thriving Sports Community: Garfield has a deep love for sports, and it's not just limited to mainstream ones. The city embraces various sports, including soccer and wrestling.
  • Annual Events: Residents and visitors can enjoy special events throughout the year, like the Memorial Day Parade and the Summer Concert Series.
  • Transportation Hub: Garfield conveniently connects to major transportation routes, ensuring easy accessibility to nearby cities and attractions.
  • Cultural Offerings: The city hosts cultural events and activities, like art exhibitions and music festivals, allowing residents to appreciate and participate in the arts.

These are just a handful of the many intriguing and lesser-known facts about Garfield, New Jersey. The city's rich history, diverse population, and numerous attractions make it a fascinating place to explore and call home.

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What Is Garfield City Known & Famous For

Garfield, New Jersey is a city known for its rich history and vibrant community. Located in the northeastern part of the United States, Garfield offers a variety of attractions and features that make it both notable and popular among residents and visitors.

One of the significant aspects that Garfield is famous for is its industrial heritage. The city played a prominent role in the industrial revolution, particularly in the textile and silk industry. The manufacturing factories and mills that once thrived in Garfield contributed to its growth and development as a manufacturing powerhouse.

Additionally, Garfield is known for its diverse cultural atmosphere and tight-knit community. The city has a significant population of immigrants from various backgrounds, which has enriched its cultural fabric. This diversity is evident in the wide range of cuisines, festivals, and events celebrated throughout the year. It creates an inclusive and vibrant environment where different traditions and customs coexist harmoniously.

The city of Garfield also takes pride in its public parks and recreational facilities. The local government has invested in creating green spaces and ensuring that residents have access to well-maintained parks and playgrounds. These areas offer opportunities for outdoor activities, relaxation, and community gatherings.

In recent years, Garfield has been recognized for its lively arts and entertainment scene. The city hosts various art exhibitions, concerts, and cultural performances, providing platforms for local artists and showcasing their talents. This cultural vibrancy adds to the overall charm of Garfield as a city that values creativity and expression.

Lastly, Garfield is known for its strong sense of community and civic engagement. The residents actively participate in local events and initiatives, fostering a spirit of togetherness and collective progress. The city takes pride in its community organizations, charities, and volunteer groups that work towards making Garfield a better place for all.

In conclusion, Garfield, New Jersey is famous for its industrial heritage, cultural diversity, public parks, arts and entertainment scene, and strong sense of community. These attributes contribute to making Garfield an attractive and thriving city that offers something for everyone.

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Living in Garfield, New Jersey, USA City

Garfield, New Jersey is a vibrant city nestled in Bergen County. Living here offers a unique experience, blending urban convenience with a suburban atmosphere. Let's dive into what it's like to call Garfield home.

The Community

Garfield boasts a diverse and tight-knit community. The city is known for its friendly atmosphere, where neighbors become friends, and people genuinely care about one another. The strong community spirit fosters a sense of belonging and creates a welcoming environment for residents.

Convenience and Access

One of the perks of living in Garfield is its prime location. Situated just a few miles from New York City, residents have easy access to a wide range of employment, entertainment, and cultural opportunities. Commuting is a breeze with various transportation options available, including buses and trains.

Recreation and Amenities

The city is well-equipped with recreational facilities and amenities to cater to every interest. You'll find beautiful parks, sports fields, and hiking trails for outdoor enthusiasts, as well as community centers offering various programs and events. Shopping centers, restaurants, and entertainment venues are also plentiful, ensuring there's always something to explore and enjoy.

Educational Opportunities

Garfield is home to excellent educational institutions, providing quality education for all ages. From top-rated public schools to renowned private academies, residents have access to diverse educational opportunities that foster intellectual growth and success.

Cost of Living

Compared to nearby cities, Garfield offers a more affordable cost of living. Housing options vary from charming single-family homes to modern apartments, catering to different preferences and budgets. Additionally, essential amenities like groceries, utilities, and healthcare are reasonably priced, allowing residents to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle without breaking the bank.


In summary, living in Garfield, New Jersey provides a fulfilling experience. The strong community bonds, convenient location, diverse recreational opportunities, quality education, and affordable cost of living combine to create a desirable place to call home. Whether you're raising a family, starting a career, or enjoying your retirement years, Garfield provides the perfect balance for a happy and fulfilling life.

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What To Do In Garfield City

Garfield, New Jersey is a vibrant city with plenty of things to see and do. Whether you are a local resident or visiting for the first time, there are numerous attractions and activities to enjoy.

Explore Parks and Recreation

One of the best things to do in Garfield is to explore its beautiful parks and recreational areas. Visit Century Field, a well-maintained park with playgrounds, picnic areas, and sports fields. Enjoy a leisurely walk or bike ride along the Saddle River County Park, which offers stunning views of nature.

Indulge in Delicious Dining

Garfield is known for its diverse culinary scene, so make sure to sample some delicious food while you're here. There are plenty of restaurants offering various cuisines, from Italian and Mexican to Asian and American. Whether you're in the mood for a hearty pizza, sizzling fajitas, or comforting comfort food, you'll find something to satisfy your taste buds.

Shop Till You Drop

If you love shopping, Garfield won't disappoint. Explore local boutiques and specialty stores to find unique items and souvenirs. You can also visit nearby shopping centers and malls, offering a wide range of stores and brand-name retailers.

Discover Historical Sites

Garfield has a rich history, and you can delve into it by visiting its historical sites. The Garfield Historic District features charming architecture and buildings that reflect the city's past. Check out the Passaic Street Bridge, a historical landmark that offers scenic views of the river.

Attend Local Events

Keep an eye out for local events happening in Garfield during your visit. The city often hosts festivals, art exhibitions, live music performances, and other cultural events. These events provide an excellent opportunity to immerse yourself in the local community and experience its vibrant atmosphere.

Enjoy Outdoor Recreation

Garfield offers various outdoor recreational activities. Take advantage of the city's biking trails, hiking paths, or fishing spots. Enjoy a relaxing day at the nearby Garfield Pool, where you can swim and cool off during the summer months.

Visit Nearby Attractions

While in Garfield, consider exploring nearby attractions as well. The city's location provides easy access to New York City, where you can visit iconic landmarks such as Times Square, Central Park, and the Statue of Liberty. You can also take a short drive to explore other charming towns and cities in New Jersey.

Overall, Garfield, New Jersey offers a wide range of activities and attractions for visitors. From exploring parks and enjoying diverse cuisine to discovering historical sites and attending local events, there is something for everyone to enjoy in this bustling city.

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Garfield, New Jersey is a charming destination located in the United States. If you're planning to visit, here's a comprehensive travel guide to make the most of your trip.

About Garfield

Garfield is a beautiful city in Bergen County, New Jersey. It is known for its rich cultural heritage, scenic beauty, and friendly locals. With a vibrant atmosphere and a variety of attractions, Garfield is a great place to explore.

Getting There

If you are flying in, the nearest major airport to Garfield is Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR), which is approximately 15 miles away. From there, you can hire a taxi, take public transportation, or rent a car to reach Garfield.

Places to Visit

1. Garfield Historic District: Take a stroll through this beautiful district and admire the historic architecture and charming streets.

2. Veterans Monument: Pay your respects at this memorial honoring the brave veterans who have served the nation.

3. Lodi Memorial Library: If you're a book lover, this library is a must-visit. Explore its vast collection and relax in its serene atmosphere.

4. Saddle River County Park: Enjoy a day immersed in nature at this scenic park. It offers hiking trails, picnic areas, and picturesque views.

Where to Eat

Garfield offers a diverse culinary scene. Here are some recommended restaurants:

1. Bella Pizza: Enjoy delicious pizzas and other Italian delicacies at this popular pizzeria.

2. The Royal Orchid: Indulge in delectable Asian cuisine at this elegant restaurant known for its flavorful dishes.

3. Fiesta Hut: If you're craving Mexican food, head to Fiesta Hut for tasty tacos, burritos, and more.

Where to Stay

Garfield offers a range of accommodation options to suit different budgets. Here are a few suggestions:

1. Garfield Inn & Suites: This cozy inn offers comfortable rooms and is centrally located for easy access to attractions.

2. Quality Inn Meadowlands: A budget-friendly hotel with clean rooms and convenient amenities, perfect for a comfortable stay.

3. Marriott Saddle Brook: If you prefer luxury accommodations, this hotel provides upscale rooms and excellent services.

Local Events

Check the local event calendar for Garfield during your visit. You may come across festivals, art exhibitions, live performances, and more to enhance your experience.


Garfield, New Jersey is a fantastic destination to explore with its historical charm, natural beauty, and delicious cuisine. Whether you're interested in history, nature, or simply a relaxing getaway, Garfield has something to offer. Enjoy your trip!

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