Hillsborough, NH : Interesting Facts, Famous Things & History Information | What Is Hillsborough Known For?

Hillsborough, NH : Interesting Facts, Famous Things & History Information | What Is Hillsborough Known For?

History & Information About Hillsborough, New Hampshire

Hillsborough is a charming town located in the southern part of New Hampshire, USA. Known for its rich history and picturesque landscapes, Hillsborough attracts both locals and tourists alike. Let's dive into the fascinating story and information about this beautiful city.

Early History

Hillsborough was first settled in 1741 and was officially incorporated in 1772. It was named after Sir Wills Hill, the Earl of Hillsborough, who was the Secretary of State for the Colonies at the time. The town quickly became an important center for trade and agriculture due to its ideal location along the Contoocook River.

Hillsborough Center

Hillsborough Center, also known as "The Center," is the historic village located in the heart of the town. This area is home to numerous well-preserved colonial-style houses dating back to the 18th and 19th centuries. The picturesque village green, lined with elm trees and white picket fences, adds to the nostalgic charm of Hillsborough.

Historical Landmarks

Hillsborough is proud of its historical landmarks, which serve as reminders of its rich heritage. One such landmark is the Franklin Pierce Homestead, the childhood home of the 14th President of the United States, Franklin Pierce. Visitors can explore the house and learn about Pierce's life and political career.

Another notable attraction is the Hillsborough Historical Society Museum, which houses a collection of artifacts, photographs, and documents that showcase the town's history. It's a great place to delve deeper into the past and gain a deeper appreciation for the area.

Natural Beauty

Hillsborough is blessed with breathtaking natural beauty. The town is surrounded by rolling hills, lush forests, and pristine lakes, offering outdoor enthusiasts a variety of recreational activities. Gould Pond and Franklin Pierce Lake are popular spots for fishing, swimming, and boating.

For those who prefer land-based activities, Fox State Forest provides ample opportunities for hiking, camping, and wildlife spotting. The forest is home to various species of birds, mammals, and plants, making it a paradise for nature lovers.

Community and Culture

The tight-knit community of Hillsborough takes great pride in its strong sense of togetherness. The town hosts various events throughout the year, including fairs, parades, and concerts, bringing locals and visitors together in celebration.

The Hillsborough Center for the Arts promotes local talent and offers a space for artists to exhibit their work. The center hosts art shows, performances, and workshops, fostering creativity and cultural exchange.


Hillsborough, New Hampshire is a city steeped in history and natural splendor. From its early settlement to the preservation of its historical landmarks, this charming town offers visitors a glimpse into the past while embracing the beauty of the present. Whether you're exploring the quaint streets of Hillsborough Center or immersing yourself in the town's natural surroundings, there's no shortage of experiences to be had in this hidden gem of New Hampshire.

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Interesting Lesser Known Facts About Hillsborough, New Hampshire

Hillsborough is a charming town located in the state of New Hampshire, USA. This quaint city is filled with fascinating history and unique characteristics that make it a truly remarkable place. Here are some lesser-known facts about Hillsborough:

  • Birthplace of Franklin Pierce: Hillsborough holds the honor of being the birthplace of Franklin Pierce, the 14th President of the United States. Pierce was born in a modest home in Hillsborough on November 23, 1804.
  • The Center of Hillsborough: One of the distinctive features of Hillsborough is its town center, known as "The Center." It is considered one of the best-preserved examples of a 19th-century village center in New England. The Center is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
  • Historic Architecture: Hillsborough is renowned for its well-preserved historic architecture. The town boasts several beautiful buildings dating back to the 18th and 19th centuries, including Greek Revival and Federal-style homes. Taking a stroll through the town is like stepping back in time.
  • Brooks Memorial Fountain: In the heart of The Center, you will find the Brooks Memorial Fountain, a beloved local landmark. This beautiful fountain was built in 1909 to commemorate John L. Brooks, a prominent Hillsborough citizen, and businessman. It provides a picturesque spot for locals and visitors alike.
  • Outdoor Recreation: Hillsborough offers fantastic outdoor recreational opportunities. Fox State Forest provides numerous hiking trails that allow you to explore the natural beauty of the area. The town is also home to several lakes and ponds, perfect for boating, fishing, and swimming during the summer months.
  • Annual Events: The community of Hillsborough comes alive with various annual events. The Hillsborough Balloon Festival and Fair is a popular summer event that attracts visitors from all over the region. The event features hot air balloon rides, live music, food vendors, and thrilling carnival rides.
  • The Historic Franklin Pierce Homestead: History enthusiasts will enjoy visiting the Franklin Pierce Homestead, the childhood home of Franklin Pierce. This historic site provides insight into the life of the former president and showcases period furniture and artifacts.
  • Friendly Community: Hillsborough prides itself on its warm and friendly community. The residents are known for their neighborly spirit and willingness to lend a helping hand. Numerous community events and festivals promote a strong sense of togetherness and belonging.

In conclusion, Hillsborough, New Hampshire, is a hidden gem that offers a wealth of fascinating history, beautiful architecture, and a welcoming community. Exploring this unique city is like stepping into a bygone era, making it a delightful destination for history buffs and nature lovers.

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What Is Hillsborough City Known & Famous For

Hillsborough, New Hampshire is a charming city located in the United States. It is known and famous for several reasons. Let's explore them in detail:

  • Beautiful Scenery: Hillsborough is known for its breathtaking natural beauty. The city is surrounded by picturesque hills, lush green landscapes, and serene lakes. It offers a peaceful and mesmerizing environment for both residents and visitors.
  • Historic Downtown: Hillsborough boasts a delightful and well-preserved historic downtown area. Strolling through the streets will transport you back in time with its elegant Victorian architecture and quaint shops. Exploring the downtown is a favorite activity for tourists and locals alike.
  • Franklin Pierce Homestead: This city is also famous for being the birthplace of Franklin Pierce, the 14th President of the United States. His childhood home, known as the Franklin Pierce Homestead, is a popular tourist destination and provides insights into the life and times of this historical figure.
  • Wildlife and Outdoor Activities: Hillsborough is surrounded by an abundance of natural beauty, making it an ideal spot for outdoor enthusiasts. The city offers numerous opportunities for hiking, fishing, boating, and wildlife watching. You can explore the many trails, immerse yourself in nature, and witness the diverse wildlife that calls this area home.
  • Covered Bridges: The city is also renowned for its charming covered bridges. These iconic structures are not only functional but also add a touch of nostalgia to the city's landscape. Exploring these bridges is a must-do activity in Hillsborough.
  • Festivals and Events: Hillsborough is known for hosting various festivals and events throughout the year. These celebrations bring the community together and attract visitors from near and far. From music festivals to craft fairs, there's always something exciting happening in Hillsborough.

In summary, Hillsborough, New Hampshire is a city known and famous for its beautiful scenery, historic downtown, association with Franklin Pierce, outdoor activities, covered bridges, and vibrant festivals. It truly offers a delightful experience for anyone looking to immerse themselves in the rich culture and natural wonders of this captivating city.

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What Is It Like To Live In Hillsborough City?

Living in Hillsborough, New Hampshire offers a charming and tranquil experience. This small town is located in the beautiful countryside of southern New Hampshire, surrounded by hills, forests, and rivers. Life here is all about embracing nature and a close-knit community.

The town's size ensures a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. Neighbors know each other, and there's a sense of unity and support. In Hillsborough, people genuinely care about one another and are always ready to lend a helping hand. This creates a strong sense of belonging and makes you feel part of something special.

Hillsborough's picturesque landscapes are a nature lover's dream. The town offers ample opportunities for outdoor activities like hiking, fishing, and biking. The surrounding countryside is dotted with scenic trails and nature reserves, allowing you to explore the beauty of New Hampshire's wilderness at your doorstep.

Living in Hillsborough also means enjoying a relaxed pace of life. Unlike bustling cities, the town offers a peaceful and laid-back environment. The lack of noise and congestion allows for a more serene day-to-day experience. You'll find yourself appreciating the simple moments, such as strolling through the downtown area, sipping coffee at a local café, or browsing the shops.

The town's strong sense of community is reflected in its various events and festivals. From farmers' markets to holiday celebrations, there's always something happening that brings people together. This fosters a spirit of togetherness and creates lasting memories with your fellow Hillsborough residents.

Hillsborough is also known for its excellent schools, making it an ideal place for families. The education system focuses on providing a high-quality learning environment for children. The small class sizes allow for more personal attention, ensuring students receive the support they need to thrive academically and socially.

Another advantage of living in Hillsborough is its proximity to larger cities. While enjoying the peaceful small-town life, you're still within driving distance of major urban centers like Concord and Manchester. This offers the best of both worlds, as you can easily access the amenities and opportunities that city living provides.

In conclusion, living in Hillsborough, New Hampshire offers a serene and close-knit community, surrounded by breathtaking natural beauty. The town's welcoming atmosphere, outdoor recreational options, slower pace of life, and strong sense of togetherness make it an appealing choice for those seeking a peaceful and fulfilling lifestyle in a small-town setting.

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Things to Do in Hillsborough, New Hampshire, USA

Hillsborough, located in the beautiful state of New Hampshire, offers a variety of attractions and activities for visitors to enjoy. Whether you're interested in exploring nature, learning about local history, or indulging in outdoor adventures, Hillsborough has something for everyone.

1. Visit Franklin Pierce Homestead

Explore the birthplace of the 14th President of the United States, Franklin Pierce. The historic homestead offers guided tours, showcasing the life and times of this influential figure in American history.

2. Discover Fox Forest Wildlife Management Area

Immerse yourself in the beauty of nature at Fox Forest Wildlife Management Area. This serene destination is perfect for hiking, bird-watching, photography, and enjoying a peaceful picnic surrounded by lush greenery.

3. Attend the Hillsborough Balloon Festival

If you're visiting Hillsborough during the summer, make sure to catch the Hillsborough Balloon Festival. Witness colorful hot air balloons take to the sky and enjoy live music, food vendors, and thrilling carnival rides.

4. Explore the Franklin Pierce University Art Gallery

Art enthusiasts should not miss the Franklin Pierce University Art Gallery. Admire a diverse collection of works from local and regional artists, displaying various mediums and artistic styles.

5. Enjoy Outdoor Adventures at Clough State Park

Head to Clough State Park for a day of outdoor fun. Engage in activities like swimming, fishing, boating, and hiking. The park also offers picturesque picnic spots, allowing you to relax and soak in the scenic beauty.

6. Visit the Stone Arch Bridge

Don't forget to explore the Stone Arch Bridge, an architectural marvel in Hillsborough. Walk or bike across this historic landmark while admiring the stunning views of the Contoocook River.

7. Check out Historical Sites

Hillsborough is rich in history, and you can explore fascinating historical sites such as the Hillsborough Historical Society & Museum and the Franklin Pierce Birthplace State Historic Site. Learn about the town's past and the significant events that shaped its identity.

8. Experience Local Cuisine

Treat your taste buds to the flavors of Hillsborough by dining at local restaurants. Indulge in delicious New England seafood, hearty comfort food, and delectable desserts prepared with local ingredients.

With its mix of historical charm and scenic beauty, Hillsborough offers a delightful destination for travelers seeking a memorable experience. Explore the town's attractions, connect with nature, and immerse yourself in the local culture.

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Travel Guide for Visiting Hillsborough, New Hampshire, USA

Hillsborough, located in the beautiful state of New Hampshire, USA, offers a charming and picturesque destination for travelers. With its rich history, natural beauty, and welcoming community, there are plenty of reasons to explore this small town. Here's a detailed travel guide to help you make the most of your visit:

1. Getting There

Hillsborough is conveniently located in southern New Hampshire, approximately 30 miles west of Manchester and 60 miles northwest of Boston. The easiest way to reach Hillsborough is by car. You can take Interstate 89 or Route 202 to access the town. If you prefer public transportation, there are bus services available from nearby cities.

2. Accommodation

While Hillsborough offers limited accommodation options, you can find charming bed and breakfasts, vacation rentals, and small inns that provide a cozy and comfortable stay. It's best to book your accommodation in advance, especially during peak tourist seasons, to ensure availability.

3. Exploring Hillsborough

Hillsborough's quaint downtown area is perfect for leisurely strolls, featuring historic buildings, charming shops, and local eateries. Don't miss the opportunity to visit the Franklin Pierce Homestead, the childhood home of the fourteenth U.S. President, situated just outside of town. The homestead offers guided tours and showcases period furnishings.

If you're a nature enthusiast, explore Fox State Forest, situated southwest of Hillsborough. This pristine forest offers hiking trails, picnic areas, and stunning views of the surrounding countryside. The nearby Contoocook River is also popular for kayaking and fishing.

4. Events and Festivals

Hillsborough hosts several events and festivals throughout the year. The Hillsborough Balloon Festival, held in July, offers a mesmerizing display of hot air balloons soaring across the sky. The Living History Event in September transports visitors back in time with reenactments, craft demonstrations, and traditional music.

5. Nearby Attractions

While exploring Hillsborough, take the opportunity to visit nearby attractions. Just a short drive away, you'll find the charming town of Peterborough, known for its vibrant arts scene and beautiful architecture. The Monadnock State Park, situated in Jaffrey, is perfect for hiking enthusiasts, offering stunning views from its summit.

6. Local Cuisine

Indulge in the local cuisine of Hillsborough by trying New England favorites such as clam chowder, lobster rolls, and maple-infused treats. There are several cozy restaurants in town that feature regional dishes using locally sourced ingredients.

7. Safety and Etiquette

While visiting Hillsborough, it's important to respect the local community and environment. Make sure to follow any posted signage and regulations when exploring natural areas. Additionally, always practice good manners and observe local customs.

In conclusion, Hillsborough, New Hampshire, offers a unique blend of history, natural beauty, and small-town charm. Whether you're a history buff, outdoor enthusiast, or simply looking to unwind in a serene setting, Hillsborough has something to offer for everyone. Plan your trip, experience the warm hospitality, and create unforgettable memories in this hidden gem of New Hampshire!

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