10 Best Famous Monument in Mableton | Historical Building in Mableton

10 Best Famous Monument in Mableton | Historical Building in Mableton

Are you looking for a memorable experience to explore Mableton’s rich and diverse history? Look no further than its incredible selection of historic and famous monuments. From architectural wonders to monuments of local interest, you’re sure to find something fascinating while exploring Mableton’s many iconic attractions. In this blog, we’ll take you on a trip around Mableton to discover the best famous monuments and historical buildings in the area. From grandiose monuments to more hidden gems, we hope you get to explore the history of Mableton, one unique monument at a time.

10 Famous Monuments in Mableton ,GA To Visit

1. The Grey Stone Mansion

The Grey Stone Mansion is an impressive two-storey Queen Anne Victorian mansion located in Mableton, Georgia. The mansion was built in late 1885 by William and Mattie Pittman and is now listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It features elaborate decorations such as stained glass windows, multiple porches and balconies, and hand-crafted ornamentation. The mansion is constructed out of pressed brick and grey limestone and has remained largely unaltered throughout its history.

The mansion is the centerpiece of the Grey Stone Historic District, which contains other structures from the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The district is home to the historical church of St. Paul’s United Methodist, and the scenic Grey Stone Park.

The Grey Stone Mansion is currently open to the public as a historic house museum, which offers guided tours and special events throughout the year. The grounds are a popular venue for weddings and other special occasions. The mansion is also open to the public for educational tours and field trips.

2. Mable House

Mable House located in Mableton,GA is a well-known historic plantation in the South Cobb area. This plantation was home to a civil war-era cotton plantation in the 1800s and is now a city park with several amenities.

The grounds include a 50-acre arena, walking trails, a large amphitheater, two pavilions, and a pond with several species of fish. Mable House offers regular educational programs for visitors of all ages, such as history seminars, demonstrations of old-time Appalachian culture, and special events throughout the year.

Additionally, Mable House hosts an annual BBQ cook-off, live music, and art events. The plantation also has a selection of restaurants and shops for visitors to enjoy.

3. The Mableton Plaza

The Mableton Plaza shopping center is located in the heart of historic Mableton, Georgia. It is located on the corner of East-West Connector and Veterans Memorial Highway, just a few miles south of Atlanta. The plaza serves as a major shopping hub for the Mableton Community as it has a wide variety of stores, restaurants, and services available. Residents in the area can find clothing, electronics, home goods, health and beauty items, pet supplies, and more at Mableton Plaza. It also has major retailers such as Walmart, Target, Hobby Lobby, and Old Navy.

The Mableton Plaza is a popular destination for locals looking to shop or to spend time with family and friends. The plaza features a large courtyard surrounded by restaurants, stores, and services. There is also a five-acre park that includes a picnic area, walking trails, and playgrounds. The Mableton Plaza hosts several seasonal events throughout the year, such as the Mableton Days Festival and The Mableton Farmers Market.

The Mableton Plaza is a vibrant and growing part of the neighborhood. Residents can enjoy its convenient location and the variety of shops and services it has to offer.

4. Mable Mansion

Mable Mansion is a historic mansion located in Mableton, Georgia, USA. The mansion was constructed circa 1880 and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The mansion was the home of cotton merchant and merchant banker Abram Collier.

Mable Mansion is a large two-story frame structure. The main facade of the building has a two-story portico with two large Tuscan columns and two one-story Tuscan columns. The main entryway has an elliptical fanlight in the round arch opening. The windows are all double-hung sash with decorative surrounds.

The interior of Mable Mansion is filled with elegant details and intricate woodwork. There are twelve fireplaces in the house, each with their own unique design and woodwork. The floors throughout the mansion are hardwood and there are two large staircases, with two-story landings leading to the second floor.

The gardens at Mable Mansion are known for their beauty and grandeur. The grounds of the mansion include formal gardens, fountains, statuary, and a pergola.

The mansion is available for rental for weddings and special events.

5. Historic Mable House

Mable House in Mableton, Georgia was constructed as a farmhouse in 1843 and has been owned by the Mable family for generations. It has also served as a gathering place for the community for more than a hundred years. The house is historic, being set within a national historic district. It is currently a museum that is open to the public and managed by the Cobb County Government.

The house features three main rooms: a main hall, the master bedroom and a library. It also includes a kitchen, which dates back to the early 1800s, and a summer kitchen. Many of the original furnishings remain, including the pinewood fireplace mantel, hand-painted walls and original family furniture.

The museum also includes a carriage house, the slave quarters, a well house, garden and a smokehouse. Outside, there is a log cabin, a one-room schoolhouse and a general store. Visitors are able to tour the house, see a restored cotton gin that dates back to 1866 as well as explore the gardens and grounds.

Throughout the year, the Mable House hosts a variety of events and exhibits. It also serves as a venue for weddings, parties and other events. In addition, there are several educational programs available to visitors, including field trips and summer camps.

6. The Mable House Stone Wall

The Mable House Stone Wall is located in Mableton, Georgia and is a local landmark in the community. The wall was built in 1869 by Francis Stockton “Old Stockton” Mable in honor of his deceased wife Mary Ann Mable. It is made of stones taken from Mable’s Creek and is over 900 feet long.

The wall is made of red granite and measures 8 feet tall and 3 feet wide. The Mable House Stone Wall has been designated as a historic site by the State of Georgia, and has been recognized by the Cobb County Board of Commissioners. The wall is both a beautiful landmark and an important reminder of the heritage of Mableton, Georgia.

7. The Mable House Bell Tower

The Mable House Bell Tower in Mableton, Georgia is a structure that was built in 1963 in honor of Mable House, the daughter of Major Mable who founded the city of Mableton.

The bell-tower stands about forty-five feet tall, and is made of brick. The bell in the bell-tower was dedicated by the Mable House Historical Society in 1977. The bell is a replica of the bell that was originally located in the original Mable House on the family’s farm. When the bell tolls, it reminds the community of Mable’s original vision to make Mableton a great place to live, work, and play.

The bell-tower is open to the public to view, and visitors can learn more about Mable House and her family’s contributions to Mableton in the museum located in the downstairs section of the tower.

8. John A. White Park

John A. White Park is located in Mableton, Georgia, in the greater Atlanta area. It is a large public park that covers an area of 169 acres. It offers a variety of recreational activities such as a five-mile pedestrian trail, a fishing lake, tennis court, basketball court, playground, picnic area, two concession stands, two soccer fields, and a disc golf course.

The park is named in honor of the late renowned landscape architect John A. White, who, in the 1950s worked with Cobb County parks and recreation department on plans for the park.

The park is open to the public from 7 am to 9 pm, seven days a week, and all park facilities are free of charge. It offers a variety of activities that have been designed to improve overall fitness, stimulate the mind and provide a safe recreational venue for the community.

John A. White Park is a popular destination for outdoor activities, family picnics, and special events. In addition to its recreational activities, the park is home to a community garden and a range of educational programs such as gardening classes and environmental education classes.

9. The Silver Comet Trail

The Silver Comet Trail is a multi-use recreational trail stretching 61.5 miles between Smyrna, GA and the Alabama state line. The trail runs through Cobb, Paulding and Polk Counties in north metro Atlanta. The trail starts in Mableton, Georgia, in southern Cobb County and ends in the small town of Esom Hill, Alabama.

The Silver Comet Trail is a popular destination for cyclists, runners, and walkers, who enjoy its flat, paved surface and picturesque views. The Trail is known for its historic trestles, including the 835-foot bridge Clearview Trail Bridge near Rockmart and the Cloudland Canyon Tunnel.

The Silver Comet is part of the larger Georgia Pinhoti Trail, and connects to the Chief Ladiga Trail in Anniston, Alabama. It is one of the longest uninterrupted bike trails in the United States. The Silver Comet Trail is managed by the Cobb County Parks Department. The Trail’s Mableton access is located on Church Street in downtown Mableton.

10. Magnolia Hall Plantation House

Magnolia Hall Plantation House is a historic plantation house located in Mableton, Georgia. It was built in 1858 by William Stanhope Blair, a local farmer and brick mason. The house was acquired by the Cobb County Historical Society in 1999 and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The two-story, gable roofed, brick plantation house features a simple symmetrical five bay facade with two exterior end chimneys and two lateral front porches. The porches were added to the house sometime after it was constructed. Today, Magnolia Hall is open to the public and houses a museum featuring artifacts and memorabilia from the Blair family and their plantation. There are also tours of the property, including the house and grounds available by appointment.

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